Cat in the Hat Party candy dish
Cat in the Hat Party
How to have a classic Dr. Seuss theme birthday party

Your thing one or thing two will love a Cat in the Hat party! Even if it's wet "and the
sun is not sunny," with a Cat in the Hat party you can have "lots of good fun that is
funny." This party pays tribute to the good doctor, Theodor Seuss Geisel, and all the
Cat in the Hat books, so you have license to add Horton, Sam I Am, The Grinch, and all
your favorites to the birthday lineup.

Here's how to have an outrageously memorable Cat in the Hat party:

  • Dress the part! Give the birthday kid the starring role as the Cat-in-the-Hat
    (costume pictured right);  Mom and Dad or siblings can be Thing One and Thing
    Two (T-shirts and blue wigs at the bottom of the page).
  • Wear the Cat in the Hat set, pictured left, to greet guests.

  • Use the Bobble-head Cat in the Hat figurine, left, as a cake topper. Later it will
    serve as a cherished memory of the party.

  • Make the Cat in the Hat moniker: Since the Cat sports a red and white stove pipe
    hat, you can't very well have a Cat in the Hat party without a few hanging
    around. Here are some clever ideas for bringing more red striped fun to the

  • Stove-pipe hat cutouts: Intended to spruce up the classroom, you'll get 36
    colorful Cat in the Hat cut-outs, pictured above right, and all for around
    five bucks. With space to write party goers names, these hats are ideal to
    affix to the backs of chairs, suspend from the ceiling with fishing wire, or
    for use as favor bag tags.

  • Give everyone a name tag. Name tags help everyone and you can have fun giving
    everyone a Dr. Seuss inspired name, too.

Invitation and Thank you Card Wording Ideas

  • Invitation ideas:
  • It's Brian's Birthday, why do you sit there like that?
  • When there's a party coming soon with the Cat in the Hat!
  • Saturday's the day to have cake and stay,
  • So won't you come over to the Pal-alace and play?
  • The boom bands will be playing August 22 at noon,
  • So please have your mother or brother RSVP soon.
  • Oh the Places we'll Go! Start at Whoville: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Thing one or Thing Two at 867-5309
  • P.S. You could not, would not, want to miss a party like this!

  • Thank you card ideas:
  • I do so love your gift (not sure about green eggs and ham),
  • Thank you, thank you for coming to my party, Mark-I-am"!

More fun for a Cat in the Hat party

  • Make a Cat in the Hat museum: Everyone will get a kick out of a Cat in the Hat
    museum you create with a few props on display throughout your party. With
    yourcomputer make a few signs and your imagination with the items you may
    have in your home, such as:

  • Aunt Aunie's Alligator. Any alligator plush or plastic toy.

  • A Dozen Donuts and a Duck dog, too. Place a rubber duck dog, pictured left,
    next to a dozen donuts. Have a few extras to replenish this edible display.

  • Camel on the Ceiling. Instruct participants to look up. Affix a camel toy to
    the ceiling or borrow a page from the book.

  • Silly Sammy's sodas. As you may remember, "Silly Sammy slick sipped six
    sodas and go sick sick sick." Set out six bottles of Soda and remind kids
    not to drink so much.

  • Ten tired turtles in a Tuttle Tuttle tree. Place ten turtle toys in  shrub. We
    found the squirt toys, pictured right. The turtles can become prizes or
    favors when the party is over.

  • Uncle Ubb's Umbrella. Any umbrella will do. Throw in a pair of underwear,

Dr. Seuss Inspired Birthday Food
Green eggs and ham may be what comes to mind first, but not every kid will
appreciate this delicacy. Color some devilled eggs, along with ham sandwiches if you
must, but you're better off serving what the birthday kid likes best. Not sure what to
serve? Roast Beast? Nope. "Hot dogs with plenty of mustard" will do. This kid friendly
meal is inspired by "Happy Birthday to you!" Here are some other ideas to incorporate
Dr. Seuss into a party for kids:

  • Cat in the Hat Popcorn: Serve up blue colored popcorn (blue raspberry flavored)
    into bright red striped containers.

  • Thing Candy: Blue cotton candy looks a bit like the hair of Thing One and Thing

  • Dr. Seuss's ABCs: Bake cookies or cut sandwiches with ABC cookie cutters.

  • Cat's hat: Make a cat in the hat treat with an chocolate sandwich cookie base
    stacked with five alternating slices of cherry gummy rings that's "glued" with
    vanilla icing. Turn this treat into an activity when you let the kids make their own!

  • Fish in the bowl: Buy small plastic fish bowls and fill one with Goldfish crackers
    and the other with Swedish fish.

  • The Cat in the Hat's Party Mix: Serve up your favorite Chex Cereal party mix in a
    cat dish, which will look like tasty vittles for the Cat in the Hat. Alternatively,
    place chips in a red and white stove pipe hat.

  • Candy Buffet. For your Cat in the Hat party, find colorful candies in blue raspberry
    and cherry red, such as the cherry gummy rings, left, or red licorice twists. On
    Amazon you'll find loads of red party foods and blue party foods.

  • Other fun Dr. Seuss inspired ideas:

  • While you may well have a fabulous Cat in the Hat cake planned, you
    might have a secondary cake for display. Have a toy ship and sink it deep
    in the cake.

  • Shopping for a Cat in the Hat party is a joy. You'll find lots of Cat in the
    Hat novelties, like the Cat in the Hat candy dish, pictured upper left,
    which is under six bucks. Fill it with black, red and white jelly beans.

  • Make up your own recipe for virgin Moose Juice (a concoction of orange
    juice, strawberry syrup or grenadine and sparkling cider) or Goose Juice
    (similar but with grape juice frozen in cubes, orange juice and grenadine
    with a wedge of lime).

Games and Activities
You don't have to "hop on pop" to have a good time at your Dr. Seuss inspired
birthday. We have "A lot of good tricks," and we "will show them to you," and the
birthday child won't mind if we do:

  • Show them a good book that you know. Since everyone has already read Cat in
    the Hat anyway, they will enjoy your reading other selections, such as:

  • "And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street," which is actually Dr. Seuss'
    first book. Many people believe that Cat in the Hat was Dr. Seuss' first
    book, but it was not. For your Cat in the Hat Party you can explain this.

  • "Happy Birthday to you!" After reading the book, everyone should perform
    the special birthday handshake: Touch your right index finger to the
    birthday kid while you touch your left big toe with your left index. You
    might also have all the guests sign the book.

  • "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" This book also makes an excellent graduation

  • Fish in the pot: For this game have a prize for each player so that you can make
    everyone the winning-est winner of all. Prizes should be different to make the
    game interesting. Have kids sit in a circle. Place a teapot in the middle. Have kids
    pass a fish toy around the circle as you play Dr. Seuss music. When the music
    stops, the fish goes into the pot in exchange for a number which has a
    corresponding prize.

  • Fun in the Box game: Cut arm holes from a small cardboard box (paint it red if
    you can and something that looks like a lock). Fill the box with a variety of small
    party favor toys and popcorn. Have kids take turns fishing for a toy and
    guessing what it is before retrieving it.

  • Horton Hears a Who: Play the telephone game where kids start out with one
    sentence and pass along to the next until the last person  translates what was
    said and everyone giggles.

Resources for a Dr. Seuss Party

  • Happy Birthday Cat in the Hat! March 1, 2007 marked the 50th birthday of The
    Cat in the Hat, March 2 was Theodor Seuss Geisel's actual birthday. Visit
    Seussville, learn more about Dr. Suess, get ideas for the party and write the Cat
    in the Hat himself by visiting the Seuss Happy 50th Birthday Web site now.

  • The Cat in the Hat has a game that you now. Play three cats in a row. (This free
    printable Dr. Suess game plays like Tic Tac Toe.)

  • Sweet endings. While you may choose the Cat in the Hat party supplies for lunch,
    Horton the Elephant can help you celebrate Dr. Seuss for dessert.

Real Cat in the Hat Parties...
PBS knows a lot about Cat in the Hat and they have ideas for favors, decorations and
more. Visit for more tips on a
Cat in the Hat Birthday party. There you
can print a certificate for the birthday kid and more. Here are some real Cat in the Hat
birthday parties:

  • On the menu: Check out the yummy blue and red color scheme for the dessert
    table of Andrew's second birthday party featuring Cat in the Hat. Mom made
    green devilled eggs, which is always a hit for a  Dr. Seuss themed party.

  • Cool for cats. For lots of good fun that is funny, feast your eyes on little Dre'lons
    outrageously cool Cat in the Hat party planned by AG Events & Consulting n
    Houston, Texas. With a colorful candy bar and loads of blue and red Cat in the
    Hat decor, this amazing party featured a visit from the Cat in the Hat himself.

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