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Cheerleader Birthday Party
How to have a memorable cheerleading birthday party

She's got spirit, she's got cheer and it's the birthday time of the year! Invite the  
pepsquad for a cheery day rooting the birthday girl with a rally that includes
cheerleader lessons, tryouts and plenty of team spirit.  With a cheerful cheerleader
birthday party, the girls can show off their moves and grooves.

Cheer up! It's not so hard. So invite the birthday squad over for a field day, or give
your aspiring little cheerleader a homecoming of her own with a
slumber party. It's
three cheers for a cheerleaders party as girls learn to dress like a cheerleader, gain
confidence in themselves, and learn fun new ways to exercise in a Cheerleader
Birthday camp. Here's how to have a cheerleader's party that will have kids rooting for

  • Invite the girls to Camp Pom-Pom! Send invitations that look like tryouts, then
    enlist the girls in Camp Pom-pom (a sort of Pep-squad University you create
    yourself with lessons and activities on chow to become a cheerleader). As girls
    arrive, have them enter a "locker room" to change into cheerleader attire. Start
    them with warm up activities and stretch exercises. Then let the partying begin!

  • Dress like a cheerleader. If you want to dress like a cheerleader, you'll need to
    look early for pom-poms and megaphones at the local party supply, and shop
    online for pretty ribbons and the perfect cheerleading costume. Get out the
    curling irons for that peppy cheerleader look, and glam the girls in the team spirit
    with face painting. Be sure to decorate the family! Siblings can put on jerseys of
    their favorite teams, and even Dad can sport his old letterman jacket.

  • Chant a mega loud cheer. The girls will get a kick out of the voice changer
    megaphone, pictured upper right. It looks like a megaphone, but it has ten
    different modifiers. Gimme an "A" for  A-W-E-S-O-M-E! This toy is under $10 and
    also makes a great birthday gift even for boys. Kids love how the mega voice
    changer turns voices into alien sounds. They can't get enough.

  • Hire a cheerleader. Honestly, it may not be so easy to hire a cheerleader coach,
    though you can ask the local high school squad if they want to make a few extra
    bucks at your party. If you can't find one, order one online with a cheerleader
    DVD for kids, right. From your family room to the football field, you can get your
    crowd on their feet with Activity TV's cheerleading DVD. Cheering is all about the
    right moves,a nd you can learn basic clapping techniques to fancy footwork, step-
    by-step. The instructional portion will also help your child make cheerleader
    crafts. The cheerleading instruction includes beginning to advanced levels, and is
    intended for ages seven and up.

  • Three cheers for  Look for pretty cheerleader style ribbons and hair
    bows and other cheerleader novelties on, a source for all things
    handmade. You can also dig up team spirit in the form of handmade
    megaphones, invitations and more. You'll find unique items at great prices. Now
    that's something to cheer about!

  • Get picky. The cheerleader cupcake picks, right, look terrific as sandwich picks. Or
    go ahead and use them for the intended use: cupcakes. You'll find megaphone
    and football cookie cutters are a fun way to cut sandwiches.

  • Include the football guys! A cheerleader's birthday party is ideal for the girls, but
    don't exclude the boys! Throw in a few football favors and activities to round out
    the day. Football guys, pictured left, make the perfect scene setter and a fun
    addition to your cheerleader novelties. This play set contains two football teams,
    referee, felt field and goalposts: 30 pieces with 2" figures. Use football guys with
    a green table runner to display cheerleader themed appetizers and desserts on
    a buffet table. Left, the green tissue mats will work nicely for your cheerleader
    party as much as it will for a Superbowl party or at Easter.

  • Get crafty with Pom-poms. Pom pom socks are just the start, you can make a
    variety of critters and crafts with pom-poms. Visit to get the
    supplies and directions to make Pom-pom buddies, pictured right. You can
    decorate just about anything with pom poms from a vase to a lamp shade.

  • Root for the old pink and purple. Setting the scene for a cheerleader birthday is
    easier than you think: start with purple and pink (or go with the All American red
    white an blue). Add megaphones, pom-poms, ribbons, a few football props and
    you're done. Football favors are easy to find locally, but you'll have to shop
    online for cheerleader favors and supplies.

Setting the scene:
The great thing about a cheerleading party is that you can recycle some of the party
supplies and ideas for a boy's football party. And of course they'll be useful at the
annual Superbowl party, too. The goal post cooler, left, is the perfect example. It
makes a statement about the party theme, and even comes with an inflatable football.
But for the girlie touch, here are some classic cheerleading necessities

  • Cheerleader balloon tie ideas: Make her a winner with a cheerleader trophy to
    commemorate her special day. The trophy will make a nice centerpiece display
    for your party and will look festive with a balloon bouquet tied to it.

  • Cheerleader lanyards add an authentic touch. Use them for name tags if your party
    is on the larger side, or use them for invitations.

  • Roll out the astro turf. A green plastic mat makes the perfect table runner.
    Decorate it with cheerleader figurines, like the Cheerleader cake topper, pictured

  • The Cheerleader foil decoration, right, comes in several color choices, including
    purple, green, black, gold or red.

  • Rah! Rah Cheer! Go Team! Decorate with cheerleader stickers! Put stickers on
    drink bottles, and, of course, use them for the invitations and thank you cards.

Cheerleader Invitations
There are two kinds of cheerleader invitations you can craft yourself:

  • Pennant invitation: To make your own pennant invitation, cut a triangle in the
    shape of a pennant.

  • Megaphone invitation: If you want to hand deliver invitations, consider a
    megaphone invitation. You may find small plastic megaphones At the dollar store
    or local party supplypaper handle and cheerleading stickers.

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Hip, hip, HOORAY! It's Maddie's birthday!*
  • You're invited to cheer her on!
  • Tryouts: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Grandstands: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Coach Karen at 867-5309 to join the squad.

    * Variations:
  • We've got spirit, we've got fun... and Maelani is turning one!
  • Clap your hands and stamp your shoe, Our little Yasmin is turning two
  • Give her three cheers for three years!
  • It's time to root, it's time to score, our little Janie is turning four!
  • It's time for cheers, it's time for kicks, Alexandra is turning six!

Stadium Snacks:
Keep the pep squad energized cheery appetizers. They'll cheer your creativity, when
you add these easy cheerleader touches to your party:

  • Score a touch down with Strawberries. Making your own chocolate dipped
    strawberry footballs is easier than you think. Buy large strawberries at the
    farmers market, then melt chocolate, dip and cool. Add white lines for the laces
    made from Wilton's white icing.

  • En-chant party goers. Show your spirit with a "Go Team!" cake by Wilton, pictured

  • Serve Megaphones. Bugles look like megaphones. Another megaphone inspired
    food is an ice cream cone. Fill waffle cones with colorful candies or a party snack
    mix. With a little ingenuity, you can affix a handle for the megaphone with licorice
    laces and few dabs of icing.

  • Slice up a hero sandwich: The cute Rah Rah sandwiches, pictured left, from Wilton
    will have them cheering your handy work in the kitchen.

Cheerleading Goodie Bag ideas

  • Turn them into suckers. Melt your favorite hard candies, like lifesavers, and
    reform them into Wilton molds. Or try Wilton candy melts in your party colors.
    Buy the mold, sticks and cellophane bag online for a delicious home made favor

  • Blast them with candy. Fill a small plastic megaphone with colorful candies,
    whistles and To contain the goodies, wrap in cellophane and tie with a curling
    ribbon. You'll find chocolate footballs wrapped in foil, football wrapped
    buttermints, and more online. Or stuff with your favorite candies, such as
    jellybeans in your party colors.

  • Give them something to cheer about. Pom pom shakers are available in just about
    every color you need. A set of 24 poms is enough for a dozen girls:

Games and activities for Camp Pom-Pom

  • Give them Cheerleading lessons: If you're able to hire a high school cheerleader
    to give the girls a few simple cheers and chants, then be sure to record the
    action. After the refreshments, your little cheerleaders will appreciate seeing  

  • Create a cheerleading obstacle course. Set some hula hoops and safety cones to
    create an obstacle course.

  • Have team tryouts: After a lesson, divide girls into two teams and teach them
    each a cheer to perform two cheers for the birthday girl. Award prizes for most
    spirited, loudest, best dance, best use of megaphone, most improved, funniest,
    coolest, cheeriest, etc.

  • Give them team spirit. Transform them into cheerleaders with pom-poms, spirit
    bands, and pony tails. Get out the curling irons and fancy ribbons. Use face
    paints and tattoos to give them a cheerleading look with stars, megaphones,
    and paw prints.

  • Snap the smiles. Print large letters from cardboard and construction paper to
    spell a message, such as "T H A N K Y O U" or  "P A R T Y." Post for pictures
    cheerleader style, kids in a pyramid formation for example, and use the photo for
    the thank you cards.

Resources for a Cheerleader Party

  • Cheerleading is good clean fun! The rubber ducky cheerleading soap, found on
    ETSY, right, makes a memorable favor and keepsake.

Real Cheerleader parties...
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