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Get Cooking on a Kids Party
Host a kids cooking party

If you've been cooking up an idea for a party, consider a Chef's Party for your little
Chef Girl or Boy-ar-dee. A cooking party for kids is all about making food. You can have
kids make their own lunch, like a pizza, then send them home with a lasagne. The
theory is if kids make the food then they are more likely to eat it. Kids cooking parties
are fun for boys and girls because they don't often get the chance to be little chefs.

make it a moveable feast by heading to a cooking class for kids, or you can cook up a
pizza party at home to save some dough, The sweetest chef's party is when kids make
candy that looks like real food.

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So bon-bon appetit! Your little Dough Boy or Girl will love a Chef's party will love these
faux food ideas:

  • Pizza pie that's amore! Turn an ordinary pizza party into a gastronomic adventure
    by having kids bake a cookie pizza that resembles the real thing. For the
    ultimate in authenticity, have kids put their creation in a personal sized pizza
    box. (Ask your favorite pizzeria.)

  • Candy Kebabs. Skewer up fruit candy kebabs using fruit slices gummy candy such
    as Sather's Orange Slices. (They also make a sweet drink rim). You'll also find
    Watermelon candy and more on Amazon.

  • Kooky Sushi: With marshmallow for rice, a strip of fruit roll as the Nori wrapper,
    and some cut licorice laces for salmon eggs you can craft an easy sushi roll:
    Japan Blog shares a sushi candy recipe. Swedish fish is an obvious choice and
    looks terrific atop a rice cereal treat mixture as Nigiri. And Rachel Ray offers her
    candy sushi recipe, which combines both ideas. Even easier is Hostess snack
    cake sushi. Add sushi grass garnishing paper and your culinary creations will fool
    the far sighted. Send your little Suez-suez sushi pastry chefs home with their
    creations in a bento box paired with chopsticks.

Chef Party Invitations
The recipe for creating a memorable Chef's party starts with your imagination in
designing the invitations. Think dimensionally. Deliver a pizza party invitation in a pizza
box. Roll a recipe card style invitation to a child's wooden rolling pin and stuff in a
mailing tube. Make a fancy menu with  ribbons, or stuff a menu card in a menu card
holder or photo holder.

  • Chefs party invitation wording ideas:
  • Chef Cheyenne invites
  • Birthday cake is on the menu Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Culinary Academy: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Short order cook Tiffany at 867-5309.

  • Recipe Card invitation wording ideas:
    Cheyenne's Recipe:
    A pinch of sugar, and a cup of fun,
    Eight good friends
    Mix it all together and you're almost done.

  • Menu invitation wording ideas:
  • First Course: Candy sushi
  • Second Course: Pizza pie cookie
  • Third Course: Chef's special lunch
  • Fourth Course: Cheyenne's Birthday cake

Setting the scene
A chef's party is mostly white and with purpose: to accent the food. Even so, you'll
want to add an accent color of your choice and red is a good option for both boys and
girls. Decorate your birthday bistro with checked table cloths. Make home made menus
and have mom take the orders.

  • A chef's party doesn't require a lot of dough. For starters, you can make your own
    Chef's hats from tissue paper, and sew chef's aprons from dish towels for the
    party goers. Make a focal point of the decorations with a gift for your little chef:
    a cardboard box oven you make entirely from scratch.

  • For a pizza party, you'll find a variety of pizza novelties, such as Pringles Pizza-a-
    licious chips. And DCI products offers a pizza slice in your favorite pizza.

More fun with food
With sugar and spice and everything nice, here's how to make your Chef's party nice:

  • Cookie chefs: Pull out your Christmas cookie wares and get cooking on Wilton's
    Gingerbread chefs, pictured left.

  • Toast some pound cake you cut into strips for a French Fries cake. Add red
    frosting and place in a red plastic basket.

  • Family Fun's Chef's apron cake has strings attached: candy licorice laces. Yellow
    licorice lace makes a yummy plate of spaghetti.

Chef's Party Games and Activities
You won't need much in the way of games and activities as most of the party will
involve some kind of cooking instruction or presentation.

  • Design your own cookware. Color Aprons or white paper chef hats.

  • Pat a cake, pat a cake, baker's man: This game plays like Duck, Duck, Goose, but
    the chase begins when the child standing names the baker's man and fares well
    with the younger set.

  • Get Board Cooking up Sentences: Play the board game that's easier than pie.
    Chefs in the 7-11 age range follow recipes, draw ingredient cards and to identify
    sentence structure and learn grammar. They won't be bored: giggles ensue from
    the funny sentences.

  • Have a food fight. Plan ahead and ask kids to bring their swimsuits. Provide
    whipped cream, gelatin jigglers, marshmallows and other soft foods on a table
    outside. Allow kids who want to participate to have it with each other. Set some
    ground rules to avoid eyes, hard objects and so on. Provide a boundaries, a
    safe word, and have a whistle to stop the mayhem. When the food is gone, set
    out some buckets of water balloons and let the mayhem start up again. Hose
    them down after the fight.

  • Make like a banana and split. Younger kids will love slicing their own peeled
    banana. Provide a plastic knife and fork along with a yummy dipping sauce in a
    bowl, like chocolate or caramel. You don't even need the ice cream. Kids will love
    slicing and dipping.

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