Chinese Tea Party Birthday
How to have an Asian-style tea party for kids

Perhaps her birthday is on the first full moon after January 21, then you can host a
Chinese New Year party for your little princess with a Chinese Tea Party Birthday.

With festive red lanterns, chopstick-propped hair, mock dim sum, ginger-ale tea, and
fancy chocolate dipped fortune cookies, you can give her all the fanfare she deserves
with a Chinese Tea Party. Here's how to transport your little Empress and her
entourage to the excitement of Chinatown from your living room:

  • Teas them with trinkets. While tea drinking in Chinese cultures is laden with
    ceremony and tradition, a Chinese Tea party for girls is a myopic interpretation
    based on souvenirs and trinkets from the Far East found in a visit to an Asian
    marketplace. See our long list of favor ideas below and the sidebars of this page
    where you'll find pretty parasols and filigree fans, Chinese Dragon party favors
    and more.

  • Sip from authentic Chinese Tea cups. A Chinese Tea party would not be complete
    without the Chinese tea cups. You'll find the authentic red dragon tea cups,
    pictured left, is super affordable (a dozen is under twenty dollars). Substitute
    lemonade for tea, or serve Gatorade and call it "green tea." Allow kids to take
    one home as a favor or preserve the cups for an heirloom treasured memory or
    to host another Chinese Tea party.

  • You 'red; my mind. Red is the symbolic color of happiness and the primary color of
    Chinese festivities, and so it should be that you use red for your party. Look for
    pretty brocade dresses with Mandarin collars for under ten dollars in shops.
    Otherwise, head online to find designs with cherry blossoms, bamboo, and the
    symbol of longevity. Red looks pretty with pinks and purples for girls, and you'll
    find lots of parasols and lanterns online in complementary shades.

  • Chinese Chopsticks. Ask your local Chinese restaurant if you can buy some of
    their chopsticks (or buy a meal and ask for extras). One rule of Chinese
    Chopsticks is to never let Chopstick touch the table! It's Asian etiquette when it
    comes to chopsticks, possibly for hygienic reasons, that chopsticks should never
    touch the table surface. You can get creative for the chopstick rest, but it's
    customary to create a little chopstick rest from paper. A polished stone is much
    more elegant. (If you create a chopstick rest from candy, kids probably won't
    obey the etiquette.)

Chinese Tea Party Invitation and Thank You Card Ideas
If you want a flat invitation, send a red envelope, pictured top, along with a lottery
ticket, some loose change, a dollar bill or a chocolate coin. You might otherwise send
chopsticks or a Chinese yo-ygo in a padded envelope along with the party details.Or
hand deliver your party invitations by placing the party details in a small Chinese take
out box with a fortune cookie tucked inside.

Print your invitations on red paper and have an element of gold: both are essential for
a Chinese New Year celebration.

  • Chinese Tea Party invitation wording ideas:
  • Good fortune will be mine at tea you'll see,
  • If you'll help celebrate my birthday with me!
  • Tea for Tiffany will be served Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Tea Garden at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP The Empress Mother at 867-5309

  • Chinese Tea Party thank you card wording ideas:
  • "I've had the good fortune of your company at my birthday party! Thank
    you for coming to tea, and for being such a good friend."

Mock Dim Sum and Asian Inspired Foods:
Dim Sum is a collection of light cuisine served with Chinese tea before noon. While kids
may eat an egg roll or two, you don't need to be an Iron chef for a Chinese tea party
catered to kids. Kids will be just as happy with Italian noodles and butter served in a
lotus bowl served with kid friendly chopsticks. Or skip the lunch altogether and serve
only sweets. Here are some fun ways to incorporate Asian inspired food into your party
for kids:

  • "Teas" them: Offering kids a variety of pots of tea adds an element of  fun to a
    Chinese Tea Party. Kids will enjoy mock Green Tea (green sports drink); Apple
    Blossom Tea (apple juice); and Ginger Root Tea (ginger ale), for example.

  • Bamboo Steamer Baskets: Nestle some colorful candies inside bamboo steamer
    baskets for a centerpiece.

  • Chinese soup spoons. Lay out colorful candies or a chocolate dipped strawberry
    on a Chinese Soup spoon for each place setting. Then serve Shark Fun soup (ice
    cream soup with a shark fin cupcake topper or shark toy on top). Kids love
    melting their ice cream to liquid, so let them have at it. Serve slightly thawed ice
    cream on a bed of chocolate or butterscotch sauce. See our Shark party ideas for
    more shark fun.

  • Jello Fruit. Asian dessert is mostly fruit based. This is "Not Martha" but what
    better way to have fun than making Jello Fruit! Trust us, kids will want some of

  • Chow Fun! Have fun with the chow you serve. Chow Fun is Chinese style
    spaghetti with a tomato based sauce. Just serve Italian pasta and call it Chow

How to Decorate for a Chinese Tea Party

  • Make your own paper lanterns. To make Chinese style lanterns, all you need is a
    pair of scissors, glue and some pretty paper to craft your own paper versions of
    the candlelit lanterns.

  • Chinese Tea Party Decorations by Martha Stewart:

  • Dress to "Empress": Your Asian Princess will enjoy the fanfare of dressing up in a
    Mandarin style brocade dress. Red and yellow are two prominent colors in
    Chinese culture. Thankfully finding a red Mandarin dress for the birthday girl is
    easy. Pink would make a lovely color for the royal court if you can't find yellow for

  • Crack them up. Party Crackers you make yourself will provide a festive air and
    look like Chinese firecrackers. Tuck small surprises and confetti inside for miles of

  • Garnish with pretty drink parasols in the tea cups. Spear parasols each with a
    candy orange slice to give even more fanfare.

  • Decorate with lotus and orchids. Lotus bowls are easy enough to find. Try Lotus
    Origami. This very impressive paper flower is sure to wow them. Orchids are
    expensive. Fold an easy orchid napkin. It's quick and effective for your tables.
    You'll make even more of an impression if you can make Origami Lilies. Avoid
    white flowers, as they are reserved for remembrance of ancestors.

Asian Princess Favors
If you're lucky enough to live near China Town, then you may find some of these fun
Chinese inspired treats worthy of an Asian Princess (otherwise you can shop online).

  • Souvenirs, such as bamboo back scratchers and Chinese yo-yos, pictured left,
    provide novel entertainment. Try also Chinese finger traps, mini Chinese
    checkers sets, and anything with a Chinese Dragon on them.

  • Musical instruments, such as Chinese rattle drums (also called a slide drum), or
    the Chinese jingle wand, pictured right, provide a celebratory tone and may
    inspire a Chinese parade.

  • Non-traditional favors, such as the Chinese rubber duckies, and chocolate
    dipped fortune cookies are wholly American, but joyfully welcomed by children as
    favors. Incidentally, fortune cookies are not Chinese but actually an American
    invention which may have Japanese American origins.

  • Red Envelopes: Red Lucky Money Envelopes, left, called "Hong Bao" in Mandarin,
    are given during given during holidays such as lunar Chinese New Year, around
    February, and around other special occasions. Ideal as a favor for a Chinese
    princess party, tuck two or six small coin or tokens, such as chocolate coins or
    money. The amount  should end with an even digit in accordance with tradition.
    Odd numbers are reserved for funerals. Avoid four tokens, as the number is
    associated with bad luck. Martha Stewart suggests a Chinese Paper envelope
    place setting.

Food for a Chinese Tea Party

  • Bake a Chinese Checkers cake.
  • Orange slices are always good luck, but the kids will appreciate candy orange
    slices or Mandarin orange slices.

Activities for a Chinese Tea Party

  • Tea leaf readings: prepare a list of good fortunes in advance and have a
    "reading" doling out good fortunes to each guest.
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Have lesson in Chinese Chopsticks
  • Create a cast of characters for an Indonesian-inspired shadow show.

More resources for a Chinese Tea Party
  • See also:

Real Chinese Tea Parties...
We hope we've inspired you to host a Chinese Tea Party. Older girls will especially
enjoy an
Asian style party if they've outgrown the English style tea party for kids or a
Teddy Bear tea party. Check out  blogs from our favorite Chinese Tea parties:

  • Royal Chinese Tea Party. Check out Sheriden's Eighth birthday party -- a Chinese
    Tea party under a pagoda of pink paper lanterns. girls donned pretty pink
    Mandarin dresses (and the birthday girl in red), stuffed  their own panda bear
    keepsakes, and noshed on egg rolls and pink lemonade "tea" under a pagota of
    pink paper lanterns. Lucky little girls indeed. As if those gifts weren't enough,
    guests also received chocolate dipped fortune cookies as favors. Yes, the girls
    were treated like Chinese royalty.

Tell us about your Chinese Tea party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter. Look to
us for party supplies for your birthday party, as well as party planning tips and do
yourself inspiration for kids parties.
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