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How to have a motorcycle theme birthday party for kids

He was born to be wild, and you can give him the ride of his life with a flaming hot
Choppers party. So go ahead and rev it up for the love of motorcycles. Your little
Harley David-son or daughter will love a motorcycle party that mixes metal with
Orange County Choppers, West Coast Choppers, and Harley Davidson. So get
chopping on a bikers party they won't soon forget!

Here's how to dress the part of a Chopper enthusiast for the party:

  • Observe the helmet law: It's not a party without a hat. Thankfully you have lots
    of ways to top kids for a choppers party - from headband scarfs and bandannas,
    to costume hats and helmets, to knit pullovers and studded military hats. Even
    your little highway honeys can sport some biker flair with pink Harley Davidson
    hats. Attention choppers: you won't find these things at your local party supply,
    so "chop" online.

  • Tat them. Initiate the little thugs into the choppers birthday club with a
    motorcycle tattoo. Again, "chop" online for Harley Davidson tats, American
    Choppers and West Coast Choppers tattoos for kids.

  • Stash it. What would the kids look like with a Paul Junior mustache?You can
    make a 'stash out of paper or get out your eye liner and draw one yourself.

  • Chain the gang: Transform an ordinary chain linked dog leash into a belt
    accessory. And finally, Mardis Gras beads in the form of motorcycles, metal
    crosses and skulls complete the bikers ensemble.

  • Go heavy duty with a custom choppers banner. Made of heavy duty vinyl, the
    custom banner, right will rev them up for the theme.

Chopper Party Invitations and Thank You Cards

  • Chopper party invitation wording ideas:
  • Calling all Easy Riders!
  • Cole was born to be wild!
  • Ride fast (or be last) Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • The shop: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Tiffany at 867-5309

Bite your choppers into these tasty ideas
Lunch should be none other than "flame" broiled hamburgers and  other traditional
fare of a tailgate party.

  • A Motorcycle Candy Mold will help you make motorcycle pops. Try chocolate or
    Wilton's colorful candy melts.

More ways to set the scene for a Choppers party
Sure, you could hold the birthday in the garage, but you can turn the dining room table
into a shop by lining it with tinfoil. Then turn the focus of the room to a few select
Choppers balloons, and merchandise with flames on it. Here are some other ideas to
get your choppers party moving:

  • Pimp his ride: The highlight of a choppers party is when you unveil his very own
    chopper. You won't believe your eyes when you see the Orange County
    Choppers Sting Ray three speed bicycle, pictured left. For dramatics, drape a
    sheet on top of it and with a drum roll watch their eyes drop. Every kid on the
    block will want one after the party. The finishing touch for the bike is a
    motorcycle ride bell to ward off evil road spirits. Also known by bikers as a
    "guardian bell" to give protective powers.

Choppers Table Setting Ideas
A chopper theme party for kids is all about wheels, roads and flames, make sure your
choppers party has these three elements in the table setting:

  • Wheels: You'll may, on occasion, find mini Choppers at your local dollar store.
    The chopper motorcycles pictured above, left are super affordable and cute.

  • Roads: Decorate the tables with mini street signs interspersed with mini
    choppers. The Melissa and Doug Street sign set, pictured right, is around ten

  • Flames: Wrap the utensils for a buffet style lunch with a flame bandanna napkin,
    pictured right. Did you know the tradition of painting flames on motorcycles was
    in attempt to make bikes stand apart from one another in rallies? Ghosts,
    crosses and skulls are other customizing themes, but by far flames is the most
    popular perhaps because black and orange is the official Harley-Davidson color

Games and activities for a choppers party
If you feel you need to rev it up for the party, you can chop some old games. The
younger set will enjoy classic games with a new twist. Try:

  • Red Light, Green Light where you require participants to make motorcycle sounds
    as they move the field. Vroom! Vroom!

  • Paul Senior Says, which plays like Simon Says, but where participants clean Paul
    Senior's Messy Shop. Set out enough rags for every child, scatter one tools
    enough for every player, set out some toys and boxes and so fourth and use
    your imagination for the rest. Paul Senior Says pick up a tool. Paul Senior says
    put the tool in the box. Paul Senior says sweep the floor. Paul Senior says pick
    up a rag. Put it in the trash. Oh, Paul Senior didn't say put it in the trash and so

Chopper favors
You'll be hard pressed to find chopper favors at the local party supply, so shop online
early to ensure delivery by your party date. Here are some fun chopper themed party
favors to consider:

  • Chopper trading cards: If you can get your hands on Chopper Trading cards,
    right, you're in for a treat. They make wonderful favors. Look for randomly
    inserted autographs and memorabilia cards, You geteight packs of five OCC
    trading cards, plus one exclusive 1:18 scale American Chopper Chrome Theme
    Bike for around ten dollars.

  • Chopper necklace, left, include a chain link and bike.

  • If you're out of time, consider these party favors, which you might find at the
    local party supply.
  • Rubber Stud bracelets, dog tags and Gothic style jewelry
  • Motorcycle stickers, decals and tattoos
  • Flame party favors

More Kids Chopper / Biker Party Resources:
Wondering what gift to get the birthday boy? He would love that you pimp his ride
with the Schwinn OCC Stingray Chopper Bicycle, pictured below. Looking for something
a bit more affodable?

  • See our other related party ideas

Resources for a Chopper's Party

  • Now that's one hot cookie! Scarlet flame cookies adorn a cake from none other
    than Martha Stewart herself, and this is a decadent devils food cake.

Real Choppers parties
It's time to get chopping. We'd love to hear about your Choppers party. Tell us about
your party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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