Christmas Party
Retro fun ideas for celebrating Christmas with kids

Santa Baby, it's Christmastime! So gather round the fireplace for a heartwarming set of
memories you create at home. It's time to share those classic Christmas treats and
activities with your kids. Here are some bright additions to any Christmas party:

  • Get crazy with candy canes: Crush candy cane peppermint candy with a rolling pin
    in a plastic bag to garnish the rims of hot chocolate mugs. Bring extra holiday
    cheer to beverages warm and cold with candy canes used like swizzle sticks.
    Here are more ways to have fun with candy canes
  • Mix crushed candy canes into ordinary vanilla ice cream for an
    extraordinary treat.
  • Slip in Peppermint Krazy straws, left, into favor bags as well as the holiday
    beverages you serve at your party.
  • Pop some candy cane pop rocks into the favor bags too!
  • Dip candy canes in chocolate or white candy melts.
  • Here are more ways to have fun with candy canes.

  • Remember these classic Christmas treats:
  • Use pretzels to craft reindeer antlers in the classic reindeer cookie design,
    upper left. This classic Christmas treat is sure to please.
  • "Glue" candy canes with icing to craft a cookie sled.

  • Bake stained glass ornament cookies. Make the cookie dough in advance, then get
    out the cookie cutters and let the kids design their own edible ornaments, right.

  • Play Reindeer games. The ride on reindeer costume, lower right, is sure to be a hit
    with kids year after year. Get one each for your little Prancer and Dancer.

  • Pass the parcel. Turn this classic English birthday party game into your new
    Christmas Tradition. Use Christmas wrapping paper and tissue paper to wrap
    candy canes, stickers and small Christmas trinkets. Kids gather in a circle to pass
    the parcel, each one takes a turn to open a layer.

  • More Christmas games to play
  • Rock around the Christmas tree.
  • Make snowmen from fondant. Martha Stewart shows how to make these
    delightful no-melt snowmen.
  • Create a blizzard of snowflakes from paper and hang from a fishing line. It's
    amazing how kids enjoy this simple craft.
  • Get snowed in with snowglobes: Craft your own snowglobes with a tight lidded
    jar. You'll need a glue gun, glycerin and a silicone sealant, a few tiny holiday
    treasures, distilled water and glitter. Here's how to make a snowglobe.

What to do about a Christmas Birthday
A Christmastime birthday is tough on kids as the joy of a happy birthday song is not
only overshadowed by Christmas music, but worse yet for kids, no one is around to
celebrate! Not to mention that people give one gift for both occasions! If your child has
a birthday on Christmas then celebrate a
half birthday in July.
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