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Construction Party
Construct the best ever construction party for boys

As kids parties go, a construction party is a classic, and you construct the best party of
his little life. A construction party that will forge fond memories for years to come. You
will lay the foundations for fun when you build a birthday party with imaginative play in
mind, and you can do it right at home.

Tools of the Trade: How to construct the Construction Party Decorations
A construction theme party starts with bright and happy display of yellow toys, candy
and decorations. Start by covering the table with a yellow tablecloth, then layer the
look with black place mats made from construction paper, crepe paper, or black
corrugated board. Pair yellow plates with black cutlery. Sprinkle lemon yellow
jellybeans and black licorice on the tables like confetti. Fold black napkins with yellow
ones and secure with curling ribbons or use licorice to tie into napkin rings and finish
the look with a display of small truck toys and street signs.

Here are the nuts and bolts of a decorating for construction party:
For your construction birthday party, you'll need to set up a construction zone. Here's
how to engineer the kids at work
  • Safety cones. Lead the entrance of the party with safety cones. Set the table
    with construction cone candles, pictured left, and construction cone party cups,
    pictured top.
  • Caution tape. Use real caution tape to demarcate the party zone.
  • Punch clocks. When the kids "report to duty" top them with hard hats and make
    them punch in.
  • Employ construction sign cutouts. Sure, you could construct your own signs, but
    the Beistle Company has done the work for you with 16-inch construction sign
    cutouts, pictured left.
  • Dump the candy in clever places. Buy him some new construction toys, like a
    Tonka Dump Truck, and dump a pile of pebble candy into the back of the truck for
    a table centerpiece. Fill extra hard hats with candy and chips for table decoration.
  • Slow down! You've been thinking about getting one anyway, so you may as well
    get one of those kid Alert safety signs. It's a fun way to direct party goers and
    you'll find it useful in the years ahead. A construction party is an opportunity to
    teach kids about safety at the home site.

Construction Party Invitation and Thank You card Ideas
Caution: it may be tempting on your invitations to invite parents to "dump off the kids,"
but parents with kids under five generally are apprehensive to leave their children
unsupervised, even if it's a small party. Construct your invitations accordingly.

  • Construction Party invitations and wording ideas:
  • A party is under construction for Jack's Fourth Birthday
  • Please have the entire family report for duty.
  • Shift: Saturday August 22 from noon to 3:00
  • Construction site: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Foreman Bob or General Contractor Jane at 867-5309

  • Construction Party Thank You Card Ideas:
  • I had a truckload of fun with you at my party.

Construction party food

  • Brown bagging it? You may be tempted to brown bag the birthday meal,
    construction worker style, but that just says "school lunch" to kids. It's a party
    after all, and you should add some party pizazz. If you can't resist the
    temptation, then at least put the bag in an upturned construction hat and add a
    construction party favor inside to make it a happy meal.

  • Turn the cake into a construction zone. Buy small truck and dig a messy hole into
    the cake to reveal to party goers the flavor inside. Or dump crushed cookies and
    pretzels into an amazing dump truck cake. Or shovel chocolate graham crackers
    on the Bulldozer cake.

  • Dig up new uses: Fill a new dump truck toy with a pile of brownies to create an
    appetizing display of edible dirt. Or supply a napkins or utensils from the truck
    for a buffet.

Construction Party activity
Set up activity stations for your construction party, pair the kids, and then have kids
rotate the circuit. Blow a whistle every ten minutes for rotation to allow every kid some
of the fun. Blowing a whistle enables you to provide a structured theme and makes it
seem like you're on a real construction site.

  • Hammer in the morning. You know how the song goes. "If I had a hammer, I'd
    hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening..." Kids love to hammer, so
    allow them the opportunity (supervised) to test their hammering skills. Drive the
    nails a quarter of an inch so that kids don't injure their thumbs.

  • Make Legos part of the construction fun. Lego is a combined word in Danish
    meaning "Play Well." The little construction workers will have loads of fun moving
    Lego blocks to a construction site with a Tonka truck and constructing their own
    building. Set a timer to see how high they can go in the allotted time and take a
    picture with their masterpiece. This will be useful for thank you cards. Be sure to
    give the kids Lego block candy in their favor bags.

  • Dig a Quarry. Dump the trucks in one spot, and let the kids have at it. Forget the
    sand! Kids love gravel as they don't get much opportunity with the texture of
    the heavy rocks. Set up a wash station where kids can dip their hands in soapy
    water, rinse in another bucket, then wipe their hands with a cloth after this

  • Build a house! Everyone at the party can decorate a section of the cardboard
    playhouse, pictured right.

  • Construct a construction museum.  Protect your table with butcher block paper.
    Provide crayons in small buckets with sand so the colors stick out of the sand
    and allow your little artists to color. Provide a few stickers too. There are lots of
    coloring pages from loaders to scoopers to steam rollers and more. Display the
    works of art in a museum fashion by framing them.

  • Dump some good reading. Load a large dump truck with a library of construction
    books. You may have your favorites.

Resources for a Construction Party

  • Construct an interesting favor: This clever construction party favor is a bouquet of
    construction cookies cleverly propped in yellow buckets.

  • Get picky and personal. Put your little guy's mug shot on cupcake picks. Send a
    digital picture along with the number you want to appear on the hard hat and
    you'll get personalized construction party picks for use on cupcakes or
    appetizers. You'll find a variety of personalized photos from Bug&Boo found on

Real Construction Parties
Thinking of constructing a perfect party? Dig deep on the Internet and you'll find lots of
moms have already hosted terrific construction parties. Here are some real birthdays
to give you inspiration:

  • Can you dig it?  Wyatt's real under construction party included a sand pit, lunch
    bag favors and candy bar in paint jars. You'll haul away with loads of ideas. This
    is the original party source!

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