Cupcake Birthday Party
How to have a cupcake theme party for your little cupcake

Hey there cupcake! So you're planning a little party are you? With all the cupcake
boutiques popping up everywhere, it's no wonder that a cupcake theme party is all
the rage. You'll find it's a sweet and simple birthday to host for a first birthday or
toddler's party, and a girls party at just about any age.

This tasty party is the icing on the cake! Afterall, what kid doesn't like cupcakes? Not
many. A cupcake theme party for kids is all about the frosting, so let the birthday girl
indulge. Go ahead and say, Happy Birthday cupcake, and celebrate a party for the
simple love of cupcakes!

Here's the inspiration you need to host a memorable cupcake themed birthday:

  • Showcase your cupcakes. You'll need a cupcake stand or two for this party.
    Heirloom quality, the gorgeous shabby chic cupcake stand, left, is made of
    sturdy iron and gives a classic Parisian look. You'll be proud to display cupcakes
    for years to come. It sells quickly! Bookmark this page and check again if it is
    temporarily unavailable. Also, please see our other cupcake towers and jeweled
    white cake stands.

  • Everything's coming up cupcakes. Discover the cupcake party decorating video
    that shows you how to make a flower cupcake and cupcake crafts for your party
    activities. Your flowers will look tasty enough to eat! See more cupcake
    decoration ideas below.

Cupcake  party decorations
  • Sew cute! If you're crafty, then you can make cupcakes from felt in just a few
    easy steps. Check out the easy tutorial. Add a few felt cupcakes to your
    tablesetting or put them together for keepsake favors. Stuff them with lavender
    and they're great for the clothes drawers, too.

Cupcake party invitation and thank you card ideas

  • Make it easy on your little cupcake in giving thanks. There's nothing easier than
    the fill in the blank style of the cupcake thank you cards,  pictured right, by
    Invitation Jane. They'd be easy to enough to make yourself on a computer with
    stickers, but make it easy on yourself, cupcake, and order them.

  • Stick to it. Do yourself a favor and order the custom cupcake stickers also from
    Invitation Jane. You'll get 48 stickers for $21, which is plenty for the invitations
    and favor tags.

  • Print your own cupcake note cards and envelopes. This free cupcake design
    idea is from

Cupcake theme party foods
You can have such fun with a cupcake theme party when it comes to the food you
serve at the party. Cupcakes are, of course, on the menu, and here are more cupcake
inspired snacks and lunch ideas to serve at the party:

  • Get kooky, cookie. Bake cupcake shaped biscuits with a cupcake cookie cutter. Of
    course, these fun cookie cutters are also fun for cookies, and even hamburgers!
    They'll get a kick out of cupcake shaped hamburgers you frost with ketchup.

  • Be a Hostess with the most-est. Have some fun with the iconic Hostess cupcake
  • Rachel Ray's Marshmallow cupcakes look like the Hostess Cupcakes. Bake a few
    as part of your overall presentation and see if the kids can tell the real thing
    from your version. (Don't be upset if the little ones don't have a distinguishing
  • Bake a giant Hostess cupcake. Since everyone will be making cupcakes as part
    of the party fun, why not serve them cake instead? What better way than with
    a huge cupcake.
  • Dip chocolate sandwich cookies in chocolate and decorate with  swirls.
  • Give hamburgers a bit of Hostess flair with mayonnaise swirls. Fill one of your
    cupcake decorating bags and tips with mayo to make the famous swirls.
  • Make your invitation to the party out of chocolate colored paper, then use white
    glue and glitter to achieve the effect. Here's a Hostess Cupcake card made with
    a fancy embossing powder.
  • Get creative! Look for Hostess Cupcake Soap on ETSY. Yum!

Favors for a cupcake party
If you're looking for childrens party favor ideas, then start with the cupcake! Consider
cupcake shaped lipgloss, cupcake rings, and cupcake favor boxes above. Here are
more cupcake inspired party favor ideas:

  • Cupcake favor bag, left

Decorating Cupcakes
Decorating cupcakes is the main activity of a cupcake party, and possibilities are
infinite. Don't let the kids steal the show! You can unveil your fun cupcake tower or
huge cupcake for the party, then allow the kids to make their own cupcakes
masterpieces to enjoy later. Here's how to allow kids the fun of decorating the

  • Cupcakes: Set out a variety of baked cupcakes without frosting, including
    chocolate, vanilla, and a confetti mix (vanilla cupcake baked with sprinkles). This
    will be much easier for your party, but you may make an activity of collectively
    baking a batch of cupcakes so that the aromas fill the air and the kids get a
    cooking lesson. Besides, what kid doesn't like to lick the bowl.

  • Frosting: provide chocolate and vanilla frosting options, or stick to one frosting
    options, but provide with colors. Help kids scoop their frosting of choice.

  • Gels: Set out a few cake decorating gels. Kids will have fun embellishing with
    gooey drips and swirls as well as personalizing their creations.

  • Candy, Sprinkles and toppings: Set out bowls of pastel colored candies, which
    provide a feminine touch. Look for a variety of candy confetti, such as jimmies
    and non-pareils, gummy bears, colorful mini-marshmallows, M&Ms and Reeces
    Pieces, gum drops or other colorful candies for cupcake decorating.

  • Cupcake decorating tip: Teach kids how to roll flowers and make petals
    from sugared gum drops to decorate their cupcakes. Help kids flatten
    gum drops with a rolling pin, then roll them up into a rose. With a knife
    you can help kids shape petals or leaves.

  • Extras: Provide an unexpected treasure for the finishing touch. You'll find a
    variety of cupcake ring toppers, such as flowers, jewels and gems.

  • Boxes: Nestle their creations in pretty cupcake boxes by Wilton to make treats

What could be easier? You bake or buy the cupcakes and let the kids decorate them
as the activity. Really, a cupcake party is all about the cupcakes -- baking them,
decorating them, feasting on them.

Cupcake Party Games and Activities
In celebration of cupcakes, here are more activities you might plan for your party:

  • Have Cupcake cake walk. Instead of the traditional carnival cake walk, you can
    host a cupcake walk where the kids can take home a boxed cupcake as a prize.
    Set a timer and have kids walk the cupcake promenade until the timer dings.
    You'll find the sweet cupcake timer, left, will give your party just the right touch.

  • Almost good enough to eat! The littlest kids at the party will love to make
    pretend cupcakes out of Play-Doh or fondant. Allow the kids to use real
    sprinkles, cupcake liners, and perhaps even a cupcake topper or ring.
  • See our Chef's Party ideas and Play Doh Party ideas for details.

  • All that and a cherry on top. Play pin the candle on the cupcake or pin the cherry
    on the cupcake. How easy is that? Just draw a cupcake and cut out candles or
    cherries with party goers names on them.

  • Cupcake soap making. Have the kids make super-sweet, cupcake shaped soaps.
    This specially formulated skin-safe soap base requires no mixing or melting. Just
    shape and decorate! Makes three.

Resources for a Cupcake Party

  • Peek a colorful cupcake party to gain inspiration for your own party on a table
    setting of tulle, rolling pins, whisks and stacked bowls.

Real Cupcake Parties
Hey, cupcake! Think you're the only one who has ever had a cupcake theme party?
Think again. Here are some real cupcake birthday parties:

  • Cupcake Par-Tea. This Cupcake party was all about delicious cupcakes served at
    a proper tea. This party was for adults, but the ideas are sweet for kids too.  
    Take a close look at the cupcake lanterns made with cupcake baking cups and
    Chinese style lanterns. Thinking of having a cupcake tea party, then be sure to
    see our tea party ideas.

  • Cupcake bakery. This cupcake birthday party uses the birthday girl's favorite toy:
    a sweet pink wooden kitchen set as a backdrop to display the party essentials.
    Visit this cupcake bakery party and get ideas like, "cupcake in a jar" and learn
    where to get the cupcake party printables.

The great thing about having cupcake party is that all the cupcake themed items you
buy will be useful for other birthday parties you throw in later years.

It's your turn to throw a cupcake party theme. Tell us about your real cupcake party
share party ideas by visiting us on Twitter. We'd love your ideas on decorations
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