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Sweet daisy theme birthday for kids

Oopsy Daisy! It's your little girl's birthday and it's time to plan her party. A sunny
daisy theme party is perfect for the littlest flower pixie or daisy girl scout, yet
sophisticated enough for a wedding, baby shower, or even sweet sixteen party. It's
also a look you can repeat for Easter or Mother's Day! And if you are crafty, there is
all the more reason to have a daisy party as the simple motif is easy to apply to
invitations, favors, decorations and more. After all, this is a party for the inner flower
child in you, too. So have fun with a sweet daisy party.

Dazed and confused on where to start? Here's how to have a crazy daisy birthday
party for kids that the adults will enjoy just as much:

  • Are you fond of fondant? Then you'd be blooming crazy not to make Wilton's
    easy Daisy cupcake bouquet,  left. This incredible edible centerpiece is made
    pretty with daisies of colorful fondant strips that are looped and topped with
    fondant balls. You'll find lots of use for the cupcake stand, which props this
    artful creation.

  • Lazy daisy heads. If you can cut, paste and glue, then you can craft your own
    daisy party hair clips. Once you have a template, you can make lots of daisies in
    felt or paper and attach them to plain hair clips to enhance your party theme.
    Party goers will appreciate this fun takeaway. Try headbands and pony tail
    bands too. Martha Stewart makes it even easier with the daisy accessory kit,
    right. The kit includes felt pieces and embellishments to make six accessories (a
    necklace, a brooch pin, two hair pins, a barrette, and a ring).

  • Best buds forever! Your little Black-eyed Susan and her best buds will love daisy
    lollipops. Just poke the stick of a sucker into the center of a paper daisy. These
    tasty treats look terrific set in little favor pails. And there are more ways to
    have fun with faux daisies. The fabric covered pens, left, stand 13" long, are
    favors that make a festive bouquet to display. Look to the dollar stores for
    large fantasy fabric flowers, too.

Daisy decorations
How does your daisy garden grow? Whether you choose faux or fresh flowers, your
daisy party decorations are a blooming expression of your creativity. Here are some
well grounded ideas to nurture and inspire you:

  • Deck the tables with daisy confetti. Snip the stems off real daisies and scatter
    the flowers about the table like confetti: it a natural crowd pleaser. A sweet
    and edible alternative is to sprinkle daisy sugars, right, intended for cakes. The
    kids will go crazy for these dainty delights.

  • Heartfelt daisy decorations. There are endless uses to daisies you cut from
    yellow and white felt. Stitch felt flowers to white baskets, glue them to
    barrettes and goody bags, scatter them on the buffet or cake table. Create
    napkin rings, or accents for straws and place settings.

  • Decor de plates. Create your own paper flower plates starting with a yellow
    plate for the center, use white construction paper to form individual daisies.
    This will look terrific on a bright and happy yellow table cloth. Or choose a
    simple yellow plates and create a place mat of white petals. Or lay butcher
    paper as a tablecloth and draw flower petals around the plates. Stock crayons
    in terra cotta pots and allow the kids to color in your creations.

Daisy party food ideas
Flowery fanfare for the food can take shape when you use your imagination. Here's
how to have fun with your food:

  • Flour power: Make rum balls, dust them in colorful yellow jimmies and group
    them together into daisy clusters. You can do the same for any cake or cookie
    dough to turn them into daisies. Have fun transforming virtually any home
    made confection into a daisy.

  • Now you're on a roll! Bake bread into daisy by clustering rolls into a daisy shape  
    that guests can break apart with the meal.

  • A dollop of daisy. Doll up the dip with cucumber slices arranged artfully into a
    daisy. Arrange the slices so they fan outward around the dip bowl, then use a
    celery stick for the daisy stem, and two spinach leaves to complete the look.

  • Lay out a budding creation. Here's something appetizing: set out individual daisy
    chip and dip appetizer plates using Pringles chips in a daisy shape around the
    dip. Gain a daisy effect by overlapping the chips slightly.

  • Pan to the right for the ideal daisy pan by Wilton. Bake an easy cake, then use
    the pan to bake bread or use it as a serving dish for snacks.

Here are more ways to create fancy, flowery party food:

  • Crazy daisy ice cream cones: Complement the birthday cake with a daisy ice
    cream cone dessert! Scoop her favorite ice cream into a sugar cone, then dip in
    yellow jimmies or non pareils, left. The finishing touch is to garnish a sugar cone
    with a paper flower rim you cut to fit the cone. It helps keep drips contained
    and adds that extra daisy party touch.

  • Deco daisies. Parchment daisies, left, add a festive touch to your party theme.
    Food safe, you can place these on a plate under cheeses and desserts. Comes
    with 20 assorted color daisies parchment leaves.

  • Tart and tasty lemon yellow:
  • Luscious and tart lemon bars are a delightful addition to a daisy party.
    Visit foodnetwork.com to try Paula Deen's version of this Springtime
    classic dessert.
  • Garnish a meyer lemon sorbet with a daisy sugar, right.
  • Serve lemonade from glass pitchers or jars. Garnish glasses with a real
    daisy stem that you've washed.
  • Lemonheads revisited. Lemon drops or Lemonheads clustered in little
    white bowls will be immensely appealing to your little daisy heads.

  • Muffins: If your daisy party is a sunny morning breakfast theme, add a little
    party panache to your muffins. After baking the muffins, you can cluster
    blueberries into a daisy flower to garnish them and here's how: with a pastry
    brush, lightly coat berries in beaten egg whites, then roll or sprinkle them with
    sugar to coat.
Daisy invitation

  • Be a lazy daisy and copy this. Family Fun provides a pretty petal template to make
    your own daisy cards. Print the template on pretty yellow paper, write your
    message, secure with at the center with a metal brad and KA-BLOOM you have
    ta blooming good daisy party invitation!

Daisy party games

  • A pinata is an essential party game, and the pinata, left. Fill it with daisy
    erasers, and more.

  • Duck, duck daisy! Buy one daisy rubber ducky, right, and several other rubber
    ducks (one for each child at the party) and play two games:  
  • For the first game you need just the daisy duck. Have the birthday girl
    start the fun by holding the daisy rubbery ducky and walking around the
    kids sitting in a circle. She will tap heads and say "duck," until she hands
    one child the daisy duck and say "Daisy." Now the chasing ensues as the
    birthday girl must run around the circle twice until she returns to the other
    girl's seat.
  • For the next game, have kids pass ducks around in a circle to music and
    when the music stops the child holding the daisy ducky is awarded a
    special prize and steps out of the game. Make every child a winner!

Daisy party favors

  • Finding party supplies for your daisy party won't be too difficult if you start your
    search early. Wilton's Dancing Daisy Flower Treat bags are the perfect size for
    gathering the pinata goodies. Knock yourself out with the daisy pinata, left. Fill it
    with daisy erasers, and more fun party favors you find on Amazon.

More Resources for a Daisy Party
Your little girl will blossom with a daisy party, and so will her friends. Here are more
ideas to give your daisy party extra flower power:

  • Find a daisy chain. If mom wants to dress up, look for the classic Weiss daisy
    jewelry on eBay. You may be lucky enough to find an Albert Weiss daisy
    bracelet, left, or brooch pin from the late 1950s early 1960s for around $39.95.

  • Here's a sunny delight. Slice up the fun with the daisy centerpiece idea from Real
    Simple magazine that uses oranges, straws and daisies. Now that's a juicy idea!

  • More ideas blossom here... Prepare the perfect daisy shower decor and favors for
    entertaining Martha Stewart style. Martha suggests a candy buffet and has
    some gorgeous potted daisy chocolates. It's a look you may like even for
    Mother's Day! See also Martha's Flower Power party ideas with festive
    suggestions and step-by step instructions for balloon decorations and more.

  • Pop culture never tasted so good. These vibrant daisy cookie pops are eye
    popping, truly a masterful, moveable feast. Follow the easy instructions from
    "The Decorated Cookie" Blogspot.

Real Daisy parties...
Now it's your turn to tell us about your real daisy parties. It doesn't have to be a kids
daisy party: show us your bridal show and baby parties. We love parties of all kinds!
Below, Martha Stewart and others inspire you to host a daisy party, and the adorable
cupcakes are from a sorority party.

Are you planning a daisy party? We're interested in sharing ideas for a daisy theme
party. If like kids parties, join us on Facebook and Twitter.
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