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Dinosaur Birthday Parties
All about a classic dinosaur party for kids

He'll give you a roar of approval when you host a dinosaur party for his birthday! The
little paleontologists will have a dino-mite time in the land before time, and setting the
scene is relatively easy. Start with the large inflatable dinosaur favors, above. They'll
serve as decorations and as party favors. Here's more:

  • Dinosaur party supplies. A kids dinosaur party is a classic theme, and you can
    have a roaring good time with the Meri-Meri party supplies on this page starting
    with the party plates, left, and napkins above. Love these dinosaur party
    plates? Then be sure to see the matching dinosaur invitations and thank you
    cards, right. And the Dinosaur cupcake kit, left will make things Meri Meri indeed.

  • Get out the dinosaur toys. While you're likely to provide the birthday boy with
    some dinosaur themed gifts, he probably already has a few lying around, so
    make use of them for the party. You can tie balloons on figurines as a
    centerpiece, or get creative and cluster them around a volcano cake for the
    dessert table.
  • Note to parents hosting a party for kids under five: Be selective in the
    dinosaur toys you decide to display at your party. The fierce toys may
    scare younger kids. You can set a friendly tone by incorporating lots
    bright and happy shades of orange. Reservethe scary toys, like the D-
    REX Interactive Dinosaur, right, for when your child gets older.

  • Involve your little brontosaurus in the prehistoric fun. Weeks before the party,
    build a volcano from a kit and set it on display. The volcano kit at the bottom of
    the page is easy enough to build. Party goers will enjoy the eruption!

  • Preserve the memory: Even though it's a classic birthday theme, party supplies
    for a Dinosaur theme party are virtually extinct at the local party supply store,
    so you'll need to shop online early. If you're pressed for timecheck the smaller,
    independent toy stores as they may have some Dino toys you can use for the

Dinosaur birthday cakes and cupcakes
  • Have a good "Roarrrr: with Meri Meri dinosaur cupcake kit, left.
  • If you don't think you have the talent to create a dinosaur cake, then bake a
    volcano cake, left.

When it comes to the cake, younger kids will love the Smiling Dino cake pans by
Wilton, pictured left. Make a bright and happy display for the tables with orange table
cloth sprinkled with dinosaur confetti candy and colorful toys. Older kids will love the
Dinosaur attack cake topper, right. The decor for them can set into deeper tones of
blues, and greens.

The inflatable T-rex Dinosaur is a must for the eight and up age range. Kids will insist
on battling the beast, so have a spare available. They'll also enjoy operating the D-
REX Interactive Dinosaur. The ultimate gift, scene setter and activity for a dinosaur
party. Pictured, right, the dinosaur robot will bring new life to a classic party theme.
This amazing toy consistently gets high ratings on Amazon despite it's price tag.
Dubbed "ultra-fierce and unbelievably fun," you can see a video clip by clicking the
link, right.

  • Dinosaur party invitations and wording ideas:
  • Dino-mite! You're invited to dine with the Dinosaurs
  • (Our little Mark-o-saurus who is turning four)
  • The prehistoric journey begins Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m
  • Jurassic Park Entrance: 123 main street
  • RSVP before the party is extinct at 867-5309

For added effect, hand deliver invitations with an Easter egg filled with a small plastic
dinosaur toy, or gummy treat.

Dinosaur party favor ideas
Sure, you'll be able to find dinosaur favors, but think beyond the action figures to
include plastic binoculars, a canteen, or a compass to give the Jurassic adventure
some authenticity. Making Believe has done the work for you with the Dinosaur party
pack, pictured right. Affordable, it includes eight of each: dinosaur pouch, dinosaur
activity pack with pencil, stickers, erasers, toy binoculars, dinosaur fun pad, plus foam
visor (colors vary), toy canteen, and toy compasses.

On a tighter budget? Instead of stuffing the bags with lots of little goodies, you can
buy one nice dinosaur figurine toy to give as a favor. Or create your own favor  bag
with fun things you find online:
  • Dinosaur inflatables, pictured above
  • Dinosaur bubbles, also pictured above
  • Grow Your Own Dino
  • Inflatable dinosaurs
  • Wilton Dinosaur Gummy Kit
  • Wilton Dinosaur sucker molds
  • Dinosaur crayons, left

Dinosaur fun food ideas:
The little paleontologists will love the fun foods you create for the Jurassic adventure:

  • Make the cake an explosive presentation: Party goers will erupt with enthusiasm
    with Wilton's Volcano birthday cake, right. When it comes to other Dino-mite
    cake ideas, look to Wilton's Brontosaurus cake pan, left and Dinosaur cupcakes.

  • Serve Brontosaurus burgers. Hamburgers get a prehistoric lift when presented
    with dinosaur food picks and a nest of fries that have a dinosaur surprise: an
    Easter egg filled with gummy dinosaurs.

  • Pop 'em with a Prehistoric Punch: Lime sherbet mixed with lemon lime soda and
    garnished with a Dinosaur gummy on the rim of the cup. Or serve up any
    Gatorade in bone shaped cups and give it the same fancy name.

Resources for a dinosaur party
A dinosaur party can have a jungle feel, so be sure to see our Jungle Party ideas. The
ideal table decoration is to set out for a small jungle with potted plants such as a
sago palm. Nestle large dinosaur figurines into the foliage.
  • Have explosive fun! Make a Volcano Cake. (Fine Living shows you how.)
  • Perhaps your little Paleontologist wants some spikey fun? Then, try this
    dinosaur cake.

Real Dinosaur parties
  • Cole's Dinosaur birthday party was a roaring good time and colorful too in
    green, blue, and red. Green Salt water taffy fit the theme along with a bevy of
    treats in theme colors.

We'd love to hear about your real dinosaur party. We link to quality sites! Write us on
Twitter and tell us about your party. See more dinosaur party supplies below...
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