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How to have a kids dog party that's so dog-gone memorable

Dog gone it! If your kid is hounding you for a dog themed birthday party, then you can
host an easy party that's dog gone cute. Go ahead ans say "Happy Woof-day" with
inspiration for your party right here. Here are some ideas to help you give a puppy
party that's sure to Bow-Wow WOW even the adults:

  • Serve up the dog food. No, not really, but you can easily get a laugh or two by
    surprising party goers with Kooky Chews Cookies by Koko's Confectionery, left.
    These yummy novelty cookies look convincingly like dog food.

  • Do it yourself dog party tip: Create your own version of "dog food" for kids
    by baking gingerbread cookies with a dog-bone cookie cutter and serving
    Cocoa Puffs cereal in a dog dish.

  • Puppy adoption party idea. Provide a litter of small plush puppies or beanie bags.
    Give kids numbers from a hat so the kids can take turn picking their puppy. Next
    have kids name and sign Puppy Adoption papers with printable adoption papers
    available for free online. Have party goers craft pet ID tags and personalize
    their own mini dog house (made from a milk container). Kids will treasure this
    dog long after your party is over.

  • Doggie Academy party idea: To throw a dog themed birthday party that children
    will love, host a dog academy style party, where kids compete in dog training.
    The Dog Academy play set, left, would make a sweet gift for the birthday kid.
    With German Shepherds, Collies, Dalmatians and Corgis, there are 15 champion
    dogs in all ready to train and play -- 50 pieces in all. Now that's "Best in show!"

  • Double Dog Dare Party: Go ahead: we double-dog dare you to throw a puppy
    party for twins or multiples! Boys and girls love dog parties, so it's not a gender
    specific party. For girls you can emphasize puppies or host a pink poodle party.
    For boys, a dog themed party is all about variety. They'll have a howling good
    time no matter what you do.

  • Throw them a bone. They'll sit up and beg you for a taste of the funny T-Bone
    Steak Gummy candy by Acoutrements. It comes wrapped like meat from the
    grocery store and makes a great prize for party games. Above, right.

  • Give the kids a "candy collar": Take an ordinary candy necklace and give it some
    doggie style by affixing a dog tag. You can give the kids doggie names, have
    them invent their own name, or use their actual name. Whatever name you
    choose, don't give to any child under three a dog collar, and be sure to
    supervise kids wearing the collars as it is a choking hazard. You'll find a pink
    candy necklace in the shape of a princess tiara at Oriental Trading that's ideal
    for a Pink Poodle Party.

  • Pick a top dog. Does your little pup admire Blue? Bolt? Clifford? Snoopy? Scooby?
    Is she a big fan of 101 Dalmatians? Do you own a Dachsund or a Dalmatian?
    Make your child's "best friend" the mainstay of the party. Whether it's your
    favorite cartoon dog or a wiener dog, surround your theme with a top dog.

What to serve at your puppy party
Bone-appetit! Doggie dishes are a great way to serve lunch or snacks. Set out a bowl
of customized Hershey's kisses with paw prints on the bottom. You'll find these
vendors on eBay. If you buy party supplies on eBay, be a good dog and be sure to get
cash back for every purchase. We're begging you to tell you friends about this great
idea to make and save money. Ideas for your puppy party, below, will have them
begging for more:

  • Create a doggie diner: Hot dogs are on the menu, of course. Serve them in plastic
    doggie dishes you may find in bulk. The blue dog dishes, pictured right, are
    about a buck each, and they're ideal for cake and ice cream, too. The stainless
    steel pet bowl, pictured left will make a tasty display for the dips.

  • Bone up on what to do with cookie cutters: The dog bone cookie cutter, right is
    under a buck. Bake dog biscuit treats for party goers or put them in the doggie
    bags. As an activity, set out Play Dough (to make the dough extra special for
    the birthday add glitter) and have the kids craft pretend dog bone biscuits.
    Cookie cutters are ideal to use as stencils to craft decorations, invitations and
    thank you cards. Just stencil the dog bone from white construction paper and
    affix it to a card in the party color of your choice.

  • Another bone-a-fide idea. Add a dash of Wilton dog bone sprinkles, pictured left,
    to the ice cream you serve with your cake. Add a dash to your cupcakes to
    accentuate your dog party theme. You'll also enjoy these dog bone sprinkles for
    cakes, cupcakes and ice cream at Halloween.

Puppy Party Birthday Cake Ideas

  • You won't be in the dog house for buying this cake pan. The dog house cake pan,
    right, is so dog-gone versatile you'll use it again at Halloween to created a
    haunted house. Or use it as a Christmas cottage, church, school house or
    barnyard. And don't forget using it for a housewarming party. Cakes can stand
    up or lay flat.

Dog themed birthday party invitations
Invite everyone to your dog day afternoon with these ideas for your invitations and
thank you cards:

  • Beware of dog stamps! Keep your eyes open and you'll find dog stamps. Involve
    the kids in stamping invitations, thank you cards with dog and dog bone rubber
    stamps. For the favor bags use the dog bone rubber stamp, pictured left. Tape
    over the words and you can use the stamp to craft invitations, thank you cards,
    dog collars and even decorations, like dog bone confetti for the tables.

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Hot Diggity Dog! Amanda is turning four!
  • Come, sit and stay for her birthday: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • (or you're in the dog house)
  • Pound: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Dog Catcher Cathy or Top Dog Bob at 867-5309

    * Variations:
  • It's Paw-ty time!
  • Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Jackie is turning two!
  • Get ready for a dog gone good time, Matt is turning nine.

  • Thank you card wording ideas:
  • Thanks for making it a Happy "Bone" Day for me on my birthday.
  • It was a "Yappy" Birthday! Thanks for coming to my party.
  • I had a dog gone good time with you at my party.
  • I'm in the dog house! Here is my belated thanks for coming to my party.

How to decorate for a puppy party

  • Have a howling good time. Make everyone a dog with dog ears and a dog tails.
    Turn Dad into a dog with a role reversal. The birthday child gets to prance
    around before serving cake by walking the alpha dog (Dad). And mom can sport
    the Pick of the Litter costume. Also from Family Fun, this idea is actually a
    Halloween costume. Another dog gone good idea from Family Fun is on pages
    60-61 of the Family Fun Parties book pictured right. There you'll get the designs
    on a cardboard dog house for kids.

  • Make use of fire hydrants in the party decoration plans. You'll find fire hydrant cups
    and more. See our firefighter party ideas for more fire hydrants and Dalmatian
    favor ideas.

  • Get the birthday kid excited about the party: paint a doggie dish, see picture,
    right. Once the masterpiece is completed you can use it to serve candy at the

  • Make your own signs: Make a "Beware of dog party" sign for the party entrance.
    Or try "Bad to the Dog Bone." If you can muster the courage, buy a fake dog
    poop and plop it near the sign for a good laugh.

  • Who let the dogs out? Sure, that's an easy tune to remember for the party, but
    get ready to load your iPod with Puppy party music guaranteed to have you
    howling for more, left.

Puppy Party favors
Wondering what to put in your doggie bags? Kids love favors and for a dog party
there are lots of options. You might also try giving the kids their favors in a plastic dog
dish wrapped in cellophane. Here are some other ideas.

  • Kooky Chews, pictured top, novelty cookies look convincingly like dog food and
    make terrific party favors all on their own.

  • Your dog party might include a craft, such as the doggie dish painting activity,
    left. Pair it with a small plush puppy you find at the dollar store.

  • Vending toys. Vending toys make perfect pinata stuffers. Get 14 mini puppies,
    pictured left, for just $3.49.

Dog Themed Birthday Parties - Party Games and Activities

  • Have a dog show: Ask guests to bring a dog plush toy to the party. Be sure to
    supply party goers with a puppy to borrow if they forget to bring one of their
    own. Create Dog Show signs and set up a grooming station. Supply a brush
    and some bows. Present each child with a "leash" for the puppy that you craft
    for the party. Then have kids "walk their dogs."  Or buy an invisible Dog Leash
    and have the kids prance around with their puppies. Buy a set of six for $34.96,
    right. For added effect, set up a veterinarian station with a doggie bed. More
    ideas: a bowl with some doggie food candy treats, or a dog house to decorate.

  • Set up some doggie crafts: The felt dog lacing activity, pictured left, is an activity
    and favor in one.

  • Puppy-opoly: A game perfect for the five- to eight-year-old set, players adopt
    puppies, this game gets high marks on Amazon, right. Activities in the game
    include barking the number of treats owed when landing on a space, high
    pawing other players, balancing treats on noses, etc.

  • More Puppy craft resources to make from scratch:

  • Puppy dog origami: Checkout this free puppy dog origami printable for your
    party. It's an easy project for kids to fold as an activity, or you can include
    them in the favor bag.

  • Doggie's bag: This inexpensive paper bag craft requires only wiggle eyes,
    pictured right, a bag, some pens and imagination. Insert a few trinkets
    and the kids create their own favor bag.

  • Yarn Puppies: They'll be begging for some yarn, glue, pipe cleaners, wiggle
    eyes and a foam ball to make more of these cute critters.

More resources for a puppy party
There are lots of ideas for kids parties with a dog theme:

Real Puppy Parties
Every dog has his day and here's how moms and dads celebrated with their kids:

  • One Charming Party: a party for dogs (not kids): This is real Dog's party, but you
    can borrow ideas for your child's party. Get free dog sayings cupcake toppers
    and see the pictures of a party that was for the dogs. While it's a party for dogs
    and the site takes a while to load, you'll want to "sit and stay" a bit. It's so dog-
    gone cute.

Hopefully we've inspired you to throw a dog themed birthday party with our fun ideas. Now
it's your turn. Tell us about your puppy party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter too.
Dog gone it, we love to party with kids!
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