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How to have a dolphin theme birthday party for kids

You'll have a whale of a time hosting a dolphin party for the kids. And they'll flip out
when they see all the FIN-tastic dolphin birthday party supplies you pulled together
whether or not it's a pool party. The "porpoise" of this party theme is to have fun!

  • Make an ocean of balloons: Get your underwater theme started by creating a sea
    of balloons in different shades of blue and green. Make a focal point of your
    dolphins swimming through hula hoops!

  • Make a huge impression: As a focal point for the party, get the birthday kid the
    huge dolphin, pictured right. It's nearly four feet long and ready for a picture
    perfect party. Have guests pose with the dolphin, then send the pictures with
    the thank you cards. Currently at $26.93, the Melissa & Doug Plush Stuffed
    Dolphin ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. It's a decoration and a toy!

  • Get cooking with our ocean blue party food ideas. Cool drinks get cooler when you
    mix just a hint of blue food coloring to water and pour into the dolphin ice cube
    tray, pictured right. If you're serving lemonade the blue waters turn green as
    the ice melts for a fun aquatic effect. See more dolphin themed party food ideas

  • Make it movie night with "Dolphin Tale": Get the kids their own plush dolphin toy,
    inexpensive by the dozen, then play the movie Dolphin Tale. Inspired by a true
    story, Dolphin Tale is about courage, ingenuity, and never giving up. Pictured at
    the bottom of the page, the DVD is under $7 and will serve as a treastured
    memory long after the party is over!

Setting the scene for a dolphin-tastic time:
Dolphin themed parties are best at the beach or pool, but you can create an ocean
theme at home too with just a splash of dolphin decor and accessories.

  • Make it a splash with inflatables! You can inflate the tun for your dolphin theme
    with inflatables. They'll create visual interest for the party as decor, plus they'll
    serve as party favors and entertainment. Check out these inflatable ideas:
  • Inflatable dolphin decorations: Blow up dolphin inflatables for the party. Left, the
    inflatable dolphins, will really help carry your theme when you hang float them
    around the party, and they double as party favors!
  • Inflatable dolphin game: Upper right, you'll find the dolphin inflatable ring game.
    It's just as much fun as a pool toss game as it is on the lawn.
  • Inflatable dolphin pool toy: Here's another idea we'll float by you: a dolphin pool
    toy! Right, the dolphin ride on inflatable will provide a fun accent for your pool
    party. It has handles and includes a repair kit. It's only around $9 and it's eligble
    for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. You've got to love Amazon
    for bringing you these dolphin theme items that are hard to find at your local
    stores at great prices to boot.

  • Dolphin mylar balloon. Mix dolphin balloons with blue latex balloons into
    bouquets, then create an ocean sea floor by taping balloons on the floor
    throughout the party. Just remember that latex balloons are choking hazards
    and you should avoid this decoration idea for parties that will have children in
    attendance that are three and under.  

Dolphin invitations and thank you cards
You'll have to create your own dolphin invitations for the party. Try giving the Realistic
Dolphins stickers booklet by Dover. They'd be ideal as a party favor, and as an
invitation you can include them in a small envelope with wording for your party:

  • Dolphin party invitations and wording ideas:
  • You're invited to a fin-tastic pool party
  • It's time to swim and dive, Jake is turning five!*
  • Show times: Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Dolphin cove: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Trainers at 867-5309

Dolphin themed food

  • Dolphin sugars, left are a sweet addition to your desserts.

  • A sweet idea for sand! Display your colorful dolphin cookies on a "sandy beach"
    made of sugar in the raw, which is brown and looks very much like sand. Craft
    sugar cookies using our Big Batch Sugar Cookie Recipe.

  • On the menu: dolphin safe tuna sandwiches? Sure, you could serve tuna
    sandwiches or fish sticks for a dolphin party, but only do it if chicken of the sea is
    king with the honoree. A party is supposed to be fun, so serve up the party
    foods she likes best whether it's pizza, burgers, or hot dogs. Serve up the
    birthday kid's favorite sandwich using the dolphin shaped sandwiches cutters,

  • Dolphin themed drink idea: Rim party drinks with lime and dip in blue sugar. Chill
    party drinks with a dash of blue food color to create swimming dolphin ice cubes.
    Choose a clear lemon lime soda and the blue ice cubes will leave a trail of color
    as the dolphins swim in the glass. Look for pretty blue striped straws and
    vintage-style swirled lollipops in pretty shades of blue.

  • Dolphin birthday cake: Borrow Wilton's dolphin birthday cake idea, left, and
    create dolphin cookies on a stick then have them float on an ocean of blue icing.
    Or use the dolphin lollipops, immediate left. Below you'll find more dolphin
    birthday cake ideas, including dolphin sugars to put on cupcakes and cookies,
    and mini dolphin sprinkles for cupcakes and ice cream. Want to bake your own
    dolphin cake? We've got the cake pan! Use it also to mold dolphin shaped
    gelatin with blue raspberry Jello. See more dolphin themed party foods below.

  • Dolphin cakes and cupcakes: Want to create dolphin cakes and party foods that
    will help them doing back flips? Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • Dolphin cupcake picks: Create a "dol-fun" food with party picks. Use them as
    decoration for  sandwiches.
  • Dolphin cake pan: The Dolphin pan, pictured left, is a rare find. Most dolphin
    cakes are only part of the underwater theme, as with the adorable Wilton cake,
    upper right.
  • Dolphin edible image cake topper: An easy cake option is the edible image, right.
    Just buy a sheet cake and lay the image on top. It melts into the frosting.
  • Dolphin cake sprinkles. Dolphin candy sprinkles will enhance cupcakes and cakes
    quickly and easily. Try the cupcake decorating package, left or the sprinkles

Dolphin fun and games:
Perform some tricks! Dolphin party games

  • Present kids at the party with a dolphin inflatable or dolphin plush toy, then
    print "adopt a dolphin" papers and have kids sign the papers.

  • Autograph Dolphin: Have all the kids sign and color the dolphin pillow, pictured
    above right, to provide the birthday kid with a special memory of the day.

  • Plunge into the realm of wild dolphins: Set your DVD to continual play with
    Dolphins, where you'll experience the warm, white sand banks of the Bahamas
    where the inquisitive dolphins live and play. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan with
    music by Sting this is a documentary.

  • Go buy the book: "Everything Dolphin: What Kids Really Want to Know about
    Dolphins," by Marti Crisp is an excellent reference and conversation piece for
    your party. Toss it around the party and have party goers interject fun facts
    they discover.

Dolphin party favors
Of all the dolphin birthday party supplies, the favors are the most fun! Below you'll find
an ocean of dolphin themed party favors:
  • dolphin themed necklaces in sand art and colorful bead varieties
  • dolphin inflatables and balloons
  • dolphin lollipops

Real Dolphin Parties
We'd love to see your dolphin birthday party invitations and birthday cake ideas.
dolphin theme birthday party    

Have some party inspiration to share? Tell us about your real dolphin birthday party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter and Pinterest.

With you can create a birthday memory for your child that can last a lifetime! Search our
Web site for other kids party ideas. See also
mermaid party, beach party.  shark party and surfer party.
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