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Doughnuts Party for kids
All the rage: doughnut parties!

You really can have a party with any crazy theme you choose: even a donut theme
party! Why not set up a donut shop at home for a donut party? Donuts are the new
cupcakes! They're fluffy, sweet, and decadent American treat. And think of the fun you
can have with inner tubes! You may as well make it a donut pool party.

We found a host of donut themed party supplies:

  • Donut favors? Yes, you name it! We found Donut themed favors including donut
    lip gloss, donut erasers, and donut balloons.

  • Donut police patches. The entire family can protect honor and serve the donuts!
    Affix the novelty iron on patches, left, to a T-shirt or backpack. Makes a great
    gag gift or party favor.

  • Donut games? There's a tasty twist on the familiar matching game:  kids place
    doughnuts frosting side down, mix them up and start searching for matching

Food for a Donut Party
Stack donuts in a pile for your party and use a cupcake picks atop the highest donut.

It's pizza for breakfast and doughnuts for dinner! Seriously, you're thinking about
what to serve at a donut party besides doughnuts? The answer is bagels of course!
You can also serve apples cut like doughnuts and frost them with peanut butter.

Decorations for a Donut Party

  • Hang real donuts from the ceiling with fishing wire. Taunt guests by hanging
    them just out of reach of nibbling them. Mix mini donuts with the larger variety.

  • Decorate foam craft wreaths to look like giant donuts.

  • Check out ETSY for donut themed items. We found handmade donut shaped
    crayons, which would make terrific favors for the younger set. Be careful though,
    because they look good enough to eat! We also found gorgeous felt donuts for
    playtime and an adorable donut ring, along with loads of donut party invitations.

Real Donut Parties
Hosting a donut party? We'd love to hear about it! Please share party ideas with us
on Twitter no matter how strange! We love kids parties and share quality links with
our friends (even if they're about donut parties).

  • Host a Donuts & Doilies party.  If you love donuts, then you'll love the Donuts &
    Doilies party kit, which includes templates for making the a sweet range of do it
    yourself printables to personalize. Print banners, favor containers, cupcake
    wraps, water bottle labels and more for a festive display of happy little donuts
    in pastel blue.

  • Real Donut Parties n Atlanta. Dean the Donut says he will "fill the holes in your
    party." Dressed in a pith helmet covered in donuts, Dean the Donut will dance
    and entertain the kiddos.  Make it a donut dance party with Dean the Donut.
    And be sure to download his free coloring pages.

Seriously, even if you don't decide to have a donut party, consider at least providing
your guests with a stack of doughnuts for any party. Doughnuts are the new cupcake!
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