Dragon party
Host a magical and marvelous medieval dragon party

Have you been dragon your feet to throw a special party for the kids? Then consider a
dragon party. This unusual birthday theme appeals mostly to the boys, but the girls
will have just as much fun exploring a dragon's lair, hunting dragon eggs, and
frolicking in a magical medieval fairy-tale fantasy. And a dragon party is ideal if your
child was born in the Year of the Dragon 2000!

A dragon party can have elements of King Arthur and Merlin's wizardry or not at all.
You can have a dragon party abandoning almost entirely the thought of knights and
damsels in distress, or princesses, unicorns and castles to emphasis the magical
beast. Of course, adding the fairly tale elements expands the possibilities.  Whatever
route you choose, here's how to tip the dragon scales in your favor for the best-ever
medieval dragon party for kids:

  • Make a dragon's lair: A dragon party requires evidence of a dragon and there's
    no better highlight to this party theme than creating a dragon's lair. Create a
    dragon's lair, or cave, for kids to explore by setting up a camping tent and
    draping it with bedsheets and linens in stone and natural colors.  To disguise
    the tent further, make a cave-like tunnel entrance with boxes and more sheets.
    You might just as easily create the entire dragon's cavern from linens chairs and
    tables. You may like to lead the exploration, so you can provide a guided tour
    and start the adventure with clues that eventually lead you to the lair. Here are
    more ideas to make your dragon's lair extra special:
  • Lead the adventure with a flashlight torch.
  • Load your MP3 with "Here Be Dragons," left, or other Celtic harp, strings
    and percussion type music so that it bellows softly in the cave.  Or try
    "Puff the magic dragon" to help set the dragon mood. Tell the kids that
    it's the dragon's favorite song.
  • Borrow Halloween props such as a skeleton with a sword at the entrance
    to give the effect of an unlucky knight or a plastic crown to show he may
    have swallowed a princess whole.
  • Make claw marks in the dirt to show "evidence" of a dragon.
  • Sprinkle red or green glitter inside the cave to represent dragon scales as
    further proof of the beast's existence.
  • Spray paint an old sheet black to leave dragon's breath scorch marks.
  • If you have a mister, use it to create an ominous effect and explain that
    this must help with fire balls that happen from all that fire breathing.
  • At the end of the adventure, you can lead the kids to a treasure chest
    held captive by the beast. Hiding a nest of dragon eggs for the kids to
    discover in the cave is another fun idea. Another tactic is to have kids
    huddle in the dragon's lair while other adults hide "dragon eggs"
    borrowed from Easter.
  • If you dare, get stink bombs and have someone set them off outside the
    cave somewhere near the end of the dragon adventure after you
    announce in fear that the dragon is approaching. Kids will scurry out, and
    eventually laugh. Then it's on to the dragon egg hunt!

  • Essential to the party activities is a Dragon dance! Borrowing loosely from the
    Chinese New Year traditions, have the birthday kid wear a dragon mask or hat
    to lead the parade while kids hold each other at the waist. Alternate so that
    every child has the opportunity to participate as the dragon head and the
    dragon tail.

  • Dragon staff party favors. If you have an artistic side, you can create a wizards
    staff or dragon ride like a hobby horse using a stick and your imagination.

Invitations for a dragon party

  • Provide a hint of dragon adventures to come with a sprinkling of glittering
    dragons scales in the envelope. A half teaspoon full of green or red glitter will
    do the trick.

  • Scorch the invitation. The little fireballs will love it if the invitations show evidence
    of dragon's breath. Carefully singe the invitations with a candle. Adults only
    please! A safe place to do this is over the kitchen sink.

Foods to serve at a dragon party
Think red and green when it comes to party foods for your hungry little dragon
slayers. You can add a bit of food coloring to devilled eggs to turn ordinary eggs into
dragon eggs. Here is more fun food ideas for the little fireballs:

  • Dragon's Blood punch.  Green Gatorade with a fancy name will transport their
    imagination, especially if you incorporate the effects of dry ice, which will make a
    memorable party effect. See our tips for dry ice. Green gelatin can also add to
    the fun, especially if you layer with Wilton's green cake sparkles, right, to give a
    dragon scale effect. Another fun way to serve drinks is to rim the glass with
    lemon or lime, then dip into some cocktail sugars. Kids love this special touch,
    and green Gatorade looks terrific with red cocktail sugars and will be the perfect
    elixir for a dragon party.

  • Dino-mite Dragon nuggets! Try Tyson's Dino Nuggets, which are Dinosaur-shaped
    chicken nuggets that will be believable as dragons and help send imaginations

  • Roast Leg of Beast! Put out a few turkey legs which will look like they came from
    an enormous beast, then serve the kids little legs of beasts (chicken
    drumsticks), which have a medieval flair.

If your little ones have a dragon -sized appetite, then be sure to feed them plenty of
flame broiled hamburgers!

Dragon party supplies
As dragon party supplies aren't easy to find, you'll need to rely on creativity and luck.
In short, you'll likely have to craft some of your own dragon favors and slip in some
dragon-like dinosaur party favors. Don't be "dragon" your feet on the party favors!

  • Dragon Dust, left, is a super cute and official party favor, but you might craft
    your own version using glitter for the dust, a satin drawstring pouch and a
    home made label.

  • Dabble in making dragon wings! Here's how to take flight with this idea. Start
    with about a yard of fabric for each child's wings. With a bit of creativity, a even
    a cape can become dragon wings if you fasten sleeves to the cape. Here are
    the complete instructions for Dragon wings.  

  • Prepare dragon adoptions. Find a fuzzy dragon bean bag toy or an inflatable
    dragon and enlist the kids in an adoption process. You'll find this is a party
    activity and a favor.

  • Dragon Party Activity: An essential party activity or decoration is the Cut &
    Assemble Paper Dragons That Fly (Models & Toys). Kids will love flying their own
    paper dragons.

More Resources for a Dragon Party

  • Knights, camera, action! Add a fairytale element to the birthday with more
    medieval fun. See our Knights Party ideas.

  • Looking for kids dragon cake ideas? Another fun dragon cake.
Drago pinata
Paper dragons would make a perfect Dragon Party Activity
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