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How to have an Egyptian theme birthday party for kids

Here's a party idea that mummy would approve: an Egyptian inspired birthday party!
As kids parties go, this party is an educational opportunity inspire wonder and
excitement about ancient Egypt. So go ahead and throw an Egyptian party, because
your little archaeologist will surely "dig" this idea.

The mystique of King Tut, the glamour of Cleopatra, and the elegance of Nefertiti is
yours with poetic license to incorporate the great pyramids, giant sphinx, ancient
mummies, scarabs, and love of cats. Who cares if there's a few thousand years in
between King Tut and Cleopatra?! Your little Egyptologist will enjoy your golden

Here's how to party like an ancient Egyptian:

  • Think mummy, think. Halloween is the perfect season to start thinking about
    your Egyptian party. You'll find mummy pretzel molds, skull cake and gelatin
    molds, mummy candies, and mummy decorations. Egyptian gummy mummy
    candies, above, are available year round, but they sell quickly. They make
    wonderful favors.

  • Dover Little Activity books: At the bottom of the page you'll find an array of
    Egyptian inspired mini books that make wonderful favors and will help provide
    party inspiration. At around $1.50 each, these are available in just about any
    quantity you need.
  1. Fun with Egyptian Symbols are stencils you can use on paper table mats
    or paint onto white sheets to hang.
  2. Fun with Egyptian Stencils will further help you create.
  3. Egyptian Tattoos will help you "decorate" the guests.
  4. Egyptian Activity Booklet is a favor that's around $1.35
  5. Egyptian Life Stickers book, right also makes an excellent favor
  6. King Tut Stickers book, above, has 44 varying sized stickers!

  • Whack like an Egyptian with an Egyptian inspired Pinata. Mummy certainly would
    approve of the Mummy pinata, above. It's around $10.99 and with low shipping
    too (around $2.99).

  • Transform guests into Egyptians. Involve party goers in your theme by helping
    them dress up Egyptian style:
  • Set up a makeup station or hire a face painter to give kids Egyptian eyes.
    A rather nice birthday gift is the Egyptian vanity mirror, pictured left. It will
    serve as a reminder of the party that she will surely treasure for years to
  • Wrap gold fabric wire into snake like upper arm bracelets.
  • Cut paper towel rolls into cuffs and spray paint them gold.
  • Create Egyptian collars for guests from heavy card stock spray painted
    and jeweled with sequins.
  • The birthday kid should have a special Egyptian costume. Right, the
    Egyptian costume for girls will inspire her to "Walk like an Egyptian."
    Below you'll find more Egyptian costume ideas.

How to decorate for an Egyptian Party
Make yours a "House of Anubis" filled with Egyptian intrigue. Here are some ideas to
get you started transforming your space Nile style:

  • Make it a golden opportunity. Ancient Egyptians coveted gold possibly even more
    than we do today, so make gold the mainstay of your Egyptian party. Drape
    gold lame material you find at the fabric store to create a special chair for the
    birthday kid. Or make an Egyptian style throne for the birthday kid by spray
    painting an old chair gold. Decorate with gold mylar balloons, displays of pottery
    tipped with candy coins or plastic pirate doubloons, and bake cupcakes in
    golden baking cups.
  • Immediate left, golden jeweled cups are fit for the queen.
  • A scarab laced golden necklace, also immediate left, for the party princess
    or to give as favors to each guest. Or use them on the buffet to display
    party desserts or appetizers.
  • Golden party plates or chargers enhance the mood.
  • See our golden party food ideas for more.

  • Draw like an Egyptian. Create an ancient atmosphere by stenciling hieroglyphics
    onto butcher block paper or hang white sheets with hieroglyphics. This is an
    inexpensive way to transform a space in Egyptian style. Consider decorating
    table cloths, invitations and more. Dover Egyptian stencils, at the bottom of the
    page, have a variety of symbols.

  • Invite palm trees into your home decor. Make a grand entrance with phoenix Palm
    trees, right, which you can use as home decor for years to come. These quality
    palms, pictured right, measure 6'H x 3'W and come in the rectangular plastic
    pots. For an evening party, string white lights.

  • Construct a pyramid. The cutout of the great pyramids, right, stands eight feet
    tall and comes folded with detachable easel for free standing viewing pleasure.
    Pair it with the palm trees for the ultimate Egyptian party decor.

  • Get boxed in! Make a Pyramid box centerpiece. See the full article on eHow. Or
    buy the book "Make your Own Pyramid," left. Provides information on creating a
    simple play pyramid from the cover and insides of the book, colour in and cut out
    the black and white figures and Egyptian items to complete the Pyramid scene.

  • Wave Palm fronds: Assign daddy to fan the kids with real or artificial palm fronds.
    Around Palm Sunday you'll find artificial palm fronds at the local Dollar Tree
    stores. Kids love fanning each other with these, Egyptian style. At your local
    party supply check the luau section for artificial palms too. Or ask your florist to
    supply you with real fronds for the party.

  • Add Egyptian relics: Your guests will marvel at the ancient artifacts you have
    unearthed for the party, including:

  • Egyptian statues: Set of four, above.
  • Egyptian cat. Egyptian cat figurine at the top of the page.
  • Egyptian eyes! The Egyptian Eye of Horus sculpture, immediate left, is
    around $11 and with free shipping.
  • Sphinx: Sphinx miniature at the bottom of the page.

  • More Egyptian party decoration ideas:
  • Fit for a Pharaoh:
  • Create an Oasis. An Egyptian Pool Party? Why not turn the pool into an
    oasis in the desert.
  • Buy golden plates

Egyptian Party favors
Trying to plan an Egyptian birthday party? Forget the Nile, go to Amazon! Here's how
to make the best goody bags with favors from ancient Egypt:

  • Golden candy:  Egyptians had massive amounts of gold and this is your golden
    opportunity to entertain the fantasy with gold candies.
  • Golden bricks: Above, you'll find golden bricks to stack in a pyramid.
  • Golden buttermints: Right, golden wrapped buttermints provide a coveted
    golden treat Kids love buttermints (and these are ideal for the pinata as
  • Golden nuggets. Wrap in cellophane the golden nugget chocolate rocks,
    lower left.

  • Egyptian Activity Book: The Egyptian Activity book, left, has 33 illustrated puzzles
    with mummies, gods and goddesses, kings and queens. Activities include
    completing crossword puzzles, finding the differences between two similar
    pictures, connecting dots, and more.

  • Egyptian silly bands, top, are a unique solution to finding themed favors. Find
    them at the top of the page.

  • Egyptian figurines: Egyptian plastic figurines are hard to find. Divvy up the
    Ancient Egyptian Toob, right, which includes replicas of Nefertiti, Bastet,
    Tutankhamen, Isis, amulet, mummy case, scarab, pyramids, sphinx, Thoth,
    Anubis and hieroglyphics.

  • Egyptian bookmarks on Papyrus. Give real papyrus bookmarks encased in thin
    plastic. Both educational and intricately designed, you'll love the wholesale lot of
    10 bookmarks, pictured left, because it's just $4. Slip them into favor bags,
    invitations or thank you cards.

  • Pyramid: Egyptian pyramids in amethyst, right, will be a coveted keepsake for
    years to come and certainly entertain your geologist. Have kids "excavate" their
    treasure in a roped off sand box along with other "treasures."

  • More Egyptian party favor ideas:
  • Mike and Ike Mummy Gummies, above right
  • Jelly Belly Pyramids, left
  • Dover activity booklets, at the bottom of the page.
  • Egyptian bookmarks, immediate left

Egyptian Party Invitations and Thank You Cards
If you're making your own invitations, consider adding the fun of hieroglyphics to the
envelopes, invitations and thank you cards. To give you an authentic Egyptian look,
get the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Fun with Hieroglyph book, left, which includes an
alphabet chart, 24 hieroglyphic stamps and ink pad. Use them to write messages,
create designs, and make cards.

  • Make your own Papyrus invitations: A sheet of real papyrus is expensive, but you
    can use tea to stain paper like papyrus, then use hieroglyphic stencils, right by
    dover to decorate your home made papyrus.

  • Egyptian foam stickers: Decorate envelopes and cards with Egyptian foam
    stickers, immediate left. Or use them for a craft activity. These foam stickers look
    terrific on a simple white craft box available at Michael's Art supply. You'll be
    hard pressed to find these stickers anywhere else. There are a variety of
    stickers of hieroglyphics, Sphinx heads, camels, pottery, scarabs and more.

  • Write your invitations in hieroglyphs: Find a Hieroglyph alphabet as a code and
    have guests decode a short message. Or write each guests name as a
    hieroglyph to give a personal touch to your invitation. Remember to write
    vertically, not horizontally in traditional hieroglyph style.

  • Wording ideas for an Egyptian Party:
  • The Pharaoh invites you to party at the Temple of Birthday to celebrate
    Alexandra's tenth birthday
  • Join us Saturday August 22 at 4:00 before the Pyramid closes
  • Temple: 123 main street
  • RSVP Alexandra's Mummy at 867-5309

  • Wording ideas for the thank you cards:
  • If late: I was "wrapped up" and almost forgot to thank you for coming to
    my party. (Affix a picture of mummy or of a picture taken from the party

Egyptian Party Food Ideas
When it comes to the food at your Egyptian party for kids, you don't need to be
authentic. Most kids simply won't be open to new ethnic foods, so instead give your
kids the flair of the Egyptian Nile with themed party foods shaped like a mummy, a
sphinx, or a pyramid. Here's how to prepare a feast fit for your little Pharaoh:

  • Yummy Mummies: Make yummy mummy cookies with sugar icing, or dip a Nutter
    butter in white or dark chocolate. Even easier, buy the gourmet Chocolate
    Nutter Butter cookies, right, found on Amazon.

  • Pyramid cakes: A pyramid cake is an easy choice for the party, but cutting the
    cake won't be so easy, so bake individual pyramid cakes.  Another option is to
    bake a gingerbread pyramid with treats inside. Be sure to decorate with palm
    trees and camels.

  • Mummified popcorn: Fill a sandwich bag with a snack mix of kettle corn, and
    sweet and savory treats such gummy worms and pretzel twists.  Secure the bag
    to a Popsicle stick with tape, wrap in gauze, draw eyes, and tie with a pretty
    curling ribbon. This is a fun treat to unwrap at the party, but it also makes a nice

  • Candy Kebabs: While the Kebab is a traditional Egyptian cuisine served with
    vegetables and rice, you can have fun with a kid friendly kebab made of candy.
    Skewer up marshmallows, cookies, gummy candies and more. Just be sure to
    keep kids safe with their kebabs as skewers are safe. Have them eat their
    candy kebabs seated or send this treat home with parents.  You can wrap them
    in cellophane and ribbon.

  • Flat breads: Crunchy flat breads paired with cheeses or hummus will appeal to
    kids, and the adults will certainly appreciate such appetizers.

Activities for an Egyptian party
Resist the temptation to make human pyramid where kids can get hurt. For this royal
jubilee, instead turn the kids into ancient scribes by providing them with hieroglyphic
stencils. Face painting and jewelry making are also sure to be part of  your day in
ancient Egypt. Here are more ways kids can spend the day with family and friends in
the land of Giza:

  • Walk like an Egyptian. You're probably already singing the tune in your head, so
    load your MP player with the '80s classic Bangles song, and from the '70s try
    Steve Martin's comical "King Tut" to get the party started.

  • Go buy the book! Lift The Lid On Mummies, right, will invite kids to open the
    mummy-shaped box to learn about real-life mummies and the people who study
    them. Included is a 10-inch plastic-model body, and four carved heads of gods
    to protect the Canopic jars where you'll store the plastic organs. Have kids find
    the hidden drawer of gauze wrappings, as well as a headdress, scarabs, and a
    cardboard cat to mummify. Kids can wrap the mummy from head to toe, place
    lucky amulets in the gauze, and bury it in the back yard as a group activity. It's
    loads of fun exploring the afterlife.

  • Go buy the kit!  Make it easy on yourself with the Exploring Ancient Egypt Fun Kit,
    right,  includes dozens of Egyptian activities at a king-sized value! For under
    $12  you get 45 stickers, tattoos, and stencils, plus a King Tut sticker paper doll
    collection, and two complete coloring books with crayons. There's even four
    stained glass coloring sheets, an Egyptian poster, three full-color Egyptian

  • Play games the Egyptian way: Play Egyptian inspired games, like tug-of-war, tag
    and leapfrog, or build a pyramid of cards. Senet is a traditional Egyptian board
    game, available left.

  • Make a mummy. Divide the kids in teams to wrap mummy in toilet paper. Assign
    five rolls of toilet paper to each team (Scott's brand works well), and enlist kids
    to use all the toilet paper to wrap one team member as a mummy. Kids will
    quickly have to work in teams to pick the mummy and wrap. Award prizes for the
    funniest looking mummy and the quickest to get mummified. Take pictures of the
    results for thank you cards.

  • Unveil a theme Birthday gift: Present a kitten to the birthday kid, as the Egyptian
    considered them sacred. Is the birthday kid more the dog type? The Anubis
    plush, right, makes a theme appropriate gift to help preserve memories of the

Egyptian Costumes
Wondering how to dress for an Egyptian party? Dress the birthday kid and family in
style. To get started, you'll need a headpiece, an Egyptian collar, and jewelry such as
cuffs, and a snake arm band.

  • Egyptian costume accessories: The Egyptian belt, wrist cuffs, mask, and collar are
    available separately. Embellished with golden lame' fabric and trim, plus black
    fabric insets and jewels, these pieces will help make the birthday kid feel special
    for his party.

  • Girls Golden Egyptian costume: Pictured right, the costume comes with a golden
    headpiece, an ornate golden and a white sheath with a golden belt.

Real Egyptian Parties
An Egyptian party takes planning beyond the ordinary, since the party supplies just
aren't readily available in the local party supply stores. But that's what makes hosting
this party theme so enjoyable. Get inspiration from others who've already planned a
great event:

  • Queen of the Nile Party. An Outrageous Kids Party episode for Season 2 featured
    an oasis of an Egyptian temple.  Ava's Queen of the Nile party  included snake
    charmers, belly dancers and even a real camel. For her grand entrance, little Ava
    was transported atop a platform by husky male servants. Click the T.V. Guide
    video above for all the details on this Cleopatra-inspired party.

  • Uncommon for Tutankhamen: A little preparation and you can send the kids to
    their tomb for an uncommon party activity. This King Tut party game will help
    make your party extra memorable.

  • Dig the Internet for more. This Egyptian party has an amazing Pyramid tent,
    Egyptian inspired table setting, and more.

  • Get wrapped in a great Web site: See the yummy mummy inspired treats and
    ideas at busy bee lifestyle that are great for Halloween or an Egyptian party.

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