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Elephant Party
How to throw a kids elephant party they'll never forget

An elephant never forgets, and your guests will always remember your elephant party.
Whether it's a baby shower, a
first birthday or a toddler party at the zoo, you're
invited to have fun with this party theme for kids.

Elephant party favors aren't easy to come by at your local party supply, like the
adorable inflatable elephant, left, which doubles as a decoration and favor. But with
just a few props, you're sure to have a party that's a memory when you create the
right atmosphere. Here's how to throw an elephant party that will cost you peanuts:

  • Add some character to your elephant party. Your elephant party theme can take
    the form of any number of famous elephant characters, like Dumbo, Horton,
    Babar King of the Elephants, Ella the Elephant, or Elmer the patchwork elephant.
    There's even the Saggy Baggy Elephant from the classic Golden Books. Read a
    book of your favorite elephant character at the party or learn a new one:
    Kidogo, a sweet tale of a little Elephant feeling quite small. Kidogo is sure he’s
    the tiniest creature on earth until he sees that he is just the right size for a little
    elephant. Have your DVD running on continual play of "Horton Hears a Who" or
    "Dumbo." This entertainment will add to your elephant theme and serve as

  • Color scheme for an elephant party. You don't have to be a Republican to throw
    an elephant party, but if you do, you can throw in the red white and blue. For
    girls, the obvious color scheme is pink and grey for the day. For a boys party,
    grey and white will be dynamite, and he won't mind a few touches of pink for
    the likes of strawberry ice cream or pink lemonade. For a circus elephant party,
    stick to the bright orange colors of a carnival.

Elephant Invitation Ideas
An easy elephant invitation, left, is simple and sweet. Just fill in the blanks. If you want
to create your own elephant birthday card, consider having fun with the wording:

  • Have you herd the news? Ella is turning five!
  • So pack your trunk for an elephant safari
  • The adventure begins Saturday September 25
  • You'll find a herd of elephants at: 123 Main Street
  • Please remember to RSVP Emily at 876-5309

What to serve at an elephant party
The obvious choice of what to serve at an elephant party, is peanuts in the shell, and
circus peanuts! Provided none of the party goers have food allergies, you can have fun
with a feast fit for an elephant to include peanut butter sandwiches, nutter butter or
peanut butter cookies, and candies, such as Reeces Pieces or Peanut Butter cups.
Here are more food ideas for the kids at your party:

  • Elephant cakes. Wilton's Elephant Trunk Cake is a sweet three-dimensional
    elephant cake thta's ideal for a first birthday because the trunk holds just one
    candle. Otherwise, choose the easy to use elephant cake pan, also by Wilton,

  • Elephant pops. Melt chocolate or candy melts to create a fun treat on a stick. Or
    us the elephant pops mold, left, to make suckers from melted hard candies. It's
    an easy and fun way to impress your guests.

  • Pink elephant treats. Serve pink lemonade and garnish drinks with pink elephant
    drink charms, left. You may also find the matching swizzle sticks to concoct a
    beverage for the adults. Remember, these drink charms are a choking hazard,
    so don't serve to children under three, but they are a fun addition to your party
    and you can use them in an elephant hunt game. The winner who finds the most
    pink elephants can receive a special prize, like a small pink elephant plush, or a
    pink elephant frosted cookie. If you're up for the challenge, try to have a pink
    elephant party.

Elephant party favors
If you're lucky enough to find elephant party supplies, grab them. Otherwise, you'll
have to start your hunt early and shop online or make elephant party favors yourself.

  • A simple solution to the party favor is an elephant mylar balloon. Tie a small
    peanut butter cookie or sweet in a cellophane bag as a balloon weight. The
    balloons will be well received by your guests and they will also decorate the
    party. Here are more elephant party favor ideas:

  • Elephant ears & headband. Decorate guests as an elephant, so they can play the
    role and help decorate your party with their antics. The affordable elephant
    headband and tail, left, by Making Believe will serve hours of creative play.

Activities for an elephant party

  • Elephant painting. Elephants love to paint and draw, and actually there is some
    amazing video of elephants painting on YouTube.  Round up the clip and watch
    with friends and family, then have the kids "paint like an elephant." You might
    otherwise provide a coloring page of an elephant having a party and have the
    young guests color them.

  • Hold a "white elephant" sale. Instead of having guest bring a gift for the birthday
    child, which can often be overwhelming for new parents, have guests exchange
    a small funny item for the family. The fun begins when

  • Play the Horton Hears a Who game: Read from the good Dr. Suess: "Horton Hears
    a Who." Then play the telephone game where kids start out with one sentence
    and pass along to the next until the last person  translates what was said and
    everyone giggles.

  • Pose with an elephant. The large plush elephant, left, will serve as a wonderful
    gift for the birthday boy or girl, and you can have your little guests pose with it
    for pictures. Then use the pictures for the thank you cards.

  • Have an African Safari adventure. Your backyard serves as a passport for
    adventure if you hold a safari hunt for small treasures. Include plastic elephants,
    peanut candies, and elephant stickers. You might also roll a coloring page of an
    elephant, tie it with a ribbon as a prize for guests to find, as elephant party
    supplies are in short supply.

  • Whack an elephant! Have a birthday party elephant hang around your party.
    Elephant pinatas do exist! The pinata, lower right, is the pull string variety, for
    the safety of your little guests.

Resources for an elephant party

  • Thinking of having a elephant party theme? Here are some of our online friends
    who've already had them:
  • Little Elephant baby shower. Don't keep the idea of an elephant party
    strictly for birthdays, as a baby shower an elephant party theme is ideal.
  • Elephant party a first birthday party in a sweet color scheme of yellow and
    gray. Now that's an elephant birthday you'll never forget!

Tell us about your elephant theme party and share party ideas with us on Twitter. Are you
planning an Elmer the Patchwork Elephant party. Write us! We love kids parties and share
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