Elmo Party
First birthday party idea for boys and girls

If you've decided on an Elmo party, then "Hooray for you!" As kids parties go, Elmo is a
classic party option for boys and girls, but your party doesn't have to look like it's from
the '70s. You can throw a stylish Elmo party to remember for years to come with these
updated party ideas to fit your Elmo theme:

  • We "red" your mind. If you want a very Elmo birthday, then be true to Elmo red in
    every detail of your party. Stick to a color palette and decorate your party with
    lots of red, including the food. Offer red licorice, red jelly beans, red gelatin, and
    Elmo red party drinks. It's not that you want to sugar up the kids, but these
    refreshments enhance the design of your party. It's a kids party after all, a day
    to splurge on treats.

  • Wiggle your eyes over here a minute. The edible eye candy decorations, left, have
    so many uses for your party. Affix these candy eyes with icing gel to Elmo red
    plates and cups for edible party fun. (Skip the plastic wiggle eyes you find at
    craft stores as these will be a choking hazard for little ones.)

  • "Orange" you glad we're sharing these tips? To symbolize Elmo's nose, get orange
    gum drops, also sometimes called spice drops!  And for craft time have plenty of
    orange pom-poms on hand. Decorating with bright tangerines and oranges is
    another healthy way to enhance your party. Place  tangerines in a tall glass
    vase as a base for flowers.

  • Elmo talent for "higher." Instead of hiring an Elmo puppeteer or actor, inflate the
    Elmo fun with a huge Elmo balloon for the party, pictured at the bottom of the
    page. A jumbo sized Elmo balloon, is a better solution than hiring an Elmo to
    dress in costume. Not only is finding Elmo talent difficult, but it's pricey and might
    even scare the kids way. Opt instead for the Jumbo Airwalker Elmo, which the
    kids will love to tag along. It comes flat so you can have your local dollar store,
    grocery store, or party supply fill it fresh with helium for the party.

How to dress your child for an Elmo party
Boys and girls love an Elmo party, which  makes this an ideal party solution for
multiples of different genders. Here are some ideas for boys and girls Elmo outfits that
are updated and stylish:

  • Three cheers for Elmo! Consider the Elmo cheerleader's outfit, left, for the
    birthday girl. After all, she's Elmo's biggest fan. You might even add elements of
    a cheerleader birthday. Buy red megaphones and affix Elmo stickers to them.
    Use big furry pom-poms and have fun cheering on Elmo for the party.

  • Tip for an Elmo Cheerleader party. Be sure to include fuzzy pom-poms in
    craft activities and decorations. Do it yourself Elmo pom-pom project: start
    with one large red pom-pom, one small orange pom-pom nose, two wiggle
    eyes, and a black felt smile. Presto! You've made an instant Elmo you can
    use to glue onto place cards or to identify favor bags.

  • Boutique Elmo Tutu: Look to ETSY.com for stylish handmade Elmo T-shirts for girls
    paired with frilly red tulle. You're sure to find just the right Elmo Tutu for you-you,
    and you may also find other Elmo party supplies on ETSY. We found a sweet
    Elmo wand, funny Elmo leggings, an Elmo gift bag and much more. You'll also find
    couture style designers on ETSY.com who will hand make for you sweet Elmo
    hair clips to accent the look.

  • An eensie weensy onsie Elmo bathing suit. If the birthday party is planned for the
    hot summer months, then have your party outdoors and dress the birthday girl
    in the sweet Elmo polka dot bathing suit, right.

  • "Two" cute for boys. The birthday boy will look terrific in the bright and happy
    Elmo shirt, right, which proudly displays his new age for the party. Paired with
    jeans, this will be a classic look long after the party's over. And while an adult
    size Elmo costume is likely too frightening for the little ones, your little guy will
    look terrific in a fuzzy Elmo costume, pictured lower right. You'll just want to hug
    your fuzzy red monster over and over again.

Elmo cake ideas
We're sure Elmo loves cupcakes as much as the cookie monster loves cookies. There
are so many ways decorate a birthday cake or cupcakes Elmo style, and we hope this
guide will help you create a sweet ending to your Elmo party:

  • Serve Elmo red velvet cake. Classic red velvet cake is all the rage at the cupcake
    boutiques. You can buy a boxed mix or have your favorite bakery supply you
    with red velvet cupcakes that you can easily decorate. See our Elmo cake and
    cupcake ideas.

  • Elmo cupcakes: All it takes is some red sugar crystals, candy cake eyes and an
    orange gum drop to get you going with your Elmo themed cupcakes. For Elmo's  
    mouth, flatten a licorice drop with a rolling pin and cut to shape.
  • Cupcake toppers.  The cupcake Elmo ring, pictured left, is the easiest
    solution for Elmo cupcakes. Kids love licking off the frosting. If you buy
    Sesame Street cupcake picks, you'll have to remove all the other
    characters to stick to a strictly Elmo theme.
  • Be sure to use Elmo cupcake baking cups.

  • Edible Elmo cake topper. The edible Elmo cake topper, pictured left, will amaze
    your friends. Unroll it and it will blend into your frosting. This edible cake art is
    actually a picture that's very easy to remove and place on the cake. You also
    have some flexibility to cut it to size.

Elmo party foods
Bright red foods will enhance your Elmo theme. Serve Elmo-nade (any bright red drink),
crisp red apples and bright oranges.

  • Use your noodle. Invite guests to feast on your favorite pasta dish and call it "Mr.
    Noodles." Spaghetti is an easy choice for a lunch as it's a meal easily shared by
    adults and kids.

  • Elmo pops. Bright cherry red lollipops provide a perfectly Elmo themed look. This
    is a kids party after all, so one special treat will likely be fine with parents;
    however, generally, you'll want to limit the candy for this age group in particular.
    Red candies add a festive touch. Or serve cherry popsicles.

  • Earth's Best Elmo products. You'll find Elmo shaped cookies, crackers and pasta in
    the baby food isle at your local grocery store or buy them online left if you can't
    find them. You can feel good about serving the kids Earth's Best Organic
    Crunchin Crackers. Look also for Earth's Best Elmo soup, Elmo fruit gummies and

Elmo party invitations

  • For easy Elmo invitations, visit ETSY.com store by the same name:
    easyinvitations. These custom and personalized Elmo party invitations are true
    to the Elmo red look. You'll also find matching address labels to make the job of
    mailing your  Elmo party invitations and thank you cards much easier. Declare
    your love for Elmo and enhance your invitation further with custom Elmo postage
    stamps from Zazzle.com.
  • Wording ideas for an Elmo party
  • Elmo loves you and wants to invite you to a party!
  • Come celebrate Dorothy's 3rd Birthday, Saturday, May 15
  • Join us at Elmo's World, located at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP

Elmo party decoration ideas
If you're going to be true to the Elmo theme, then your party must include Dorothy,
Elmo's pet goldfish. See our
Goldfish party ideas for this sweet toddler's party idea.
And set a pretend seat for Elmo's best friend "Zoe." Here are some other simple ways
to help you decorate an Elmo party.

  • Select a color theme. Obviously Elmo Red should be the mainstay of your party
    colors, but you should consider an accent color, such as soft baby blue, which
    looks terrific with red. Or, if you're not a purist to the Elmo theme, then consider
    adding a bright Cookie Monster blue. See other ideas by visiting our best of Elmo
    parties (these are real Elmo parties we've selected to inspire you).

  • Easy Elmo lamp. Transform a red paper lantern into a sweet decoration. Affix big
    circle eyes made from construction paper or felt to the lantern, along with a
    bright orange pom-pom nose, and a wide brimming smile made from black
    construction paper or felt.

Elmo party supplies
Elmo party supplies are relatively easy to find. The trick is to separate from the pack
the other Sesame Street characters. You'll make more of a statement if you stick with
red as focal point. Next year you can have a
Cookie Monster party or a Big Bird party.

  • Party tip: Your Elmo party will look more polished if you stick to a color scheme.
    For example, while the Elmo dessert party plates, pictured left are Elmo red with
    green, the Elmo lunch plates are Elmo red with blue. Don't get the whole set of
    Elmo party supplies. Instead, stick to a palette and pair plain red paper plates or
    lime ones to match the dessert plates. Then get the lime stickers and sippy cups
    to match. For a blue and red color scheme

Elmo party favors
Elmo likes party favors and what kid doesn't? Hooray! Here are some Elmo-approved
party favor ideas:
  • Tickle Me Elmo party gloves. Pictured top right, the kiddos will get a tickle out
    putting on these fuzzy three-fingered gloves. They're easy to put on. When the
    kids all have their gloves on, you can do the hokey pokey and dance with Elmo.
    Parents can stand in the circle and tickle their kids in the center. You'll find that
    just presenting the gloves to kids at the party is activity enough.
  • Stickers are always a hit with toddlers and you'll find several varieties available,
    including the booklet style Elmo stickers, by Dover, left.
  • Elmo sippy cups serve double duty at your party. Use Sharpie markers to ensure
    toddler's cups get back to their rightful owner after your party. The sippy cups
    pictured upper left, coordinate nicely with the rest of the Elmo color scheme if
    you choose lime green as the accent color.

Activities for an Elmo party
"P" is for party and when Elmo likes to party, he loves to play the piano and tap dance
Here are some other Elmo-approved party games:
  • Tickle me! Tickle me Elmo!
  • Whack the Elmo pinata!
  • Plan early for your Elmo party and shop for Elmo shaped candy containers at
    Easter, and have an Elmo goody hunt.

Elmo party favors
  • The Dover Elmo stickers booklet, left.

Real Elmo parties
Looking for inspiration to help you throw your own Elmo party? We've gathered up the
best of Elmo:

  • Couture Elmo party: This tu-tu cute party is brought to you by the number 2 and
    Couture Parties. Gerber daisies abound in this lucky little girl's Elmo party (click
    "kids parties" to view the photos). Vivid colors include hot pink, orange, yellow
    and of course Elmo red. And the birthday girl wears a couture style Elmo
    ensemble. Choose the bright and happy swirled lollipops below for this Elmo

  • Carnival Elmo party: Colin's swanky Elmo party mixes red with baby blue in a
    carnival style party complete with puffy blue cotton candy. Get ideas for a sweet
    color scheme for boys. See how you can easily make blue cotton candy at home
    and be sure to see our blue party foods. The cookie monster would be an ideal
    companion to coordinate the look of this party.

We aim to be your party planning guide for ideas on invitations, games, decorations
and menu for your kids parties. Tell us about your Elmo party and
share party ideas
with us on Twitter. We'd love to pass along your Elmo party ideas to others.
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