Eloise Party
Throw a "rawther" good party at the Plaza Hotel

If you are creative you can have a party on any theme you choose: even if it's an
Eloise Party! Yes, you can have a "rawther" good time making a party about the free-
spirited 6-year-old living in New York's Plaza Hotel. One caveat is that you'll also have
a "rawther" difficult time finding Eloise party supplies. Here are some ideas

  • Create your own Eloise costume: Search online and you won't find an Eloise
    costume, but you can do it yourself and here's how. Dress the birthday girl in a
    white Peter Pan collared blouse and a black pleated skirt. Right, school uniforms
    give that perfectly Eloise look. Add suspenders, long white socks, black patent
    Mary Janes and finish the signature look with a red ribbon for her hair. It's
    essentially a classic school girl uniform for private school's in the 1950s.

  • Set up your home into the Plaza Hotel. Mom can welcome guests behind the
    check in counter, and Dad be the porter to carry the birthday gifts to the
    birthday girl's room.

Invitations for an Eloise Party

Activities for An Eloise Party
This party is based on the children's classic by Kay Thompson: Eloise at the Plaza.  As
there may be girls who've not heard the story, make it part of your party to read the
book. A good option for your reading is just before cake time. Here are other activities
for the party:

  • Play the Eloise game: In this "rawther" expensive (though entertaining) game,
    players work together, looking for the party guests. The party begins with
    songs, jokes and games performed by players. It's also "rawther" difficult to
    find this game anywhere else. It's well worth the price for the highest of Eloise
    fans in the 5-8 range.

Eloise Party Foods

  • Host a candy buffet with a range of candy selections from the 1950s. Be sure to
    include the delightful classic swirled lollipops. Above, decadent red ribbons will
    give that perfectly Eloise look.

Eloise Party Decorations
  • Weenie the dog (in the movie the dog is not a Dachsund, so any little dog will
    do, though if you want to stay true to the book, you'll stick to a weenie dog.)
  • Skipperdee the turtle!

Real Eloise parties
Many moms and daughters who love the mischief making of Eloise have hosted real
parties. We know they had a "rawther" good time. And you can too. Spy some real
Eloise parties, then share with us your blog.

  • Eloise Throws a party! There's the book Eloise Throws a Party, left, by Kay
    Thompson, then there's a party fit for Eloise in the form of an Eloise tea party
    with Fushia instead of red. Perhaps next year she'll choose a Fancy Nancy party.

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