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Eyeball Party
Host a kids birthday or Halloween party featuring eyeballs!

If you're looking for an unusual kids party to host, then throw an Eyeball party. Eyeball
party supplies and favors are readily available at Halloween, making it an ideal choice
for an October birthday.

This is a party theme for your little joker. It's all eyes on the birthday kid for an eyeball
birthday party! Funny and unusual, an eyeball party is a festive October birthday
theme idea, and your party will certainly be one they'll never forget.  You can add this
entertaining element to a Pirate Party because a pirate is always missing an eye.
Whether it's Halloween or a birthday, the little optometrists will love an Eyeball Party!  
"Eye told you so!"

Here's how to have an eye opening experience for kids and adults alike:

  • "Eye" can't believe all the fun favors. There are lots of fun finds and inexpensive
    ideas for your diabolical eyeball party, including sticky eyeballs, eyeball balls and
    more.  Finding eyeball party favors will be a breeze if you shop online any time
    of the year, but even easier around Halloween. See more eyeball party favor
    ideas below.

  • "Eye, Eye" Mateys! Decorating for the eyeball party is easy. The kids can wear
    eye patches like a pirate to cover the eye they lost in battle. There are loads of
    eyeball balls, also pop-out eyeball glasses, eyeball candies, and even eyeball

  • Lots of food  "eye-deas": Sweet and savory treats for an eyeball party are super
    easy. Cake and "eyes-cream" anyone?  For a quick sweet, take an ordinary
    marshmallow and add a gummy ring, a chocolate chip and some red icing gel for
    an instant plate of fun. You'll also find Eyeball cake decorations abundant online.
    Deviled eggs make excellent eyeballs. Drinks are fun too! Line a glass with red
    icing gel, drop a candy eyeball into a green drink, like Gatorade.

Eyeball  Party Invitations
Okay, it's not like you'll find much in the way of eyeball party invitations. Oh wait! One
party invitation Web site we found will customize a postcard for you, upper left, but it's
$52! That will pop your eyeballs.

Here are some better ideas that are easier on your pocketbook:

  • Eye got you babe! We found an eye got you party invitation from Pear Tree
    invitations, right. These are personalized creations starting at $1.37 per card.
    You'll even find they have customizable stickers.

  • Do it yourself eyeball invitations: Print a photo invitation of the birthday kid, then
    affix two wiggly eyeballs to the picture where your child's eyes are. The look is
    super funny and you'll be proud to make it yourself.

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • "Eye" hope you will come to my birthday party
  • Join us for cake and Eyes-cream: Saturday, Feb. 13 at noon
  • Some where in EYE-rland: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Say "Eye-Eye" to Matty's Mommy at 867-5309

Eyeball party favors
Their eyes will pop when they see the goodies you've found for the favor bags:
  • Floating eyeballs, upper, left, are great for pranks in serving beverages at your
    party, and equally popular as a party favor.
  • Traditional candy gumballs, upper left or oozing cherry gumballs, right.
  • Candy eyeball sucker rings, left
  • Eyeball notepads with eyeball pencils, left
  • Popping eyeball sunglasses, left
  • Sticky Eyeballs, right.
  • Eyeball bandages, left.

Here's an idea for a do it yourself Eyeball party favor: Wrap a Tootsie Pop with a small
white square cloth (around 4 inches by 4 inches) and tie with a ribbon. Next, glue felt
circles (choose green, blue or hazel colored felt), then top that felt circle with a black
one. The finishing touch is using a red marker to make squiggles for the red blood
vessels. This is creepy fun the birthday kid can help you prepare.

Eyeball party foods
A traditional Halloween treat that's also perfect for an eyeball party is Frankenstein's
eyeballs: peeled grapes. They are fun to squish: dare kids to eat then! Here are more
gruesome, yet cute ideas for a creepy eyeball party:

  • Cake and eyescream! Whatever the birthday cake, be sure to

  • An eye popping treat: Bake big batch sugar cookies with our easy recipe. Use an
    ordinary glass to cut your shape. As the icing hardens drop a Choose a
    meringue-based icing in white, then pipe in blood vessels with red icing gel.

  • Try this easy recipe for Forked Eyeballs from Family Fun. It's an donut hole
    dunked in white chocolate, poked with a chocolate chip then drizzled with red
    icing. See also Family Fun's video for edible eyeballs.

Eyeball themed crafts and games
This is an unconventional party, so mix up the typical party activities with an eyeball
twist. Have a spoon race with eyeballs instead of eggs. Here are more eyeball themed
crafts and activities:

  • The Family Fun, the eyeball sunglass craft, left, are perfect for your eyeball
    party. Have the kids make this as a craft activity or create them as a do it
    yourself eyeball party favor.
  • Make an eyeball wreath with the birthday kid. This eerie eyeball wreath is from
    Country Living.

  • Hold an eyeball spoon relay race. Using a candy eyeball, have kids run down the
    lawn to a partner to exchange the eyeball on a spoon.
  • Have a face painter draw a third eye. It's easy enough to paint a third eye right
    between the real ones. Afterwards, have the kids pose for pictures. Use the
    pictures for the thank you cards.
  • The all seeing eye: Give each kid a folded dollar bill (or pair them in teams so
    everyone has a chance) and have the team locate the third eyeball (George
    Washington's eyeballs don't count). The first team to spot the eyeball each wins
    a bill!H int: It's above the pyramid.

Real Eyeball parties
Okay, the "eyes" have it! You've decided to throw an eyeball party for the kids. Here
are real eyeball parties:

  • Living with Eyeballs. Check out the Marshmallow eyeball treats in the dessert
    with the party queen at Living Locurto. You'll want to bookmark this site for kids
    party ideas.

Thinking of hosting an Eyeball birthday in October? Tell us about your real eyeball
party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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