Colorful Garden watering can
Garden Fairy Party
Host an enchanted fairy themed birthday in the garden

Spring is the perfect time to host a garden fairy party. As certain as Spring is the
elixir of love, you'll surely feel the power of wands being waved with a refreshing
garden fairy party. Flower fairies dawn flowing skirts, floral halos and imaginations
take flight in beautiful organza wings.

Pretty little pixies prancing and dancing around the pink peonies and posies, a fairy
garden party is an enchanting party idea indeed as adults will relish the moments
just as much as the elves themselves. If your party is on mossy green grasses, your
enchanted garden party wouldn't be complete without a few whimsical watering
cans, twinkling lights and artfully arranged fairy harbors.

But don't flutter your fairy wings with worry if you don't have a garden, because you
can host a memorable fairy garden party even in your living room. Start by creating a
fairy bower with a bed canopy. Then embellish it with tissue flowers and butterflies.
And create a cozy fairy ring of pretty cushions directly under and gather the girls for
glitter, games and fairy stories.

Put on some sparkly slippers and let your fairy wings fly with these fairy garden party

  • How does your garden grow? You may base your fairy garden party on the
    sweet drawings and stories of Cicely Mary Barker. And you can bring a fairy-
    dusted joy to your garden creating an enchanted garden with garden gnomes.
    Butterflies and fairies just seem to go together, as do dragonflies,and you can
    incorporate them into your fairy habitat, too.

  • Flutter with flower fairy wings. Since you don't want to look like Tinkerbell for a
    fairy garden party, you'll want custom fairy garden wings. Martha Stewart
    shows you how to make costume winged costumes with custom colors and
    pretty jewels.

  • Grow a fairy garden centerpiece. Get the party girl excited for her party and grow
    a centerpiece the Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit.  This magical miniature fairy land
    includes flower fairy Hannah;  resin fairy house; two resin toadstools;
    sparkling gems; glittery pixie dust; two tulle butterflies, a fabric flower bouquet
    glass opti-stones and purple gravel.

  • More ideas for a fairy garden party:
  • Load a petit-fours stand with tiny treats.
  • Wrap napkins in a flower napkin ring.

Garden Fairies party supplies

Garden fairy party Invitations
The pink Fairies birthday invitations, left are guaranteed to make your pixie princess
smile. With vintage charm, they feature a fairy boy and girl gathering food with the
animals in a toadstool forest. The canvas band encircling the invitations box is giclee-
printed on true canvas and makes a cute wristband for the party girl. You can make it
"fairy" easy on yourself and also order the matching thank you cards, right.

Going for the classic flower fairy look? The sweet and whimsical flower garden fairy
cards with matching patterned envelopes, left, will set the party theme in true Cicely
Mary Barker style.

  • It's a Fairy Special Party....
  • Join us Saturday, August 22 at noon for Michelle's Birthday
  • Knock on the fairy door at 123 Garden Terrace
  • RSVP: Fairy Godmother Tiffany at 867-5309

Fairy Decorations
The setting for a magical fairy fantasy land starts with twinkling lights and gauze
netting or tulle canopy where the kids can sit under. Make a fairy ring out of pillows.
Tulle is ideal for the table covering too. More ideas for a fairy party:
  • Sprinkle star confetti into balloons before blowing them up.
  • Bake star shaped cookies onto Popsicle sticks to create fairy wands

Fairy foods
Fairy paradise for the girls is a candy buffet of pink and white treats, including fluffy
marshmallows, pastel butter mints, pretty meringues, and Madeleine cookies dipped
in pink candy melts. And it goes without saying that it's not a fairy party without tea
sandwiches, dainty fairy cakes, and pixie punch. Here are some pixie pleasures to
consider for the party food:

  • Magic beans. Hide a magic bean in a cupcake (either in the frosting or one you
    bake into the cake or cupcake. The lucky pixie finds the bean gets a prize.
  • Toadstool marshmallows. Dab a bit of vanilla icing and press a coconut
    marshmallow atop an ordinary marshmallow. You'll find coconut marshmallows
    in the Kosher food section of your grocery store.
  • Serve both pink lemonade and traditional lemonade. Float strawberries and
    mint in the pitcher with ice for a polished pixie look.
  • Whip up a big batch of sugar cookies, cut a star shape with cookie cutters. and
    bake on a lollipops stick. Add a frilly bow and you've created an edible fairy
  • Pixie punch. Add edible glitter to your favorite punch.
  • Tea sandwiches. Stack cream cheese sandwiches in pretty shapes atop each
    other. Cut stars, hearts and flowers with cookie cutters. Select both white and
    wheat breads, and make sandwiches from thin layers of the birthday girls
    favorite meats or cheeses.
  • Display Pixie Stixs in an apothecary jar.

Fairy Games and Activities
You won't need much in terms of structured games and activities for the little fairies,
as they will find pixie pleasure in prancing and dancing about.

  • Pixie Parade: Play the follow the leader game in which the little fairies tap their
    magic wands, twirl and dance in ballet fashion around the room to soft music.
    This will delight the adoring spectators as much as the. Prepare the pixies by
    first adorning them with a glittery tiara, fairy headband, or fairy halo, right. And
    if your budget allows present them with their own "magical dancing shoes,"
    which are actually fairy shoe covers (one size fits all).

  • Fairy freeze dance: Set up a glittering disco ball and let the fairies flutter about
    in fairy fashion until the music stops. When everyone freezes, have an adult
    tickle them with ostrich plume feathers or a new feathery pink duster. You
    might even wrap a feathery boa to see if the children move. It's a game where
    everyone wins and everyone giggles.

  • Fairy pouches and potion making. Stir her imagination and summon enchanted
    creatures with aromatherapy and recipes for garden fairy fragrances and
  • Stash dried lavender mixed with vanilla,
  • Recite fairy poetry and cast spells with bubbles mixed with glitter

  • Fairy scavenger hunt: Send kids on a scavenger hunt to find one each of things
    you've placed in the garden (draw a picture of the item so this task doesn't
    require reading). Things to include:
  • feathers wedged in the branches
  • gumdrops hanging in tulle pouches
  • a tiny pillow from the tooth fairy
  • colorful polished rocks, or river rocks you paint with toadstools,
    butterflies, flowers and embellish with glitter and gems.
  • a fairy wand, of course

After the pixie parade, and a fairy scavenger hunt, the little sprites can gather into a
fairy ring for story telling under the bower.

Real Garden Fairies Parties

  • Kate's Garden Fairies party: has showcased a bright and
    happy garden fairies party using pink, orange and yellow wiht a hint of green
    as a color scheme. White cake plates give this party a very springtime look.

Now it's your turn to share your garden fairy party ideas. What garden fairies party
supplies did you choose? garden fairy party supplies,
Garden Fairy Tea set
Garden Fairy Birthday Cake
Garden Fairy invitations
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