Fairy Birthday Party
Host a fairy themed birthday for girls that's "fairy" special

She'll be floating on gossamer wings through the mystical world of fairyland with a
fairy themed birthday party. Follow the pixie dust and you can create a magical land
filled with toadstools, twinkling wands, fairy cakes, flowery tutus, and fairy halos.

Here's how to make her day "fairy" special indeed in a woodland wonderland:

  • Cast yourself a spell on Amazon. The recipe for the ultimate fairy party is the book
    "Fairy Parties: Recipes, Crafts, and Games for Enchanting Celebrations,"
    available on Amazon above. This book spills over with magical party themes,
    easy recipes, simple craft projects, and imaginative fairy games.

  • Focus on the fairy finery. Make the most of your budget by making some of your
    own party supplies. Twist some tinsel to make your own glittery fairy halos, or
    twine together some faux flowers and ribbons. You can also create matching
    star shaped wands. Then buy fairy wings online in bulk as those are much
    harder to craft yourself. See the fairy costumes at the bottom of the page.

  • Get twiggy with it. Construct a fairy house from twigs. Create a little fairy ladder
    from twigs you glue together. Set out a woodland tea party with acorn tops for
    plates and place mats made of leaves. Mix a few miniature sized doll furniture
    pieces to create a fairy picnic setting or set up a small tea party for the fairies.

  • Get woodsy with a woodland garland. Made from acorns and pine cones and bits
    of twigs onto hemp cord, this natural garland sets a wondrous woodland fairy.

  • Fairy party invitation and wording ideas: Affix your invitation to a star shaped
    wand you make yourself with a dowel, and some sequins, glitter, tinsel, ribbons
    or pipe cleaners.

  • It's a birthday for Lilly-Anne filled with pixie lore,
  • You're invited to a party through the fairy door.
  • On her fairy special day: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • The fairyland fun is at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Fairy Godmother Tiffany at 867-5309

Fairy Crafts and Activities

  • Razzle dazzle them with glittery perfect pixie dust! Apply face painting glitter or
    Pixie Dust makeup, right. For an added measure of sparkle, sprinkle Pixie Dust
    into hair and dust into clothing.

  • Fashion fairy rings and dreamy things. Buy ring blanks on Etsy and glue bits of
    felt, star shaped baubles, and charms. Or secure some vintage German
    mushroom floral wires on eBay to fashion quick finger rings. (Enter the eBay
    Search "Vintage German Mushroom" to find them). Incidentally, eBay is a great
    place to find fairy things and you can shop eBay and make money.

  • Make home made fairy dust. Mix a bit of glitter, a pinch of confetti and a sprinkling
    of fairy whispers makes easy fairy dust. Crystal snow works wonderfully for the
    glitter. Any star shaped confetti will do, but trapping fairy whispers is not so

Magic potions, fairy cakes and pixie pleasures:

  • Design a Fairy Special Cake. Make a metamorphosis of your butterfly pan by
    following Wilton's recipe for a pretty Pink Pixie cake, pictured left.

  • Serve a spot of tea. Serve cream soda from a teapot for an authentic tea look.
    Trader Joes offers a lemonade tea that kids actual enjoy drinking.

  • Petite is perfect for pixies. Cut petite tea sandwiches from butterfly cookie
    cutters, skewer up some watermelon with frilly toothpick skewers, and serve
    chocolate dipped strawberries dipped in confetti sprinkles.

  • Sweeten the deal. Pixie Stix candies are almost mandatory for a fairy party.
    These candy filled straws come in a variety of sizes. Just a few will do.

Fairy Nice Party Favors

  • Give the pixies some new peepers! Twinkling toadstools! What a beautiful display
    of colors and patterns you'll find inside the wooden Toadstool Kaleidescope
    favors, pictured right.

Fairy resources:

  • Need a cake for woodland fairy party? See these awesome toadstool cakes:

  • Princess Sharon shares a fabulous garden fairy party. Check out the fairy
    houses and fairy couture decor.

  • Make a ring of mushrooms to attract pixies. A fairy ring is an inviting space for
    pixies. You'll find a delightful array of fairy doors, fences, flowers, toadstools,
    tiny cottages and fantasy figurines as inspiration for a woodland fairy party by
    visiting the miniature garden accessories Web site.

  • Escape to a far away land and create fabulous fairy cookies. The fairy cookie
    kits, right, is a perfect party activity. Bake 12 delicious fairy cookies.

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