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How to get fancy with the fanciest Fancy Nancy party

You'll have a fanciful time planning an exquisitely fuchsia Fancy Nancy party. A Fancy
Nancy birthday is a fabulous way to throw a soirée (that's French for party). You can
also try a "Trés Chic" Fancy Nancy tea party. As kids parties go, this is the fanciest!

Your Fancy Nancy birthday bash is sure to be a silly frilly smash when you plan your
party with our suggested links, like the free Fancy Nancy activity kit, below, and by
watching the Martha Stewart  video featuring the author of this beloved book for girls.
Here are more ways to get fancy indeed:

  • Go buy the book. So your little "Fancy Nancy" fancies herself a tea party for her
    birthday? The "Fancy Nancy Tea Parties" book provides tips and inspiration for
    your Fancy Nancy tea party, including ensembles and etiquette, classic tea
    parties, buffet tea parties, tea parties alfresco, tea for two and doll tea parties.

  • Have a "Splendiferous" Soirée. Thanks to Amazon and Harper Collins Children's
    Books, you can download the Fancy Nancy activity kit. This nine-page PDF has
    everything you need to print free Fancy Nancy invitations, name cards,
    bookplates, and coloring pages, plus eight activities, including a matching game.

  • Peek a party! Watch the Martha Stewart Fancy Nancy party ideas video. Learn
    how to make a pretty flower cookie and fancy lemonade with edible flowers in
    the ice cubes. Learn how to make a pretty cake stand and favor bag sealed
    with a photo sticker. As a craft kids will learn how to make a posh pocketbook

Fancy Nancy Costumes
Does she have the glitz gene? Then it's time to get fancy with your little Fancy Nancy
and plan a Fancy Nancy birthday dress. In true Fancy Nancy fashion, you can match
her Fancy Nancy doll with a dress, right and a straw hat.

Fancy Party Decorations
Ooh la! Imagine the fun you'll have when you "accessorize" and "glamourize" your
party decor as only Fancy Nancy can do. All it takes is a few crowns, tiaras and boas
to get you started.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking fancy for the party:

  • Drape a fuzzy pink boa on every chair. While on the expensive side, it wouldn't
    be a Fancy Nancy party without this essential element. If your budget allows,
    add a fancy frilly hat.
  • Wrap a string of plastic pearls around fancy plastic champagne glasses. Plastic
    pearls are inexpensively purchased at the local party supply. Just don't give
    them to guests under three years old.
  • Buy a box of kids fancy dress up shoes and let the kids select a pair for the
  • Serve Parfait (or at least play the Fancy Nancy Parfait game, right. Parfait is the
    French word meaning "perfect" and it can be a perfectly wonderful addition to
    your  Fancy Nancy party. The kids will love anything with Cool whip and Jello.
    Not all kids will like the fruit. Offer a variation without fruit for the finicky little Fifi.
  • Read "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy" which is the latest of the Fancy Nancy
    books, left. This is the newest book!
  • Have a Fancy Nancy fashion show, and be sure to see our Runway Model party
    ideas for cute cake toppers and more.

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