Fathers Day freebies and ideas
Our favorite printables for Father's Day

Need quick help on some Father's Day fun with the kids? We gathered the best
Father's Day printables and quick ideas, so that you can make it seem like you
planned far ahead. Here are our favorite Father's Day freebies and ideas:

  • Does Dad like Fast food? Then here's a Fast Food Father's Day Printable that's
    fast and easy to print and assemble from our friends at Bakerella. This free
    printable will help you create the fast food burgers and fries box tray, pictured
    above left, features a "Happy Father's Day" French fry bag. Fill it with these fun

  • Faux fast food. The kids can make Dad some faux fast food with Play Doh!
    Your little small fry or hamburger helpers will love making this festive
    display for Dad and it won't cost a lot of Play-Doh!

  • Fill your tray with candy fish and chips! For a quick and easy novelty Dad
    may appreciate, deep fry a Mars bar to make the candy fish. To make the
    candy chips, buy ruffled style potato chips that are thick enough for
    dipping. You'll need a couple of dozen sturdy chips and about four
    ounces of melted chocolate. Dip the chips into melted chocolate, sprinkle
    with course salt, then allow to harden in the refrigerator for about half
    hour. It may not be healthy, but it will certainly be memorable.

  • More mock fast food. If you have more time, fill the French fry containers
    with edible mock fast food, like French fries made from frozen pound
    cake, or make a hamburger cupcake or cookie (see our Chef's Party

  • Butter him up! If he has a sweet tooth, then Dad will be peanut butter in your
    hands with this easy peanut butter cup cookies recipe, picture above, center.

  • Make Dad king for a day. Print the Father's Day King for a Day crown, right, from
    Family Fun and have the kids color it. The crown comes in three pieces, so your
    children can share in the coloring design. While it's a "crowning achievement"
    to cut and assemble, Dad will proudly reign at breakfast, lunch and dinner
    wearing this hat, and "hat's off"to Dad for sporting it!

  • Tell Dad he's the greatest. Give him the  "#1 Dad Award" or "World's Best Dad
    Award," left. They look so official that Dad will surely smile. Another quick idea
    that will "rock" his world: give him a special card made with a POP rocks
    packages. If you feel the need for more, make a gift basket, and include some
    soda Pop (Dad's Root Beer will do the trick). Mom can add the Big Hunk candy
    bar and Sugar Daddies.

  • Fudge it! Quick! You're making Dad some marshmallow fudge. He'll think you
    slaved for hours making a Father's Day treat. Head to the store and grab a bag
    of mini marshmallows (you'll need just a cup), a bag of chocolate chips (around
    12 ounces) and two 14-ounce cans of Sweetened Condensed milk. Back in the
    kitchen, heat the condensed milk so that it's warm enough to melt the
    chocolate chips. When the mixture has melted, stir in the marshmallows and
    pour on parchment paper. Refrigerate for a couple of hours, then cut into
    squares. This confection is sure to melt in Dad's mouth.

  • Give Dad a Father Know's Best Test: Send Dad back through time to his own
    childhood. Ask him: "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll
    center of a Tootsie Pop?" Dad will recall Mr. Owl, right, from the 1970s
    commercials. Award him a Tootsie Pops "Clean Licks" Award just  for trying. A
    free printable. If he's feeling nostalgic, soon he'll be singing: "Whatever it is I
    think I see, becomes a Tootsie Roll to me" if you give him the free ringtone.

More Father's Day Free Printables:
This page is all about Father's Day Freebies, Father's Day ideas and free printables
for Father's Day. Here are more of our favorites:

  • For Dad bucks stop here. Print Dad some bucks with Dad Bucks Free Printables
    from PrintYourParty.com. Give him Diaper Duty pass, movie night, Breakfast in
    bed, a free dog walk or you fill in the blank with whatever you want to give Dad
    for Father's Day.

  • Get your words worth: There are so many words to describe Dad so have fun
    with Dad with a word game. This free Father's Day word game printable is from
    PaperandPigtails party.com. It's part card, part game.

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Father's Day King's Crown Free printable
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