Firefighter helmet
Firefighter Party
How to have a fireman party for your little hero

Sound the alarms! Your little guy's birthday is around the corner and you haven't yet
started to plan the party. You can host a terrific fireman's party for your little hero in
no time. Here's the 4-1-1, so you can get started planning a red hot firefighter party:

  • Firefighter party supplies: We've gathered the best fireman theme party
    supplies, including invitations, party plates, and favors that ship from Amazon
    and their vendors. Shipment dates are accurate and speedy! It means you can
    save the day even if you haven't started shopping yet, because you won't find
    much at the local party supply stores.
  • Candy fire extinguishers
  • Fireman Goody bag, left

  • Kid friendly "flames." It's not a fireman birthday party without flames and you
    can get the idea of flames by creating pretend flames from scrunched up red
    and yellow cellophane and red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Display the
    playful faux flames in windows or in a galvanized bucket as a centerpiece.
    Here's an idea for extra fun: add a fog machine to create the effect of smoke.

  • Stay in the cone zone. Set up your fireman's birthday party zone with orange
    cones, left.  If you don't have access to orange cones, you can still create a
    fire zone by making use of yellow caution tape to surround the party area, and
    create your own "Fire Exit" signs on your computer.

  • Set up some inexpensive emergency flashing lights. The four-inch light, left, is
    around six dollars. Buy a few/. They're great for kids parties, (next year have a
    cop and robber theme), and you can also use them for emergencies later, so
    stash them in your car.

  • Stick to a red, yellow and orange theme:
  • Buy only red and yellow Play Dough, then pair the tubs with some rescue
    figurines and you have in instant activity station. Kids will soon discover that
    red mixed with yellow turns orange and they can create their own flames.

Decorations for a fireman theme party

  • Instant Firepole: Create a fire-pole decoration from an old hat and coat pole.
    Find a coat rack at the thrift shop, then paint it red or yellow or decorate it
    with streamers. Hang a fire hat at the top and a plush Dalmatian at the
    bottom, and tie a balloon bouquet.

  • Buy an inexpensive bull horn (if your ears can bear it), kids will have a burning
    desire to try it out. The compact Megaphone, left, is just nine inches, so it's
    perfect for little hands. A cheap plastic megaphone cone is fun, too, and you
    can buy them by the dozen online, see our cheerleader party page for
    megaphone and whistle favor ideas.

  • Call it a "fire" sale, but, the fire department flag, pictured right is just two
    bucks with our special link.

  • Make it a red hot party! Decorate with self standing cardboard flames, pictured
    right. You get six self standing flames in varying sizes ( 2 ea. 2’, 3’ and 4’

  • Give him an inferno of fun with a festive display of colors. Pair fire engine red
    plates with bright yellow utensils and napkins. A yellow table cover will provide
    the most vibrant contrast since most of your party supplies will be red. Add to
    the firefighter party theme with fire hydrants, fire hoses, buckets, ladders and
    dalmatians. They just don't stock the fun stuff at the local party supply stores,
    but you'll find a wide array of firefighter novelties online at Amazon.
    Surprisingly, even the small plastic firefighter figurines are hard to come by at
    the local stores, but you'll find them on Amazon:

Firefighter party supplies
It's an emergency! Your little rescuer is fired up for a firefighter birthday party, and
there aren't any firefighter party supplies at the local party supply. No worries most
items on this page ship within two days, so you can have everything you need for
your little fireman and friends at the party.

Firefighter birthday invitation and wording ideas:

  • Here are some wording ideas for a firefighter birthday:
  • It's a Five Alarm Birthday (Robert is turning five)!
  • Sound the sirens and report for duty...
  • Shift: Saturday, August 22, noon to 3:00 p.m.
  • Firehouse: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Fire Chief Cheryl (you know the drill: 867-5309)

  • Firetruck party invitations and thank you cards, right, are from Pickle Inc., and
    you'll find them only online.

Firefighter party food ideas
You don't have to serve kids a five-alarm chili, and instead of inviting the crew over
for hot dogs, why not serve up a pancake breakfast the way real firefighters do?
Kids love it and it will be easy on your budget. Prepare stacks ahead of time and
warm them in the oven. Here are more fun firefighter food ideas:

Party foods that are hot for a firefighter birthday party:
  • Serve chips and candies in upturned plastic fire hats.
  • Serve vanilla ice cream with a few red hots candies on top
  • Serve sandwiches, hamburgers or appetizers with firehat food picks

  • Firefighter cake ideas: Bake a sweet memory with Wilton's Firetruck cake pan,
    left. Here are some other cake ideas.

Unusual firefighter favor ideas
Give your little rescuer an inferno of fun with fireman party supplies. From fire
hydrants, fire hoses, buckets, ladders, and dalmatians, we have it all:
  • Quick Blast Fire extinguisher candy
  • Firefighter stickers
  • Fire hydrant squirters, right
  • Firefighter Rubber Ducks
  • Flash lights
  • Flame Kick Balls
  • Siren whistles, siren balloons
  • Younger kids probably won't go for the red hots candies, so stick to milder
    tastes or theme candies such as chocolate firetrucks, fiirehats, or ladders you
    mold with Wilton candy molds.
  • Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray, pictured left. You can purchase them by the
    dozen online.
  • Old fashioned swirled stick candies, because they look like fire poles!

Games and activities for a Firefighter party

  • Who needs a bounce house when you have an inflatable fire truck play center,
    pictured left? At around forty dollars, it's affordable fun that serves as a toy
    and decoration in one. Fill it with water or balls. It will inspire hours of
    imaginative fun inside on a rainy day too. Packs easily.

  • Spark their minds with fire safety lessons: Take the party as an opportunity to
    teach the kids about fire safety concepts, like "Stop, drop and roll." Visit your
    local fire department and explain you're having a party and that it's your goal
    to teach them about fire safety. See if they have any pointers. They may even
    surprise you with a visit or free stickers of the local heroes. And Sparky the fire
    dog can help with educational resources from the National Fire Prevention

  • Play water games. Firefighters must stay fit, and their job involves water, so
    create an obstacle course through the use of sprinklers and spray guns. If the
    party is at a park, be sure to make use of the slide pole. Spray the kids with
    water as they make zig zags around safety cones. Get out daddy's ladder, but
    place it where kids won't be tempted to climb. For example, lay it on the lawn
    flat and use it as part of an obstacle course game. Spray paint your ladder red
    or yellow.

  • Pass the hot potato. Wrap tiny firefighter gifts in red crepe paper (one for each
    child) and play hot potato passing the parcel in a circle. When the music stops
    the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap the gift and exit the game. The
    gifts get more exciting towards the end.

  • Play save the kitty: Place a plush kitty or beanie bag in a low hanging tree,
    with a step ladder close by, and allow kids to rescue the kitty. Mom, Auntie or
    Grandma can play the part of being the distressed pet owner. Dad, Uncle or
    Grandpa can assist the little firefighters in the rescue.

  • Have a rescue competition: Sound an alarm, then time your little firefighters to
    see how long it takes them to put on a costume, run across the yard to pick
    up a cat toy you prop in a tree, and return it to you.

Firefighter Novelties and Gifts
The ultimate gift for your little firefighter hero is a Dalmatian puppy. Of course not
every family has room in their lives for a firehouse dog, so if a Dalmatian is not in the
plans, then give thought to these firefighter novelties:

  • Give him his own fire rescue scooter. The scooter, pictured right, comes
    complete with lights and sounds.

  • Let him wear a realistic hat. Make him the commander in chief with the
    Matchbox Fire Commander Adventures Real Sounds Fire Helmet, pictured left.

Resources for a Firefighter party
If you have a big party, poke around online to see if you can impress your guests
with a visit from a real fireman. Perhaps they can give a quick lesson on fire safety.
Otherwsie, check out fire truck rentals in your area, for exampel:

Real Fireman parties
Your little rescuer is fired up for a fireman birthday party theme, and you really can
give him an inferno of fun with this classic party idea. We hope these ideas inspire
you further -- real kids parties created by party planners and moms who've already
hosted a fireman party:

  • This Firefighter Party had it all. Beverages included water as a "fire
    extinguisher," among other "flammable liquids. Red Vines were fire hoses.
    Petrified flames were crunchy cheese.

  • fireman party

Have an idea? We want to hear about your fireman birthday party ideas and connect
to your blog. What fire fighter party supplies and gifts for the birthday boy did you
pick? Show us your birthday cakes! Tell us about your real Fireman theme party for
kids and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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