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Fisherman's Party
Host a vintage-style fisherman's theme party for kids

He'll fall for this party idea hook, line and sinker! Think of all the fun you'll have
planning a kids party around fish. A  fisherman's party is indeed a-LURE-ing, isn't it?
Now that we've baited your interest, here is inspiration to get the party started:

  • Fishing Bobbers: Make sure to include the iconic red fishing bobber in your
    party decor. You'll find fun fisherman novelties, such as the salt and pepper
    shaker set, immediate left, as well as the bobber party lights lower right of the
    page. Here are more ways to incorporate the classic red and white fishing

  • Fishing Bobbers: Display real fishing bobbers in a white compote dish. They
    look like Christmas ornaments.

  • Bake "fishing bobber" cake pops: the shape of a fishing bobber naturally
    lends itself to the shape of a cake pop. With or without the stick,
    immediate left, you'll have fun creating these.

  • Fishing bobber petite fours: Donut holes dipped in candy melts provide an
    easy solution to the fishing bobber look. Another option is smush pound
    cake into tiny balls with just enough frosting to hold them together. Then
    dip those in white and red candy melts.

  • Fishing bobber cookies: Use our big batch sugar cookie recipe to create
    fishing bobber cookies iced in red and white merengue.

  • Vintage Stripes: Add a vintage charm to your party by sticking with a color
    scheme of red, bright blue and soft green stripes. You'll find vintage paper
    straws, pretty striped candies and more to help.
  • Toot Sweet Paper plates with matching napkins at the top of the page,
    keep to the color scheme and have the vintage charm of scalloped edges.
  • Left, cherry hard candy spheres carry the theme of fishing bobbers.
  • Add striped straws and swirly pops.
  • Square paper plates in bright blue contrast nicely with the round shapes
    of the red fishing bobbers.

  • Reel fun! Reel in the guests with clever party invitations.

  • Bass-O-Matic!
  • Affix the Happy Birthday Bass balloon at the top of the page to a real fishing
    bobber to anchor it at the doorway to greet guests.
  • Display the plush Bass, pictured left, as a cuddly decor at the presents table
  • Allow guests to feel the rubber bass, pictured right
  • Bass windsock

  • Trout no doubt!
  • Float the green trout mylar balloon, pictured right.
  • A fish-shaped cookie cutter can help you craft a cheese display, cut sandwiches
    and even create fish-shaped invitations for the party. Another artful display is to
    suspend paper fish with blue baker's twine from a home made fishing pole
    (wooden dowel).

More ideas for your Fisherman's party:

  • Games? Why go fish of course! The card game is ideal for older kids, and for the
    younger ones you can have kids fish for small prizes you hook on their fishing
    line, carnival style, behind a painted cardboard prop.

  • Fish tamborine provides a musical inspiration for the party. Leave it out as a
    conversation peice.

  • Fisherman's costume: Some day he'll head to the lake with Dad, but for now
    looking the part will do. The birthday boy will relish wearing the fisherman's
    costume, right, to the party.

Fisherman's Party Decorations:
  • Sprinkle colorful Swedish Fish like confetti on the tables.
  • Rainbow trout Mylar balloon, above.
  • Fish cupcake picks, above

Invitations for a Fisherman's Party
You'll want to lure in the guests with a cute invitation, and none is cuter than

Food for a Fisherman's Party
Fish sticks or tuna sandwiches could be on the  menu for a Fisherman's Party, but this
is a kids party afterall and you can have all the fanfare without serving real fish.

  • Tackle the candy! Display candy fish and gummy worms in a clear tackle box,
    pictured right. You'll find numerous uses after the party to organize your jewelry,
    craft supplies or hardware supplies.

  • Hook large Swedish fish on the rims of glasses for beverages. Slit the mouth of
    the fish with a knife and rim the glass.

  • Home made fish crackers made with a fish cookie cutter. Recipe included with the
    cookie cutter, pictured right.

Real Fisherman Parties
You've heard the expression that there are plenty of other fish in the sea? Well, this
totally applies to kids parties! Other people have successfully pulled off a kids
fisherman party and here's the cutest we found:

  • Visit Cute Party Ideas on Pinterest.

Tell us about your Fisherman's party and share party ideas with us on Twitter. Have
another birthday coming up? See our
big list of kids parties now.
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