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Flip Flop Party
How to have a beach party or pool party with a flip-flop theme

She'll flip over a flip flop party! Make your own Sandals resort at home with this
unusual party theme that's also a pedicure party, a beach party or a pool party. All it
takes is a few flip flops and a bit of fantasy for the fun to begin. Best of all, you'll find
what you need online, including flip flop favors, party plates, flip flop Piñatas and more.

Setting the scene
Put on a "slippah" and relax (or just take your shoes off). A flip flop party is on the low
key side. Have fun decorating and finding favors with a casual search online. Here's
how to ensure your party is not a flop:

  • Go in feet first. Look in the baby shower section of your local party supply for fun
    finds in baby feet. You may find baby feet suckers and candy, goodie bags with
    baby feet, cards and more. After all, this is a party all about feet, and that would
    include Tootsie rolls, too!

  • Give the little miss a match: Provide a basket of flip flops at the door of varying
    sizes for guests who forgot to bring their own. You might even secure
    contrasting flip flops with ribbon little miss matched style.

  • Hang ten! There are lots of ways to hang ten or more flip flops, including flip flop
    string lights, flip flop string decorations and more.

Flip flop invitation ideas:

  • Flip flop party invitation and wording ideas:
  • It's time to Flip, flop and splash at Nikki's Birthday Bash!*
  • Flip flop on over Saturday, August 22 at noon with your swim suit
  • Sandals Resort: 123 Mains Street
  • RSVP: Activities Director Hailey at 867-5309

    * Variation:
  • It's time for a hip-hop, flip-flop birthday!

  • Tickle them pink with this flip flop invitation idea! Decorate a pair of inexpensive flip
    flops for each guest with ribbons, gems, flowers and tiny charms. Pink is an ideal
    base color, and when you buy pink dimensional paint and rhinestones you can
    create the fun flip flops pictured, right, by Michaels or tie them up in pretty tulle.
    For the invitations, hand deliver one of the unique flip flops with the invitation
    tied to the thongs. Be clear on the invitation that you'll flip if they don't bring
    their flop to the party. The first activity at the party will be a treasure hunt will be
    to match the pair to wear.

Flip flopping fun sweets and party snacks

  • Treat them with Baby Feet! Here's a fun find: Wilton Baby Feet candies, intended
    for baby showers. Look also for Twinkle Pops. Available in blue and pink, Twinkle
    Pops suckers come with long bendable sticks.

  • They'll flip over the Nabisico Nutter Butters! Dress up NutterButter cookies with
    licorice laces and you have an easy cookie to serve for your flip flop party. For a
    fancier cookie treat, coat the cookies in Wilton candy melts and finish with icing
    and a candied flower. Get inspiration from Cookie Headquarters (or let them do
    the work for you).

Flip flop favors and novelties

  • Light up her world! They'll admire your attention to details when you present
    each child with a light up flip flop pendant necklace.

  • Make it tote-ally perfect! We're sure they'll all agree that the flip flop tote bag,
    pictured right, is a tote-ally awesome party favor. Stuff it with flip flop gummy
    candies, flip flop note pads, and other flip trinkets you find online:
Flip flop games and activities
You've probably already thought of having relay races using none other than a flip flop
to pass between teams. And then there's the Piñata. Maybe you've thought of using a
flip flop like a hot potato. Well, here's how to flip and flop into action with party games
and activities:

  • Make their tootsies twinkle! Give the girls spa treatment with pedicure primping
    fun. It's sure to be a toe-tally awesome party if you decorate tootsies with ideas
    garnered from the book Toe-riffic: a simple guide to creating healthy and
    beautiful feet. The book, pictured left, is filled with nail art ideas kids love. Be
    sure to see our spa party page, too.

  • Silly bubble swatting. Attach a flip flop to a stick, or buy the fun flip flop fly swats,
    pictured right. The kids will get a kick out of swatting bubbles with flip flops.

  • Get it in writing. Have the whole gang sign the Party Time Flip Flop autograph.

Flip Flop Resources:
Flip flop party wares are difficult to source. Here are our favorite pool party supplies
and decorations:

  • It seems only Birthday in a Box has the flip flop straws pictured lower right.
    These seem almost mandatory for the party.

  • Betty crocker has some ideas for a flip flop party! Check out the flip flop birthday
    cake guaranteed not to be flop!

  • Here's how to embellish flip flops to create a special favor or add a craft activity
    to your party theme. Simply tie pretty ribbons in knots using your party colors.
    You might also affix pretty gems with a glue gun to secure a pretty sparkle.

Real Flip Flop parties
Our aim is to supply you with fun ideas for a pool party to remember. Here are some  of
our favorite flip flop parties:

  • Flip flop pool party: It's peace love and flip flops with this flip flop party by the pool
    featured by catch my party. Check out the Nutter Butter flip flop cookies and
    groovy display of treats.

What are you planning with regards to your Flip Flop pool party supplies and
decorations?  Tell us about your real Flip Flop party and
share party ideas by visiting us
on Twitter.
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