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Football Party
Host a Football Birthday Party or Superbowl party for kids

Ready for game day? Your little "MVP" wants a football birthday and you can field a
terrific lineup of cookies, cake, crafts and more with a football party. It's all fun and
games from here. A football party is just the ticket for boys, and this party sure to
score a touchdown with daddy, but don't exclude the girls who will surely cheer on
the fun. And a "first down" football party makes a memorable first birthday. If  you're
planning a Superbowl party for kids, you'll surely have a ball planning the huddle.

Okay, then: game on! Whether it's a first birthday, a Superbowl party, or a birthday
bash, have a game plan with these simple ideas for entertaining kids:

  • Have a real tailgate party. Instead of having the party inside, huddle for some
    flag football at the local park, or watch a high school football team, and have a
    pre-game tailgate party. Even if your party is at home, start things off by
    serving appetizers outside the garage by tailgate.

  • Go the whole nine yards and bake cookies from scratch. You'll find cookie cutters
    in football, helmet, jerseys, pennant flag, and player shapes on Amazon and To make the Wilton football cookies, left, use your gingerbread
    cookie cutter. For pigskin colored cookies, try gingerbread or your favorite
    chocolate cookie recipe.

  • Go for the yardline with fabric. Make tablecloths or a runner from green fabric,
    electrical tape, and white felt numbers. See "score with Martha" for video
    instruction at the bottom of this page. At either end of the buffet table, set up
    goal posts with a table top football set. It's not a kids party without those!

  • Inflate the fun. Better than balloons, inflatable footballs are a must have for any
    football theme party. Kids can't resist tossing them around, and they're great
    for pep rallies too.  Toss them over an inflatable beverage goal post. They just
    don't stock this stuff at the local party supply place, so shop online now.

Stadium Snacks
First down, you've got to have the Gatorade on hand if it's a Superbowl party for kids.
(Choose gridiron green, of course.) But we didn't need to tell you that, did we? You
know the standard football fare, so let's huddle about the snacks to quench your
appetite for fun football themed foods:

  • Don't fumble serving fancy foods. Kids are happy with chips and dip. You can buy
    fancy serving trays, but an upturned football helmet is fun too. Have fun
    shaping cheese into footballs, too. And don't worry if people think you're
    crackers: go ahead and serve this cheesy football appetizer.

  • Chocolate covered almonds. Chocolate covered almonds look like mini footballs,
    and they are a healthy snack option for kids five and over. Ask parents about
    nut allergies, don't serve nuts at all to kids under five years old, and if you have
    toddlers around, keep nuts out of reach. Give almonds the pigskin touch with
    Wilton's white icing gel, right, to pipe some white laces.

  • Score with Football brownies: No respectable football party for kids would be
    without brownies. Bake football-shaped brownie bites and melt white chocolate
    for laces. (Easier yet, dab on some white decorating gel. Wilton's is easy to
    use. Make it even easier on yourself: look for Little Debbie Football Brownies,
    right, September through January.

  • Garnish dips with an edible football pennant. Great for the bean dip, you make
    pennants from a pretzel stick and a fruit roll. Just cut a fruit roll in a triangular
    shape, then roll it like a flag on the pretzel stick. Roll-ups adhere nicely for a
    festive football touch.

  • Pigskins: Football shaped potato skins with plenty of bacon topping (along with
    the cheese). Use scallions for the football laces or pipe in your sour cream.

  • Football devilled eggs: Football themed foods are easy when you think of natural
    football shapes, like eggs. To add a football theme to the party, use scallions
    for the football laces.

Half-time meals (football food with fan fare)
Making football shaped hamburger patties is easy, but the football shaped bun: not
so easy. Stick to what you know. If you're good with dough, then go ahead and make
those hamburger buns, or a hero sandwich. We have some easier ideas:

  • Make football shaped pizzas. Re-shape a take and bake pizza. If you're lucky
    enough to live in Austin, Texas, you can pick up a football shaped pizza. Don't
    live in Austin? Mangia Pizza will ship their football shaped pizza anywhere in
    the continental United States. It's buried with beef and sausage to give the
    ultimate pigskin appearance.

  • Get corny! Kids love cornbread and chili and it's easy to prepare in advance.
    Spear your favorite cornbread recipe with football cupcake picks, left. They work
    well for appetizers and cupcakes, too. Corn on the cob is a healthy appetizer
    for kids and made theme appropriate with the corn on the cob holders, right.
    And for the chili, see the game day crock pot, right.

Wilton Football cakes

Football party invitations
A Superbowl party for kids doesn't require a formal invitation, but it makes the event
super fun. Kids love to look at the invitation in anticipate of game day.

  • Invitations and party wording ideas for a birthday:

  • You're invited to "Kick off" Michael's 5th birthday:
  • We need a team player!
  • Tryouts are Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Bleachers: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Be a sport and call Referee Karen at 867-5309.

  • Invitations and party wording ideas for a Superbowl party:

  • Join Michael for a super-duper bowl!
  • Game day: Sunday, August 23 at noon
  • Stadium Seats: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Head Coach Karen at 867-5309.

  • Invitation inspiration:
  • A boxed set. The Oriental Trading Company football invitation comes in a
    mailable "stadium" box and includes an inflatable football. You'll get a
    dozen invitations at a reduced price. Plus, you'll get cash back at Oriental
    Trading if you first register for the cash back program.

More Scene Setters for a Football Party:

  • Place a terrible towel in the bathroom. You don't have to be a Steelers fan to
    appreciate the familiar yellow "Terrible Towel" as a bathroom prank.

  • Decorate the birthday kid's bedroom. What a surprise you could pull off if while
    he's in school or on a play date that you redecorate his room and have it ready
    for the party. Here are some simple decoration ideas for his bedroom.

Football party games and activities
If it's a birthday party for your child then you'll likely have a more structured activities,
such as a pinata pull, but for kids at a Superbowl party it's all about keeping them
entertained so you can get on with checking out the score and half time events. Just
float some balloons, provide some grub they can grab, and set up a few football
activity stations.:

  • Play "no football" in the house. Kids know not to play ball in the house, but do
    they know not to say "football" in the house? Find out. As kids arrive give
    everyone a couple of football stickers to wear. The goal of the game is to catch
    kids who use the word "football." When someone inevitably says the word, the
    first player to catch it gets to steal a sticker from the "offender" until at the end
    of the party the kid with the most stickers wins a prize.

  • Make some noise! Set out a variety of noisemakers, such as football themed
    clappers and whistles (personalize whistles with a Sharpie). Kids will make use
    of this activity throughout your event, particularly if it's a Superbowl party.

  • Have a ball on the wall. Play Wall Football: a twist on the familiar pin-the-tail
    game where the goal post is transferred to the wall. Players take a few rounds
    aiming for a field goal, and the sum of the highest score wins.

  • Pigskin playoffs: Our draft pick for a football party game is a familiar treasure
    hunt with a twist. Start the game with a huddle. Then yell "Hike" when players
    will move about the field. For your hunt look for mini football containers, or
    transform Easter eggs into mini footballs by painting them with brown and
    white acrylic paints. The twist is that you'll stash some cash (one with a quarter
    and a buck = quarterback) along with the candy and prizes. The kids with the
    cash is named "most valuable player" and receives a special prize in addition to
    the loot, such as a football piggy bank or trophy.

Football favors

  • Wristbands. It may seem rather ordinary, but kids absolutely love wearing
    these sweat bands for the wrist! Select your favorite NFL wristband on Amazon.

  • Football mints. Kids can't resist this classic confection. Stock up online as they
    just won't have them at your local store, come game day. Stuff these party
    sweets into stadium cups as favors, fill the pinata and sprinkle them like
  • Football candy centerpiece. The sweet bouquet of football candy, pictured left, is
    a centerpiece and keepsake bowl and can double as your favors or prizes.
    Includes free shipping on Amazon.

  • Football Guys: Action figure shave come a long way since the classic green Army
    guys. Stuff them in the pinata, too. Rubber duckies come dressed as football
    guys too.

Resources for a Football Party

  • See our favorite football finds to search gifts for the birthday boy.

  • See also our Cheerleading party, which is packed with football ideas.

  • Score with Martha Stewart. Make a game day table runner from green craft
    paper, white tape and felt numbers, and craft mini pigskin coasters using the
    template provided and inexpensive artificial leather.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your football party. We'd love to share a link or your ideas
on Twitter.
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