Friendship party
A party for your daughter and her little BFFs

Friendship bracelets, pillow fights, glow sticks, ghost stories and giggles with best
friends: a friendship party is the ultimate
slumber party idea for girls. While it's a party
that caters to girls, it doesn't have to be a sleep-over party. With so much fun, who
needs to sleep? You can have a mock sleep-over where the girls wear their pajamas
and bring their sleeping bags, but don't actually spend the night (as not all the girls
will be eligible for a slumber party). Or you can have a traditional birthday party with
games and activities just for friends, or plan a special Friendship Day play date.

Whatever you choose, here's how to pack the party with fun for Best Friends Forever:

  • Give each buddy a funny nickname. In advance of the party lay out some name
    ideas, such as Cookie, Cupcake, Buttons, Twinkle Toes, Giggles or Glitter Girl.
    While you provide the suggestions, have the girls pick their own new names to
    avoid any hard feelings. Another fun idea is to switch names for the day. Have
    girls look to the friend to the left to get their new name. Everyone will be party
    pals in no time.

  • Spy a sleep-over party. Best friends deserve the best ever sleep-over and your
    daughter will love watching the "Best Ever Sleepover!" DVD, left, especially if
    she's never been to a sleep over party. Learn how to plan the perfect party by
    watching the antics of five girls who know how to party.

  • Get Mad! Girls just wanna have Mad Libs! The sleep over version, left, is
    guaranteed giggles. The Sleepover Madness Kit, right, is a party pack that
    includies a "Keep Out!" sign, charade cards, palm-reading chart, truth or dare
    spinner, fingernail stickers and more. It's a short book full of party ideas,
    games, and even ghost stories.

More ways to have fun with a friendship party
Anyone who has ever read a "Stone Soup" story knows that when the community
creates a meal together they become enlightened about the happiness that comes
from giving and sharing. The same is true of friends. Here are some fun ideas to
incorporate friendship into the party foods and snacks:

  • Make friend-wiches: invite everyone to build a friendship sub sandwich. If it's not
    a birthday party, you can invite guests to bring a sandwich topping. Otherwise,
    ask everyone's favorite meats, cheeses or veggies in advance of the party and
    ensure you incorporate all the ingredients. For a large group of friends, you can
    specially order bread, or cut off the ends. The sandwich looks terrific on a plank
    of wood you wrap with foil, and the girls will have fun breaking bread together.

  • Friendship snack: Mix five chatty girls, some snacks, one cup of laughter and
    friendship (the key ingredient) and you've got a snack pack! A fun way to pack a
    snack for the party pals is this: set out bowls of sweet and savory snacks along
    with some scoops, and gather the girls. Then tell them a story that goes
    something like this: "I think you're terrific, so here's the scoop: we're going to
    make a snack. Pay attention to the ingredients: Kendra and I share the same
    favorite movies, so here's the Kettle Corn. Briana and I are nuts about the
    same boy so here are some peanuts. Tiff, you're so corny, you always crack me
    up, so here is a scoop of candy corn. Morgan, these M&Ms are for you! And
    since I'm making the yummies, I'm putting in these gummies!" Make a large
    portion so the girls can snack and take some home. Another way to make a
    friendship snack is to have everyone bring a sweet or salty treat to munch, then
    mix and divvy up without the fanfare.

  • Cookie friendship exchange:  Our  big batch cookie recipe works well for birthday
    parties (as you shouldn't ask guests to bring food for a birthday party). Instead
    of using cookie cutters, girls can stencil their hands with a knife to decorate
    large cookies. Have the girls cut and decorate their own cookies with gel pens,
    icing and sprinkles. If it's not a birthday party, have the girls bring a batch of
    home made cookies to exchange. As the host, you can provide cookie tins for
    the girls to take home their cookie swag.

  • Bonbon appetite! It's a time to bon-bon with friends. The French word "bon,"  
    means “good. A bonbon can symbolize good friends, so any confection will do:
    perhaps the girls can make fudge together or make candies.

Best Friend Activities
Looking for friendship games for children? Friendship day is . Here are some friendship
day activities,

  • Bead-dazzle them: Making friendship bracelets is a must do activity or favor idea
    for a friendship party. The Friendship Wheel, right, by Alex Toys, makes it super
    easy to create traditional friendship bracelets. Or set out jewelry making
    equipment. Candy bracelets are another fun option. Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever
    Bracelet Making Kit

  • Make a T-shirt tie-dye for! The girls will love to take home a shirt that they
    designed together. The Tie Dye kit, right is enough to make 15 T-shirts (you
    supply the shirts).

  • Form a friendship circle: For this game, you'll need a hula hoop. Kids hold hands
    in a circle (this is the chain of friends). The hula hoop rests between the arms of
    two girls. The girl to the right begins to maneveur her way through the hula
    hoop without breaking the chain and on to the next girl until the hula hoop
    completes the circle of friends. Getting through the hula hoop may require help
    from the team in terms of encouragement and ideas. No one can break the
    chain, but two girls can help if they do so still holding hands. This works great
    for younger kids. For older kids, try the same game, only blindfold them!

  • Frame them. Buy tiny elaborate wooden frames in silver and gold (Michael's has
    a nice selection). Have each friend draw a self portrait, then group the collection
    for the birthday kid or allow each guest to take home their mini masterpiece.

  • More fun activities to do with friends:
  • Swap meet. Girls can bag some clothes and accessories they no longer
    wear and bring it the party for a clothes swap. An adult can assign prices
    to the items and divvy up Monopoly money. The girls can then have at it
    with a "shopping spree." Donate whatever is leftover.
  • Music mix. Have kids bring their favorite CD, then boogie to the upbeat
    music. Each girl can create a dance move and the whole gang can dance
    to the routine

When it comes to a friendship party, the old Girl Scout saying rings true: "Make new
friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!" Do just that with a
friendship party!

Resources for a friendship party

  • Get cooking on party ideas. See our chef's party ideas for candy kebab ideas and
    chef's hats. Have an ice cream social. Pamper pals from head to toe with a spa
    party. A happy face is another symbol of friendship, so why not get happy by
    adding a smiley face theme to your party.

  • Test your friendship! Quiz the friends with the "Would you rather" game, left, the
    book that explores 300 fascinating questions to ask your friends. Take some
    quick quizzes with "Chocolate or Vanilla", right. There's also the friendship quiz,
    a free printable from Family Fun. While you're visiting the Family Fun site, try
    also the easy to make friendship rings, from craft foam, glue on jewels and pipe

  • Learn about National Friendship day. When is National Friendship Day? The world
    first took note of Friendship Day when Congress apparently announced National
    Friendship day in 1935. This, according to But while the
    United States hasn't since done much with the holiday, India has taken quite
    fondly to the tradition of Friendship Day, which is on the first Sunday of August.
    So if the celebrant's birthday is in August, all the better!

A final note about slumber parties:  when planning sleepovers, check in advance as
you may encounter some parental resistance. You won't want to have anyone feel left
out. Having mom hand delivering invitations may help, but you can always divide the
party into two equal parts where some guests may stay longer and spend the night
and others checkout early.

Real Friendship parties
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Friendship Party
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Friendship party
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