Frog Birthday
Host a hopping good frog theme birthday party for kids

Leaping leapfrogs! If you're planning a frog birthday, then hop to it, because faster
than a dart frog, the big day will be here. Our goal is to help you make this birthday an
un-frog-getable party with inspiration for extra froggy themed cakes, food, favors and
fun. Want a frog-themed birthday that's super fly? Here's our party guide:

  • Turn your pad green and blue. Go to extremes with extra measures of Kelly green
    in the party space. To make this "frog green" explode with color, pair it with
    bright and happy blue for the decor and food. For example, a bright blue
    tablecloth will make your frog plates jump from the table. Blue frosting for the
    birthday cake will help highlight frog cake toppers.

  • Earn your party stripes. Pair swirled green suckers, top center, with striped
    green party straws, immediate left. Serve up "pond scum" drinks (any drink
    that's green apple colored) into recycled Starbucks Frappuccino glasses. It's just
    the right size for kids and looks like vintage soda pop or milk glass bottles. Your
    guests will be amazed with your creativity!

  • Feed the frog storage idea: Set out the frog storage basket, immediate right, to
    collect presents from party goers. Or use it to toss bean bags for a frog party
    game. When the party is over, teach your child to feed the frog dirty clothes or
    toys to keep his room clean.

How to decorate for a frog birthday
For this party theme, think lily pads, green party foods,  Here's how to have a hopping
good frog theme party for kids:

  • Pond-er this one: you can easily make lily pad place mats, coasters, or other
    decorative elements from construction paper in three easy steps:
  1. Roughly cut a circle from a green sheet of paper that's a bit oval in shape.
  2. Then snip a triangle towards the center like a slice of a pizza or pie.
  3. Next, cut a daisy like flower from white paper, prop up the petals and affix
    it to the side.

  • Lily pad plates: Perhaps this party idea will inspire a collection of frog themed
    items. See the lily pad cake plates and appetizer dish sets, lower right, to
    enhance your party food, and preserve the memories of your party for years to

  • Inflate the fun with frog inflatables: Your party is guaranteed to be un-frog-
    ettable when you incorporate inflatable frogs into your party. Right, you'll find a
    super sweet inflatable frog. Rest them on paper lilypads you make from green
    construction paper (prop them with tape).  Or just float them about the party.
    They serve as decoration for the party and double as party favors.

  • Hop into water! Consider making this a froggy pool party. If you don't have a
    pool, the little tadpoles will certainly enjoy leap frogging between the sprinklers
    and a wading pool. The Banzai Frog Spray Pool, right, is a popular option.  A
    frog birthday party is an absolutely "frogstastic" idea as a pool party for kids
    who are a tad older. For a froggie pool party, play Flip the Frog, details below in
    party game ideas.

  • Floating lily pads: Provide some froggy flair with the lily pad floating decorations,
    left. Intended for your pond, you can place them in a clear bowl with water as
    centerpiece or float them in your pool.

Frog party supplies
We've gathered the meanest greenest frog party supplies available, including hard to
find frog inflatables, frog piñatas, frog balloons, frog candies and more.

  • Frog piñata: Nothing screams kids party more than a  piñata! Fill your frog
    piñata, left, with plastic frog party favors. Ideas directly below for party favors.

  • Frog Inflatables: Coveted by kids, inflatables enhance a party theme instantly
    serving as entertainment and decoration. As guests leave, hand them an
    inflatable as party favor. Frog inflatables pack well, so you can pull them out
    long after the party is over to entertain the kids on a rainy day in your family
    room. Skip the water and turn the froggie wading pool, right, into a play area
    for little ones. Just add a few toys and balls!

  • Frog balloons: Left, a super cute frog perches on a lillipad. Above right, is the
    "pet frog" balloon, which your child will enjoy towing along.

Frog Party Favors
It takes a leap of faith, but you can also have a "toadally" good time planning a frog
party filled with froggy green favors. Take note, though, that most of the party goods
available for a frog party include colorful party favors, including pink, purple and blue
frogs. Think of it as a beautiful rainforest of frogs. If you're a purist, you can always
bake green frog sugar cookies, or fashion your own froggy cake pops. Bags of candies
filled with green gummy frogs are another do it yourself option. Buy in bulk and
package them in glassine envelopes.
  • Frog suckers
  • Sticky frog favors: The sticky frog assortment, left, are great for filling goodie
    bags or to help you stuff the piñata.
  • Squirt frog favors: Bath tub squirt frogs, right, are ideal for a frog pool party
    because their bellies fill with water for ammunition. The little squirts will love
  • Frog mood bracelets: The girls will especially love a frog mood bracelet.
  • Frog bubble gum machine: What kid doesn't dream of having his own gumball
    machine? The adorable froggy bubble gum machine, right, stands 7.5" tall.
    Gumballs aren't included, but you can buy them in bulk and fill them yourself.
  • Flying frog favors
  • Froggy sunglasses favors: How funny the kids will look in their froggy sunglasses.
    Yes, these are toad-ally cool.
  • Frog Key Chain favors. Kids love clipping key chains to their backpacks. This
    sweet frog keychain will be a welcome addition to their collection.

Frog Party Invitations and Thank You Card Ideas
If you can't find a cute store bought frog invitation: make your own using a cookie
cutter as a template for your design. Stencil a frog from pretty papers, then cut your
shape and glue on a card stock. As inspiration for making your own, here is some
funny Frog Party invitations and wording ideas:

  • Leaping leapfrogs: Jordan is seven!
  • You're invited to a TOADally cool party
  • Come over to our pad Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Pond: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Jordan's fly girl at 867-5309

Frog birthday cake ideas
Whatever froggy birthday cake you create, the most fun way to enhance your cake is
with a lilypad cake plate. You may have to create your own.

  • That's frog-tastic! Bake a Wilton frog cake for your little amphibian, pictured top
    left, then sit back and listen to everyone who tells you that you should bake
    cakes professionally. Serve up the fun factor when you ask party goers if they
    would like flies with the cake, which is really mint chip ice-cream.

Frog party foods
This is a frog party after all, so your party foods should have extra doses of green. Get
the look you want with our green party food ideas.

  • Lilypad cookies: Bake lily pad cookies and nestle a frog cookie on top, or bake
    smaller lillypad cookies and position a frog gummy candy.  You might be tempted
    to place a froggie favor or plastic toy on top of a cookie. If you do this, be sure
    the size of the toy is not a choking hazard in the event that a child thinks the
    toy is a candy!

  • Serve frothy frog pond scum drinks. Simply mix lime green sherbet with lemon
    lime soda and top with a gummy frog, left.

  • Your little one doesn't like cake? Imagine their surprise, when you bring out blue
    ice cream topped with a lily pad sugar cookie on a toy frog!Find little plastic
    frogs and wash them. Bake a sugar cookie in the shape of a lily pad, and
    decorate them with candy flowers for the lilies. Make blue ice cream ahead of
    time with Vanilla ice cream that you soften slightly and mix with blue powdered
    food coloring. Return to freezer to harden. Blue powdered food coloring is
    around $2 on Amazon.
  • More froggy fun with food ideas:
  • Make the Wilton Frog Lollipop, pictured right, lick-it-y split.
  • Top green gelatin with a few Haribo Gummy frogs.
  • Transform a Granny Smith into an apple-phibious treat.
  • Serve burgers with French "flies" (just a funny name for burgers)

Frog Party Games and Activities
Activities for this party are easy, kids can use their frog legs for a bounce house or
simply play leap frog (under adult supervision) in the back yard. Here are other froggy

  • Hip hop hooray! Invent your own frog dance. Load your MP3 with "Who let the
    frogs out" by Crazy Frog, download left, and find other fun MP3 songs. Or just
    load "Water Frogs" from Best Nature Sounds and have a "ribbiting" good time
    when you set it on continual play (everyone will hear frogs in the background).

  • Flip the Frog Pool party Game: The flip The Frog Pool Game, right, is easy enough
    for little ones but challenging enough for older children. This pool game will be
    played by the whole family. Toss the adorable frogs onto the different size lily
    pads and add up your score.  

  • Learn about frogs: Print the Life Cycle of a Frog booklet for each party goer from
    your computer. Then allow kids to color the pages and take it home.

  • Froggie in the middle game: You play "froggie in the middle" the same as you'd
    play monkey in the middle. Divide kids into sets of three. Two players stand
    opposite each other with the froggie in the middle. Have kids toss a bean bag
    or a ball between them and the froggie in the middle tries to get it. Repeat until
    the froggie in the middle catches the ball, and the next player gets a turn in the

  • Get hopping on a new twist to a familiar game: Gather kids in a circle for Tadpole,
    Tadpole, FROG! This is a variation on the favorite Duck, Duck, GOOSE game.

Frog Party Resources:

  • Adopt a frog! With Grow A Frog, pictured left, you can adopt a tadpole and grow
    it to maturity. The kit includes a mail-ready card to receive a tadpole grown in a
    Florida lab within weeks of mailing it. Time it right and your child can proudly
    display a home grown frog. This product consistently gets high ratings on
    Amazon. (Please don't  disturb the natural habitat of frogs and their eco-system
    by going to the swamp.)

  • Don't fly by this idea: Visit Family Fun to make frog blower. The kids will have fun
    fly catching with this one.

  • Free frog printables: Download free froggy printables including frog iron ons and
    coloring pages, and frog craft ideas.

Real frog parties
A frog party is a TOADally fun party idea for toddlers. Now get hopping!

  • Frog party for Valentines Day: For this Frog's & Kisses party theme, there were
    loads of paper frogs and hearts, plus Hershey's Kisses. The party idea suggests
    serving strawberry milk with "TOAD-ally Love You" heart embellishments. For
    this party idea, you  might also consider placing froggy treats on pink heart
    shaped lilypads! Place a large frog toy on pink iced sugar cookies, or put a
    froggy cupcake on a heart shaped coaster.

So you'd better get hopping! Now it's your turn to tell us about your real frog party. Please
share party ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook.
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