Gangster Birthday
Set up a Speakeasy with a Roaring Twenties party theme

Kids will enjoy a Roaring Twenties Party just as much as the adults, especially if it's
gangster style. Imagine a setting you create with a prohibition-style costume party,
including flappers, dappers, gansters and molls. Play jazz music, set up a mocktail bar,
and allow kids to act grown up for the evening.

How to decorate for a Gangster party
Set up a speakeasy for your pre-teens. Whatever you call it, a gangster party, a
flapper party, or roaring twenties party, this is one party where kids will feel like
adults. Here are some ways to entertain them:

  • Speakeasy entrance: Have guests enter throug a peep whole or have a bouncer
    to make sure the guests use the right password to get into the party, which
    you'll print on the invitations.

  • Virgin Cocktail Bar: Set up a bar area just for the kids. They'll have fun creating
    their own "mocktails," but you can also have some recipes on hand.
  • Fill shot glasses with candies or make virgin jello shots using the neon shot
    glasses, pictured top left. Fill the roulette wheel, left, with candies.
  • Set up a soda fountain style linup with a gangster flair. Lay out all the frilly
    cocktail essentials, including Martini glasses, above the colorful plastic neon
    colored martini glasses will work well.
  • Shake it up: Set out the bar ware with plenty of ice, so kids can play bar tenders
    and shake their own creations from different sodas. Kids love experimenting
    and they'll enjoy mixing lemon-lime soda with rootbeer, cola, orange soda,
    grape soda, and whatever else you have handy. You can substitute bottles with
    fake lables.

Dress Roaring Twenties Style:
This is a party that caters to the glamour of yesteryear and kis will relsih the
opportunity to dress like grown ups from days gone by:

How to dress the Gangster Boys: Dress the birthday boy in a striped suit. Here are
other ways to look the role of a ganster:
  • Bowties and neckties: Provide boys with simple red bow ties or a necktie you get
    from the thrift store
  • Fedora or gangster hats. Be sure to have plenty of gangster hats on hand as the
    girls will surely want to get in on the action as well. Plastic gangster hats are
    also ideal for serving snacks when you turn them upsidedown fill them with old
    time candies.
  • Moustaches for the little men and women: Draw a moustache on the boys with a
    eyebrow pencil. Check our moustache party for the proper gangster moustache.
    Adding the element of a moustache to the party is something the girls can get
    into as well. A gangster moustache on a stick (chocolate lollipop) is in order as
    are finger moustache tattoos

How to dress the flapper Girls:
Dress the birthday girl as a flapper from the roaring twenties! Flapper accessories
might include:
  • Dangling pearls: Dress the girls in long faux pearls knotted at the end, flapper
  • Cigarette holders: Outfit girls with a long candy cigarette holder,
  • Long gloves
  • Roaring twenties tiaras and headbands.
  • Feathery tiaras: Above right, the feathery tiaras you might find around New
    Years will give girls an easy roaring twenties flair for theor hair.
  • Speakeasy headbands: Create your own speakeasy glamour with a sequinned
    brooch  afflixed to a flamboyant feather.
  • The girls will also love an inexpensive boa.
  • Flapper Dress: The birthday girl should of course be in full roaring twenties style
    with a flapper dress to show off her Charleston moves. Search thrift shops for
    inexpensive brooches. Give them bright red lipstick to add to the glamour.

Food for a Gangsgter party:

  • Set out a swanky display fishbowls with goldfish crackers as centerpieces. Back
    in the day, men dared each other to swallow live goldfish!

Beverages for a gangster party
Unless you live in the bible belt, beverages are among the most fun things to serve to
kids for a gangster party. The time was prohibition, and gangsters enjoyed a secret
oasis in the underground club organzied by the mafia. It's not that you want to
encourage drinking, the lesson for kids here is simply that it took place. Kids will feel
grown up drinking mocktails. Let them grow up a bit for the evening with these drink

  • Drink "bathtub gin" (gingerale)
  • serve frothy root beers in frosty mugs
  • Slip in some Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers in highball glasses (Cola or lemon
    lime soda with Grenadine and a Maraschino cherry. Be sure to add parasols,
    plastic drink stirrers and all the frills of adult beverages.

Real Roaring Twenties parties
Did you dance the charleston or the black bottom at your Roaring Twenties Gangster
party? We'd love to hear about it. Tell us about your Gangster or Flapper party and
share party ideas by visiting us on Twitter.
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