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Plastic Goldfish bowl
Goldfish Party
Host a party based on Goldfish crackers and orange plastic fish

Fishing for ideas for a toddler birthday party idea? The Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish
cracker is the delightful inspiration behind this toddler birthday idea: a Goldfish Party.
It brings new meaning to  the phrase "Life in a goldfish bowl," doesn't it?

Don't  be "Koi"! If the Goldfish cracker is a staple at your house, then you've got every
reason to fall for this idea, hook, line and sinker. Easy and fun, you'll fill this party with
bright hues of orange, and bright blue. Snacks are toddler friendly with fish bowls of
the famous little cracker. Here's how to have a simple and cute Goldfish party that will
surely be remembered for years to come:

  • Go fishing! You'll need to fish online for a few goldfish props and party favors to
    pull off the perfect Goldfish party. Fish around Amazon for these party supplies
    that are difficult to find elsewhere:
  • Seven-inch goldfish decoration, top left of page
  • Goldfish party napkins, lunch plates and dessert plates
  • Goldfish pinata, left

  • Orange you glad you chose this party idea? Orange is a bright and happy option
    for birthday colors and pairs beautifully with the right shade of blue. For the
    tables, lay blue crepe paper or plastic tablecloth, then layer it with orange tulle.
  • Orange sphere pops, above, pair perfectly with the gold fish napkins.
  • Blue twist pops at the top of the page
  • Orange swirl pops, left, will bring more vintage charm and coordinate.
  • Blue sphere pops
  • Orange striped paper straws will add to the
  • Orange on boys can look adorable, but orange isn't always a flattering
    color for the birthday girl, so find a bright ocean blue tutu, right!

  • Goldfish paper lanterns: Tranform orange paper lanterns into goldfish with
    orange construction paper and wiggle eyes. See bottom of the page for the
    hard to find large wiggle eyes, bottom right.

More ways to set the scene for a Goldfish Party
Your friends will think you've gone crackers, but you'll surely have fun planning a little
Goldfish party for your toddler.

  • If you're industrious look to Martha Stewart for help creating a Goldfish costume
    on your own. Or shop online, top right, for the baby bunting, right.

  • Something's fishy with these plates.  You'll be hard pressed to find goldfish party
    plates, so you'll need to make your own. Just cut a wedge like a piece of pizza
    from an ordinary orange paper plate. The wedge you remove will be the fish tail
    (tape it on the opposite end), and the piece exposed will be an open mouth.
    Add candy eyes glued with icing gel. Use the plates as chargers for cupcakes or
    as decoration. To toddler proof your plate for cake service, use black and white
    icing gel instead of candy eyes, which may pose choking hazard.

Goldfish party food
The catch of the day is Goldfish crackers, of course.  Goldfish crackers are swimming in
salt, so you'll need some sweets for the party.

Goldfish gelatin dessert bags: While toddlers are likely too young for Swedish Fish,
you can make the
Goldfish gelatin dessert bags, as an edible treat to take home.
Sweet and effective, this idea from Family Fun will surely get some smiles.

  • Goldfish treat display. For the cupcake tray, add a layer of goldfish crackers to
    provide a theme-appropriate backdrop. Steal the look, right.

  • Party in a fishbowl. Since you'll be serving plenty of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
    crackers to toddlers, you'll want a kid friendly bowl. Try a plastic fish bowl,
    pictured left. Local pet shops, rarely stock them, so shop online now.

  • Catch a glimpse of the Goldfish checkerboard sandwich.Essentially, the Goldfish
    Checkerboard sandwich is a mix of whole wheat and white bread with peanut
    butter and jelly. Bite-sized for toddlers, this easy and toddler pleasing sandwich
    comes from Pepperidge Farm.

  • Orange goldfish drinks: Serve orange sodas or orange Vitamin Water,

  • Orange creamsicles, also known as 50-50 bars, would blend well with the
    orange theme.

  • Goldfish bowl cookies. Try our big batch sugar cookie recipe using the gold fish
    bowl cookie cutters, immediate left.

  • Gold fish bowl cakes: Woman's Day Goldfish Bowl cake starts with two ordinary 8-
    inch round cake pans turned on the side and accented with non other than the
    famous orange crackers.

  • Candy cups:
  • Cupcakes: The cupcake wrappers, right are reversable .

Goldfish Party favors
Bait and switch! Instead of supplying live goldfish as party favors, which may not be
appreciated by parents, check out these more favorable Goldfish Party favor ideas:

  • Good clean fun. Send them home with goldfish soap favors. Left, liquid filled soap
    will provide a bubbly bathtime.

Goldfish party invitations
Loads of parents today are skipping the store bought invitations and instead, taking
fun pictures of their children and using!

  • Goldfish party invitation wording ideas:
  • We're going crackers for Janie's First Birthday!
  • The feeding frenzy starts Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Goldfish pond: 9258 Fairfax Drive
  • RSVP: Pepperidge Farmer Roseanna at 867-5309.

  • Variations to the invitation:
  • Now that Jaden is oh-fish-ially five....
  • Swim on over to our house for a birthday party.
  • Something's fishy about Jacob! He's turning two!

  • Reel them in with Tiny Prints. There you'll find several well designed goldfish
    cards, including the thank you card, left, and the goldfish bowl address labels.

Resources for a Goldfish party

Pepperidge Farm Gone fishing Trailmix.

  • Hey, cookie! Get ideas from Goldfish Party presented by Cookie Magazine.

Real Goldfish parties
Bookmark our site before you "go fishing" around the Internet for a goldfish party.
We've found a few good ones:

  • A golden opportunity to play with color! Orange and tangerine bubbles mixed with
    hues of blue make this Goldfish party golden with us.

  • Life in a fishbowl. Toddler's Goldfish party. Sweet and simple ideas make this
    toddler's party worth a visit. Life in a fishbowl couldn't be better.

  • Candy that swims with charm. Candy at Jackson's Goldfish party was super cute.
    The hostess made it look like the goldfish crackers were swimming in the light
    blue sixlet chocolates. Clever indeed!

Don't live life in a goldfish bowl. We love hearing your party ideas, so please tell us about
your goldfish party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
Goldfish in a bag gelatin dessert idea by Family Fun
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