Ground  hog day party
Groundhog Day Party
How to have a party in celebration of Groundhog Day

Who has a Groundhog day party other than those who live in Punxsutawney,
Pennsylvania? Maybe you! If you're seriously considering a party for a kid who has a
birthday on or around Groundhog Day (February 2), then we have some funny ways
to celebrate groundhog day. One thing's for sure, a Groundhog party will warm up a
chilly February day, even if you get a visit from the Snow Queen herself when the
Groundhog sees his shadow.

Here's how to celebrate Groundhog Day Party for kids:

  • Make it a breakfast party. Invite guests for pancakes with Punxsutawney Phil.
    Pancake breakfasts are clearly part of the North American tradition of
    Groundhog Day and Dad can sport the Groundhog day hat. "Punxsutawney
    Phil" the most famous groundhog of the day never looked so good in his little
    top hat, and Dad in his Groundhog day ha, top right, will help spring come with
    a smile! (In Canada, the groundhog's name is "Wiarton Willy.")

  • Send some Groundhog love by e-mail. Six more weeks of winter can be fun. This
    kids will enjoy sending a free Groundhog day eCard greeting to a relative or
    friend named Phil. This idea from

  • Make it a Groundhog Day to rememBEAR.Decorate your teddy bear with the Build-
    a-bear hat, pictured left. It would make a perfect birthday gift, and is just $6.00.
    Look also for the matching Build-a-Bear T-shirt.

  • Talk about the weather. Decorate with Groundhog day punch-outs, left. They're
    also great for teachers to help them educate about weather patterns and
    superstitions about groundhogs on this February day.

  • Play shadow games. If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow there will be six
    more weeks of Winter. If he doesn't see a shadow, then Spring will come early!
    The kids can play games with their shadows with a flashlight and tell funny

  • Get into a time warp. Cuddle up as a family to watch the classic romantic comedy
    made in 1993 starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, right. Groundhog Day is
    about a weatherman caught in a personal time warp.

  • Read "The Groundhog Day book of Facts and Fun" by Wendie C. Old. This is the
    ultimate book if you want directions for putting together a Groundhog Day
    party. It's also a book perfect for teachers because it's packed with terrific
    groundhog day facts.

Resources for a Groundhog Day Party

  • Hey, cupcake! It wouldn't be a party without cupcakes and thankfully you'll find
    easy directions for the adorable Groundhog day cupcake  right. We even found
    a Groundhog cake. The prize for finding the best no-bake groundhog cake goes
    to It's a cute little critter that you can put together tonight.

  • Go hogwild! See the cheap Ground Hog Day party supplies, including a
    Groundhog day cutout decoration, Groundhog Day plastic Top Hat, and even
    Groundhog day medalians. Who knew that this party theme would be popular
    enough to support all these party supplies?

  • Let's cut to the chase... with the Ground hog day cookie cutter you can cut
    sandwiches in addition to making cute groundhog-shaped cookies. In a pinch
    you can uses the shape to create an invitation.

  • Have a spare toilet paper roll? Use it for this fun Groundhog Day craft pictured left

Last Winter Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of Winter! What are your
predictions for this year? We'd love to connect with you on Twitter.
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