Gymnastics Birthday
How to throw an award winning gymnastics party

She'll jump for joy with a Gymnastics Party! As kids parties go, this is an easy party to
plan because you can hold your party where your daughter takes her gymnastics
lessons. The instructors will take care of the party activity. Just add pizza, cake and
party favors.

Here's how to throw a simple party of Olympic proportions:

  • Go for the gold: Send her birthday to the Olympics with these winning ideas:
  • Trophies: Fill gold plastic trophies, upper left, with candies in your party colors.
    Red and blue gummy candies, coated chocolates or jelly beans would match the
    gymnastics party plates pictured top left.

  • Gold coins: Find chocolate gold coins to sprinkle on the table like confetti.

  • Olympic Medals. Award Olympic style gold medals, pictured top, for bonus points.
    Everyone will feel like a champion if you make an awards ceremony after the
    workout. Special awards, such as the "Tiniest Talented Tumbler" award or "Most
    Monkey" will make your little acrobats feel special. Continue with awards for the
    "Silliest Superstar" or "Pit Master." End with the birthday girl to receive your
    special "Daring Darling" award. Dress up water bottles with these gold medal
    ribbons for a refreshing theme inspired look too. Remove the water bottle labels
    and affix medals with tape to where the labeling was and tie the medal ribbon
    to hug the bottle top.

  • Olympic refreshments: Layer party snacks onto three boxes of different heights
    that you decorate and number 1, 2, and 3 to represent the Gold, Silver and
    Bronze awards ceremony. For example, you can display the birthday cake on
    platform 1, refreshing fruits on platform 2 and a vegetable dip tray on 3.

  • Make her the star of the party! Stock up on fourth of July favors the season
    before so you can make it a star-spangled and patriotic theme. At the top of the
    page is the Meri-Meri patriotic cupcake kit.
  • Bake a star-shaped birthday cake with the cake pan, left. You'll easily use this
    pan for another party. Try an All-star sports party or a Hollywood starlet party.
  • Serve star-shaped cookies. See our big batch sugar cookie recipe.
  • Make star-shaped candies for your little gymnasts with the Wilton candy mold,
    left, and Wilton candy melts, also pictured left.

Gymnastic activities
Kids love playing on all the training equipment, including getting lost in foam pits,
balancing on the beams, jumping on trampolines, and swaying from ceiling swings, but
time runs out quickly at the gym and sometimes kids want more. Want to extend the
party? Want to host a gymnastics party at home? Here are some ways to have a
gymnastics party at home.

  • Get tied to gymnastics. Invite the kids home for a tie dye party. The kids can
    "peace out" making their own leotards, which can double as party favors.
  • Do the hula! Hold a hula hoop competition. Sometimes they stock hoops at the
    local dollar stores, but they are not heavy enough to be practical and the kids
    will get frustrated. For a gymnastics party with an Olympic theme, have the kids
    pose with five hula hoops to form the Olympic rings. This photo opportunity will
    help you make a nice thank you card.
  • Practice the twirling batons.
  • Swirl streamers to music. The birthday kid will especially appreciate the star
    streamer pictured upper right.
  • Make it a balancing act. See what kids can balance on their heads.

Gymnastics Invitations
Focus on gymnastic invitations that match your party theme. The gymnastics invitations
and thank you cards, also left, will match the other gymnastics party supplies. If you
want a more unique look for your party, visit ETSY for
handmade gymnastics invitations.

Decorate the envelopes with gymnastics stickers from Mrs. Grossman's, right. Have
your child participate in the thank you cards and invitations by affixing stickers. You
might also include these inexpensive stickers in the favor bags.

Gymnastics party favors
Start with the gymnastic favor boxes above and fill them with your own goodies, which
is much cheaper than buying the pre-filled favor packs. You won't be doing cartwheels
looking for gymnastics inspired party favors with these cute ideas:

  • Silly bands in the shape of gymnastics, pictured lower right, are glow in the dark
    and highly collectible with kids.

  • More gymnastic party favor ideas you may find at the local party supply store (or
    dollar store):
  • Mardis Gras beads in your party colors
  • Plastic megaphones
  • Whistles
  • Trophies (plastic trophies come in different sizes, at home you may find
    one big enough to serve ice cream).
  • Batons (look for gel filled batons or battery operated batons that glow in
    the dark.

Gymnastics gifts for the birthday girl
Whether you're hosting a gymnastics party or attending one, you'll have plenty of
opportunity to find some fun gifts for the gymnast in your life.

  • Hug an American Girl gymnast. The American Girl Gymnastics, left, comes with a
    "Fantastic Gymnastics" book.

  • Gymnastics Lunch Bag, lower right corner will be a welcome part of every day.

  • Swing into reading with these book suggestions:
  • The Greatest Gymnast of all, below, is a simple story for the little gymnastic
    enthusiast that teaches opposites. Readers in Kindergarten to Grade 2 will
    appreciate how Zoe zips and zooms around the gym. She's on and off the mats,
    over and under the bar! She's the greatest little gymnast who is also great at
    demonstrating opposites. Just $5.99 and eligible for free shipping.
  • Gemma the Gymnast Fairy, right, will inspire your daughter to read all the books
    by Daisy Meadows.

More resources for a gymnastics party

  • No more monkeys jumping on a bed! Invite them to monkey around on
    gymnastics equipment with a monkey party.

  • Hold a Cirque de gymnastics party. Throw a circus theme for your gymnastics
    party! Give your gymnastics party a carnival bent and see our circus party ideas.

  • Pep them up with a pep squad gymnastics party. If she's already had a gymnastics
    party and this year you want to give a fresh start, try a cheerleader's party.

Real Gymnastics parties:
You'll flip out when you see how easy it is to have a gymnastics party. Here are a some
ideas of real gymnastics parties.

  • Here's how two Blonds throw a party: Olivia's gymnastic party was cute and
    simple with sweet touches include personalized water bottles, and a sweet
    invitation from Blond Invitations.

Plan an
American Girl Party with a gymnastic twist for your little McKenna. Below are all
the favorite items for this 2012 American Doll of the year.

Jump for joy and host your own gymnastics party. Then be sure to share with us the party
details and inspiration on Twitter.
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