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Gypsy Party
How to have a Gypsy theme birthday party for kids

Hey Gypsy mama, why not throw a Gypsy party? Come on and get behind the Magic 8
ball. We predict your guests will come to your super cute gypsy themed party!

Crystal balls and carnivals, tambourines and travelling shows, swamis and séances:  
these are the fortune telling elixirs of fun. A gypsy party is in celebration of the
Bohemian lifestyle of the wanderers, adventurers and vagabonds. Is a gypsy party in
the future for you? Let's see what the stars hold for you with these gypsy ideas...

  • Tarot cards: Great for decorations, favors or as an activity, your gypsy party
    simply must include tarot cards. Above, is a real deck of tarot cards. Left, giant
    tarot cards will be great to display on the walls as decoration. It's a real deck,
    so you can also have a tarot card reading.

Decorations for gypsy party
Load your party with folkdancing, folklore, feathers, finger cymbols and fun. Here's
how to decorate for a gypsy party:

  • Create mystery and intrigue. If your party is at night, set out luminaries* at the
    path of your door. Have a beaded curtain entrance. Set the lights low and set a
    fringed shawl on a small table and an arrangement of flowers and candles. Be
    sure to fan a deck of tarot cards.

  • Go bohemian: Party plates, left, by French Bull provide the Bohemian inspiration
    for the party colors.

  • Backyard party decorations: Hang paper lanterns in your party colors, and string
    white party lights to give gypsy ambiance. You might even borrow tiki torches
    from your last luau party. Since this is a kids party, skip the flames. Instead,
    create faux torches with cellophane and tissue paper in red orange and yellow.

  • Fun ideas for a Crystal ball. Of course, a crystal ball is an absolute must for a
    Gypsy party, but they are hard to come by or expensive. Perhaps you have
    snow globe that you can substitute. Another option is a magic eight ball.

  • Listen to Gypsy Music. Maybe not every mother would approve playing Cher's
    "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" song, but it's the iconic song that comes to mind
    and adults might get a kick out of reviving the classic for the party. Listen and
    Download it now on Amazon, right. Lisa Loeb also has a fun version of the song.
    Play it just before the cake or have the kids dance. Other gypsy music to
    consider is The Gypsy Kings, but any Hungarian or Romanian music will suffice in
    the background.

  • Swami magic. Place a turbon on Dad's head with a feather in the center head to
    set imaginations soaring. Have him repeat "the Swami knows all" as a mantra,
    and it's sure to create giggles. Make sure to give him a mystical moustache. You
    can draw one with an eyebrow pencil.

  • Create your own gypsies travelling show! Transform an old red wagon into a
    gypsy wagon with a gypsy decorated cardboard box atop. Nearby, create a faux
    fire with tissue papers and bits of wood to create a camp like setting. Or set out
    kid size tent draped with a tapestry of prints. For added gypsy flair, find camping
    tins and a cast iron dutch oven with spoons to inspire play.

  • Other decorations might include tapestries, stars, and moons:
  • For the fabrics, head to the fabric store and shop the clearance racks.
    Then mix and match paisley designs and gold fabrics.
  • See our Hollywood party or Wizard party ideas for star-shaped

Gypsy Party Food
Most kids aren't going to go for Hungarian inspired foods. We predict cake and candy
will be in the birthday girl's future!

  • Gypsy cake pops. Red velvet cake comes to mind for a Gypsy party because it's
    mysterious, and magically moist. How easy it would be to wrap a bit of fondant

  • Tambourine cake: A clever cake design is a tambourine cake, which is a simple
    round cake made with York Peppermint Patty accents. Or make a spherical
    "crystal ball" cake.

  • Gypsy Fortune Telling Cake: Create a fortune telling cake by inserting charms
    affixed with a ribbon for guests to pull before cutting the cake. You don't need
    to bake them in, just insert sterlized charms into the cake with your finger
    before frosting. Revive this wedding Victorian tradition for your gypsy party.
    Start with a set of wedding cake charms to foretell the future for lucky guests
    who receive an engagement ring (first to Marry); heart (love is in the stars);
    Horseshoe (lucky in Life); anchor (an adventurous future); Shamrock (Good
    Luck); Fleur de lis (Flourishing Love). Build a set with other fun charms, such as
    an Aladdin's lamp found on our Arabian Princess party (wishes will come true).

How to dress the part of a gypsy:
Accessories will help you dress the part of a gypsy. Think peasant tops, long flowing
skirts, scarves, tambourines, bangles, and gold coin costume jewelry. Add clanging
symbols and you're on your way to a gypsy fashion show.

  • Argh Mateys! Recycle your pirate costume:
  • Make use of the scarves, belts, and the hooped earrings from last year's
    pirate costume to create the perfect gypsy costume. Recycle the bodice
    too if it's laced, or the peasant blouse or shirt.

  • Another costume to recycle, if you have it, is the scarves and jewelry from
    a Princess Jasmine or genie costume. A turban from an Aladdin costume
    also can instantly transform into a Swami costume.

  • Search thrift stores. This is where you'll find peasant tops and long flowing skirts
    year round. You may find some jewelry or accessories. Since it's her special day,
    you may dress the birthday girl in a white confirmation style dress to make her
    be the "birthday gypsy bride." Take that start and add gypsy flair with scarves,
    bangles, coin embellishments and makeup.

  • Search Amazon for Gypsy costumes, too. They are available year round, long after
    your local Halloween costume store is gone.
  • Gypsy scarves: A gypsy scarf is an inexpensive costume idea, see the
    gypsy scarves available on Amazon, right. They are just as much for the
    kids as they are for the adults. Get each kid a different color for the party.
    This can be the party favor, so it does triple duty as a decoration for the
    party, an activity and a favor!
  • Gypsy bracelets. Right, you'll find gypsy cuff bracelets for belling dancing,
    available by the dozen as a wholesale lot.

Activities for a gypsy party:

  • Tarot card readings: The mainstay of the party will be focused on different kinds
    of readings. So go to the library to research Palmistry, tarot card readings, tea
    leaf fortunes, and telling fortunes with a deck of ordinary cards. The fortune
    telling doesn't need to be authentic: just fun!

  • Give a gypsy name: Prepare a list party goers and print a "reading" for each
    guest in advance of the party using the Gypsy Name generator. Party goers will
    love their personal reading, which you can insert into the favor bag. It's scary
    how right on the mark this online tool is! If you don't get a result for a name,
    then type an alternate spelling. For example,  the spelling "Savanna" is not
    included in the readings, but the name "Savannah" is. Feel free to modify results
    for your guests to correct for proper spelling using your computer.

  • Hire a teen to dress the part and tell fortunes. The Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume,
    provide your actress with a peasant top with lace sleeves and gold trim,
    matching skirt with lace trim, head scarf with coin trim, hip wrap with coin trim.
    Use a real tarot deck for the "readings." Don't worry about the authenticity. It's
    a party and anything will be fun for the kids.

  • Make a Cahootie. The kids will love making their own Cahootie, pictured right And
    you can download a Cahootie template. What's a Cahootie? It's an origami-style
    fortune telling device. The "reader" kneads the four flaps with fingers to count a
    number selected by the participant. The reader then lifts the flap of a panel
    selected by the participant to reveal the fortune.

  • Belly Dancing: Dancing is a must for a gypsy party. Make use of all those scarves
    and finger cymbols.

  • Make snow globes. Snow globes look a bit like a crystal ball. Kids will enjoy
    sprinkling glitter and stars to create a very mysterious looking snow globe.

  • Madeline and the Gypsies: If you've been reading Madeline and The Gypsies, then
    chances are you have an interest in gypsies (or you can make this part of a
    Madeline Party). It certainly makes an unusual party idea.

  • More activities for a gypsy party:

Favors for a Gypsy party
Shopping for favors for a gypsy party is easier than you think. The girls will love
bangles, which you can find inexpensively at the dollar store. In keeping with a
mystical theme for your gypsy party, include favors that are of stars and moons, and
the zodiac, too. Kids love fans and you can find mysterious black fans online. Here are
some other stellar examples of party favors the little gypsies will love:

  • Fortune telling fish. They are inexpensive and fun, though you'll probably have to
    buy them 144 at a time. Save them for the school carnival or give them as treats
    for Halloween. You might also include them in the invitations or thank you cards.
    Kids won't mind having a few to share with friends or siblings. They're fun!

  • Gold coins. Look for gold coin chocolates and bubble gum. Pirate loot coins will
    also work well for a gypsy theme.

  • You'll also find Tambourines, chocolate covered fortune cookies, mood rings,
    magic eight ball favors, Venetian style mardis gras feathered masks, magic
    fortune cards and more on Amazon.

Gypsy party invitations
Send the party invitation with a fancy feather in the envelope to provide whimsy. Or
add a tarot card

  • Design the invitation to look like a crystal ball. Place vellum over the wording in
    the shape of a crystal ball. Make a crystal ball invitation from an old CD.

  • Gypsy party invitation wording ideas:
  • You're invited to dine and dance with the Gypsies
  • Mysterious Melia has a prediction...
  • You will join the gypsy fun Saturday, August 22 at 4:00 p.m.
  • The Gypsies Caravan meets at 123 Main Street
  • Get behind the magic 8 ball and RSVP Gypsy Mama Chandra at 867-5309

  • Alternative wording ideas:
  • We fortell that you will have a wonderful time. The Swami Knows all.

Real Gypsy Parties...
Gypsy Parties for kids are just as much fun for the adults. See pictures of real gypsy
parties for kids and get ideas from adults who had just as much fun as the kids:

  • Gypsy party for adults. With layers of ferns and feathers in vases, Bohemian style
    glasses, face painting, and a tapestry of Bohemian flair, you must check out this
    Gypsy Party photo shoot for Rue Magazine.

Planning a gypsy party for kids? Show us pictures of your gypsy costumes and kids party
ideas. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook.

* NOTE OF CAUTION: Do not put scarves over lamp shades. This is a decoration detail
you can do without knowing that it's a fire hazard. Resist the temptation! Likewise, be
careful in your use of luminaries, and candles for your gypsy party. Maintain adult
supervision in these areas at all times. As a rule: if you leave the room, blow out the
 gypsy themed party ideas : fortune telling
Fortune telling costume
Crystal ball with stand up prop looks like a snow globe
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