Half Birthday Party
How to celebrate a half birthday

As if motherhood weren't complicated enough, someone had the gall to introduce to
your child his or her half birthday and now you're stuck planning a half birthday party.
Take heart, it's only half the work and a fraction of the expense.

A half birthday is all about the appearance of HALF of everything. This day is
especially important for kids who may feel shafted by a birthday that gets largely
ignored, such as a birthday that hits in summer months when everyone is on vacation
and not in school,hence no classroom celebration. Or for the birthday child whose
special day is around the holidays when everyone is too busy, or worse yet combines
the birthday gift with the holiday occasion. Even if the birthday isn't out of the range,
you can't blame a kid for wanting two special days, can you?

So let the half celebration begin! Get out your scissors and start cutting. Oh, but first,
be sure to set the date. Confirm the half birthday using the Half Birthday Calculator.  

Here are some quick and easy ideas for cutting things in half:

  • Come half-dressed. Give the birthday kid a half costume to wear. The Half Angel
    Half Devil Kids Costume, right is under twenty dollars.

  • Invite only half the amount of guests you'd normally invite (this keeps things to
    the closest of friends, so you may choose to make it a slumber party).

  • Start the party on the half hour (11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 a.m., etc.)

  • Cut a birthday banner in half so that it hangs on one side of the room as
    "Happy" and on the other side "Birthday."

  • Table setting: Dress just half the table (half a table cloth, half a bouquet of
    flowers, one candle stick or candle sticks half used, etc.). Cut tall cups short, so
    it's just half a cup, slice a napkin diagonally, so that its just half, and finally, cut
    large dinner paper plates in half. If you don't like the idea of half a birthday
    plate, then choose two solid color plates, cut them in half and tape them
    together in the back. This will drive home your "half" theme.

  • Make it a 50-50 theme party. Combine two party ideas. Set half the party to be
    princess (for lunch), and the second half of the party to be Knights for dessert.
    Or whatever the theme, you can cut the plates in half and tape them together
    so both themes appear throughout the party.

Half the food
Since you're inviting half the amount of friends and family, you'll have half the
expenses for food. Here are some half-baked ideas for this unique party theme:

  • Bake a full birthday cake, cut it in half, stack it high so it looks like only half a
    cake and ice it. Try half devils food cake and half angel food cake. When it's time
    to blow out the candles light only half of them. Then ask your child to wish for
    double the wishes because at a half-birthday you get only half your wishes.

  • Bake half chocolate chip cookie (allow your child to cut the cookies in half). For
    the cake, be sure to serve adults coffee and highlight the half-and-half!

  • Half-witted attempt at making appetizers. Look for items that will look great cut
    in half, such as donuts, mini bagels, bananas.Hey, it's half the calories! Sure you
    can serve low-calories foods, but if you serve half portions it's just as much fun.
    Just be sure to give hungry party goers enough. Serve food that's obviously
    half, such as pizza's. Buy small or personal pizzas and give each child a half and
    allow them seconds. Or serve half a hamburger with half a hot dog. For lunch a
    half a bagel with half banana and a bag of personal chips cut in half should
    suffice for younger kids who are probably too excited to eat anyway

  • Other fun food ideas for a half birthday: Serve 50-50 bars (it's half orange and
    half creme). Cut licorice twists in half. Make an arrangement of candy bars on a
    tray that are cut in half. And serve only the best half of an Oreo cookie!

Half Birthday Invitations
Design your own half birthday card.

Ideas for December birthdays:
  • Another birthday is drawing near, Michelle is halfway through the year
  • We'll celebrate on the 15th of June (and not December),
  • We know it may be difficult for you all to remember
  • But since the holidays are such a craze, we simply mixed up the days.
  • It's okay to bring a present, or half-wrapped gift,
  • But it's truly your presence that will give her the biggest lift!
  • So come to 123 main street on the half birthday,
  • Or give us regrets: RSVP: Barbie (or her other half) Ken at 876.5309

Half time activities
  • Have half a magic show or a puppet show. The idea is to have half the show
    before lunch or cake and the other half after. It just makes for more fun. Invite
    your entertainer in on the fun. Entertainers always appreciate the food. For
    ideas on a magic party, see our other party pages.

  • Half a manicure: paint half of finger nails one color and the other half another

  • Half time show: Dad or brother can play a Magician and joke about only
    performing half the normal show. Or you can hire a magician and ask that kids
    help with half the act. See our magic party pages for more ideas.

  • Have a half-time quiz. Half of zero is what? Where does the other half the moon
    go? Is the glass half-empty or half-full? What's a half dozen?

  • You're Half-way there! Here are more activities that will take you to the half-way
  • Paint faces, but only one-half!
  • Read half a story! Read Oscar's half birthday if the kids are young enough
    is a winner with reviewers on Amazon! Half way through the story, close
    the book and tell kids that's it. Wait for the giggles then continue reading.

Half Birthday Favors:
You can always give half the kids one thing and the other half of the kids another.
Here are some other ideas:
  • Half dollar coins
  • Candy cut in half (such as a half a roll of Lifesavers)
  • Jumping beans (they appear to be cut in half and they're excited about a half
  • Chocolate dipped fortune cookies: because you have to break them in half to
    read them.

Resources for a half birthday

NOTE: While a "half-birthday" is fun, one thing not to do is to fly a flag at half-mast,
which is reserved for memorials.
Half-birthday candles
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