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Spinning your wheels looking for a cute party theme? She'll surely do the hamster
dance for a hamster party! This uncommon party theme requires creative leverage, but
if you're up for the challenge then a hamster party will be your favorite to plan. Here's
the thing, there's little in terms of hamster party favors and party supplies, so you'll
have shop early and make a few things. Go ahead and ham it up for a hamster party!

Hamster Party Supplies
So what to do about the hamster party decorations? The answer is inflatable
hamsters, of course! As kids parties go, inflatable toys are always a hit. The hamster
novelty toy, left, is just the right size to provide as a favor and they will really enhance
your hamster party theme. Have several on hand to decorate your party space, then
provide one to each child as they depart the party. Here are more ideas and sources
for hamster party supplies:

  • Hamster Pinata. It's not like you'll find a hamster pinata available commercially.
    You'l have to search for a handmade hamster pinata.

  • New! Zhu-Zhu Pets hamster party supplies. With the Zhu-Zhu pet craze, hamsters
    are all the rage, even with boys who are enthralled with Kung-Zhu pets, the
    battle-field hamsters. So if your hamster party has a Zhu Zhu pet theme, then
    you'll be delighted with the new Zhu Zhu Pets party pack. It includes everything
    you need to celebrate with four kids: plates, napkins, cups, hats, stickers blow-
    outs, party hats, and a favor bag featuring Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters. Search  ETSY.
    com for custom Zhu Zhu Pets cupcake toppers, T-shirts and more. In addition to
    the hamster party supplies on ETSY, you'll find handmade outfits for your Zhu
    Zhu Pets. Yes, a hamster theme party is just what you need for your little

  • Hamster party favors: Start your hunt for hamster party favors with the ever
    popular Japanese erasers, upper right. You will also find eBay to be a treasure
    trove of hamster party favors, such as hamster stickers that you affix to
    Hershey's kisses. If you buy hamster party favors on eBay, then be sure to get
    money back shopping eBay. Check also the dollar stores for Zhu Zhu Pets
    coloring pages for around a dollar each.

  • Use Hamster toys as decorations: The Petpal toy wheel, left, would look sweet on
    the table as a centerpiece. For a Zhu Zhu Pets party theme, display whatever
    Zhu Zhu Pets and accessories fit on the table. The running ball with a Zhu Zhu
    pet hamster inside is a sweet touch for the party.

  • Get in the sphere of things. Hang paper lanterns in your party colors to symbolize
    hamster balls. In their candy section, Party America sells candy ball favor
    containers. Fill them with treats for the favors and display them like hamster
    balls with a hamster plush inside.

Hamster theme party invitations
You've got to be on the ball to create your hamster theme invitations. While there are
a few hamster invitations on ETSY, you can make your own starting with these ideas:

  • Hamster stamps. A wooden rubber stamp is the best place to start to create
    your own hamster party invitations and thank you cards. You'd be surprised how
    many wood mounted hamster stamps are available, right. You'll find hamster
    thank you stamps, perfect for the thank you cards, and there's also a hamster
    stamp featuring a hamster and a cupcake. Use the stamps for the envelopes
    too. Stamps are also ideal for the favor tags, or to stamp wrapping paper for a
    hamster theme gift.

  • Hamster stickers: Another easy idea is with hamster stickers. The Japanese
    Iwako Hamsters Crystal Sticker Sheet, left, is ideal if you're including the
    matching Japanese erasers as favors.

  • Hamster stamps: You might also address your hamster invitation and thank you
    cards with hamster postage stamps, available on Zazzle.

Hamster Party Food

Wondering what to serve for a hamster party? Anything yogurt dipped will serve well
as a hamster style treat that even the kids can appreciate. Create your own party mix
recipe to include chocolate covered raisins, yogurt pretzels and Chex cereal. Serve
your creation in little "feed bowls" at each place setting. Hamsters also love carrots, so
you can have the kids imitate hamsters by nibbling.

Hamster party games and activities
If you're having a sleepover, then a hamster theme is enough: the girls will love to
watch the hamster in its nocturnal activities. You might also Here are some ways to get
the ball rolling on a hamster party:

  • Want to Zhu Zhu? The Zhu Zhu pets Fun kit, right, has everything you need for
    four kids. Color and wear Zhu Zhu tattoos, use colored stickers to create a
    ZhuZhu Fun World and make ZhuZhu greeting cards, door hangers and picture
    frames. Plus, color the Zhu Zhu room signs to decorate your party space.

  • Have a Hamster Freeze Dance: For the party, gather everyone around to do the
    hamster dance. Download the Hamster Dance Party songs onto your MP3, left.
    Turn the game into a freeze dance. Kids love freezing when the music stops, but
    are sad if they have to exit the game, so to make the game more fun award
    hamster stickers or a hamster shaped cookie. The winner can simply get an
    award ribbon you craft.

  • Set up a hamster toss game. No, silly, you won't be tossing a real hamster, but
    for the party you can find hamster plush toys, right, and create a carnival game
    where kids aim to get them through circles cut from a cardboard display.

  • Zhu Zhu Pets game. In this wacky hamster game, kids twirl, twist and flip their  
    Zhu Zhu Character to the finish line to win. As seen on television, this game is
    perfect for a party of four.

  • Hamster pinata. Hamster pinatas are scarce, but we did source one such
    hamster pinata (Mr. Squiggles) on You might otherwise make
    your own hamster pinata when you see the price!

  • Set up your own tunnel town. Borrow tunnels from friends or shop Ikea for those
    toddler tunnels. Pacific PlayTents, left has an easy to store tunnel.

A gift for the birthday girl or boy
Ideally, you can present a real live hamster to the birthday girl or boy. The birthday gift
becomes the decoration and a real fascination for kids. It will be an activity to observe
or if you are able to buy a hamster in advance of the party, and train it for human
interaction, the birthday kid can show off the newest little family member. It isn't
advisable to have guests interact with the hamster, as hamsters bite (especially Dwarf
hamsters). Besides, with so many kids and adults around at the party, someone may
accidentally injure the little guy.

Real Hamster Parties
Your son or daughter has probably never been to a hamster party, but don't think it's
never been done before. Here are some of our favorite
real hamster theme parties:

  • Zhu Zhu Pets party: Found on Flickr, the Zhu Zhu pet cupcakes feature a cast
    of characters, including Winkine, Nugget, Num Nums, Patches, Mr. Squiggles,
    Chunk, Scoodles, and of course Pipsqueek and Jilly. Here's how to make the
    sweet Zhu Zhu Pets cupcakes.

  • Have a ball. Have a hamster wheel party. A soccer field or park setting is an ideal
    place for a hamster party where you can turn the kids into a hamster for the
    day. The hamster wheel, below, sure beats the tired bounce house routine. Kids
    can crawl through this inflatable drum, roll in it or turn it on its side or use it as a
    basketball goal. Constructed of heavy-duty multi-color vinyl, this inflatable
    measures 67"L with a 63" and inflates with any high power electric inflator /
    deflator. Requires adult supervision.

Now it's your turn! We'd love to hear about a real hamster party you've had. Write us
on Twitter and share party ideas.

TIP: Plan your kids birthday party around a passion. Kids tend to focus on something
that interests them whether it's hamsters or something else.  You can create a
memory by customizing a party that meets their passion. We'd love to hear your crazy
party idea and
kids party tips. Share them (and pictures too) by sending us an e-mail!
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