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Hanukkah Party
Festival of Lights (also called Chanukah)

Get out your harmonica, it's time to celebrate Hanukkah with the kids! While there are
many ways to celebrate Hanukkah, many will agree that Hanukkah is tops, so "Dreidel,
Dreidel, Dreidel," you shall play, for "eight crazy days" and nights.

When it comes to celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights, kids enjoy most lighting
the menorah each night, receiving geld and presents, eating latkes (potato pancakes)
and, of course, playing the Dreidel game! If you're wondering how you might enhance
your family traditions with the kids or share Hanukkah with other kids, then consider
these Hanukkah games and toys:

  • Wooden Hanukkah set. Hard to find in local stores, the wooden Hanukkah set,
    left, comes with the menorah and nine removable colorful wooden candles, a
    wooden dreidel, six wooden coins, plus two wooden potato latkes, a frying pan,
    a spatula, and a cloth to store it all. This toy is a great way to have a toddler
    participate in "lighting"  a menorah! It also makes a wonderful centerpiece for
    the kids table.

  • Torah slides and ladders. In this Jewish themed version of Chutes and Ladders,
    players bop up and down the board, getting classically conditioned in the Jewish
    way of life. Land on "Loving your fellow Jew"? Take a ride to the top of the
    board. Aw, you hit "Making noise in shul"? Slide to the bottom of the pile, and no
    matzo for you!

  • Get little with Little People. The Little People Hanukkah play set, right,  is a
    wonderful addition to your village of other Little People toys, and while intended
    for Hannukkah, don't be surprised if the kids play with it year round! Sweet
    details include Hanukkah music from a push on the menorah, little latkes on the
    plates, and characters that wear kippots. It's a sweet toy you can make part of
    your annual decorations.

  • Do it yourself for the Hanukkah party supplies. If you have a printer you can have
    instant Hanukkah party supplies. Check out the Hanukkah collection of do-it-
    yourself party supplies from Frog Prince Paperie's ETSY shop.

Hanukkah crafts

  • Make a Hand-print Menorah: The classic Hanukkah craft is the handprint menorah
    where the thumbs intertwine into the eighth candle.

  • Tinker on some holiday Twinkle: Get crafty with the kids and tinker with some
    wood for  this Hanukkah menorah craft that will make the holiday shine.

  • Candle favor boxes. Another classic kids craft for Hanukkah with kids and super
    easy are paper candle treat boxes. These are decorated toilet paper rolls with
    treats wrapped in gold or yellow tissue paper to look like flames. Inside, you can
    tuck surprises, such as small toys and candies.

  • Create a Jewish bead craft keepsake. Make a Dreidel or a Star of David with beads
    to form the pattern, then iron them together to make a keepsake of the holiday.

Get more craft ideas from Hanukkah idea book" "Hanukkah, Festival of Lights:
Celebrate With Songs, Decorations, Food, Games, Prayers, and Traditions," left.

Hanukkah invitations
Your Hanukkah invitations will shine brighter with help from the kids. Have them stamp
the envelope or card with the stamp kit, left, to add their personal touch. There aren't
many Hanukkah invitations available, not even on ETSY.

  • Your invitation might include the lyrics to "Oh, Hanukkah!":
    Oh Hanukkah! Oh Hanukkah!
    Come light the menorah.
    Let's have a party.
    We'll all dance the Hora.
    Gather round the table
    We'll give you a treat.
    Dreidels to play with.
    Latkes to eat.

  • Here's a new spin for your invitations! The details of your Hanukkah party will
    stand out when you add some special Hanukkah postage stamps from Zazzle.

Hanukkah decorations for kids
Your holiday can have a festive display of silver and blue with gold trimmings, along
with the traditional Hanukkah decorations and the kids can help:

  • Handmade Hanukkah crafts. Search ETSY for "Hanukkah" and you'll get all sorts of
    unrelated decorations, such as snowmen and snowflakes, but there is a way to
    filter your search to get more of the Hanukkah decorations and gifts you want.
    Try these searches on ETSY for your Hanukkah party:

  • Make a Tzedakah Box: "Tzedakah" is the Hebrew word for "charity." The
    Tzedakah  box, also sometimes called a "pushke" is like a piggy bank for charity.
    Giving money for those in need is certainly a good deed. ids can decorate a box,
    find loose change and donate the funds to the charity of their choice. A sweet
    keepsake, is the wooden Tzedakah box, left.

  • Get active with Activity TV: Hanukkah! Filled with activities to prepare for
    Hanukkah, Activity TV, left has two DVDs. The easy-to-follow tutorials led by
    friendly experts will help you make Hannukkah decorations and crafts, plus tasty
    classic foods and some new favorites.
  • Activity TV. Hanukkah Version 1: Learn how to make a Dreidel puppet, Star of
    David decal, and homemade candles! Kids will also learn how to cook tasty
    Latkes and make apple sauce.
  • Activity T.V Hanukkah Version 2: Honoring the traditions of Hanukkah, in this
    version of Activity TV Hanukkah, you'll learn how to make a homemade Menorah,
    gift box puppet, milk carton Dreidel. You also get recipes for jelly dough puffs,
    chocolate apricot gelt, and matzoh crunch.

  • Here are more ideas for Hanukkah with kids:
  • Scatter the Hanukkah geld on the table like confetti.
  • Make a Hanukkah garland from buttons and beads. Festive indeed for any party.

Hanukkah foods
The traditional holiday dish of latkes (potato pancakes) is a must! Served with
applesauce our sour cream, this is a treat just about everyone will enjoy. To enhance
the flavor for kids, try reading a story. "The Runaway Latkes," right, by Leslie
Kimmelman is a wonderful version of the classic Gingerbread man story. In the end, a
modern day Hanukkah miracle happens. There's even a recipe for Rebecca's Latkes.

Here are some other fun things to nosh on for a Hanukkah party with kids:
  • Cut kid's sandwiches with a Star of David Cookie Cutter.
  • A popular dessert served at Hanukkah are jelly donuts, also called "sufganiot"
    because they are fried in oil and oil has symbolism for the miracle of the oil lamp
    lasting for eight days and nights.
  • The Star of David Bundt pan, right, would also make a festive display for dessert.
  • Kids can make their own Challah bread. This special bread

Hanukkah party favors
Typically at a Hanukkah party, kids might receive chocolate "gelt" (Yiddish for money)
with a small dreidel toy. Here are some other party favors to consider for a Hanukkah
party with kids:

  • Oh, Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel I shall eat! Dreidel chocolates are always a welcome
    addition to a Hanukkah party. Confections are available in beautiful foil wrapped
    pieces, left, or as a dreidel sucker.

  • Here are more dreidel favor ideas:
  • Dreidel crayons, left, will inspire some creativity.
  • Fillable plastic dredels: These fillable plastic dreidels are 1-1/2 inches, which are
    big enough to fill with small toys and treats. Fill them with Geld and Silly Bandz.

  • Kosher Silly Bandz -  Package of 12 Silly Bandz, including 2 each of Menorah,
    Mezuzah, Lulav, Grogger, Megillah and Dreidel.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your Hanukkah party. We'd love to share a link or your
ideas on Twitter.
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