Harry Potter costume for Birthday boy
Harry Potter Party
Fun foods for your theme party based on the popular books

You've just been Bean Boozled into throwing a Harry Potter Party! So what are you
going to serve the kiddos? Fudge flies, Droobles, Crispy Frogs, magical Beans that
have been Boozled and so much more. Here's how to plan your Harry Potter Party
Menu and dress the part for the party.

  • Harry Potter Party Book: The Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book by Jessica Fox is
    available now for instant download for your Kindle and it's available on your PC.
    From monster books to potions class you'll find an immense array of crafts,
    games and treats to entertain your guests Harry Potter style! Make your own
    Harry Potter party supplies on the cheap. Make Pygmy Puff Pastries or sweet
    Dragon Eggs or marshmallow and chocolate mice for your owls. It's packed with
    recipes for tasty wizard treats that your muggle and wizard guests will inhale.

  • Bean Boozle them! Get the party started with Harry Potter's Bean Boozled Jelly
    Belly candies, pictured left. As kids enter the party they can spin the Bean
    Boozled game board if they dare. If party goers happen to get a Booger-
    flavored bean instead of Juicy Pear then they've been Bean Boozled! The
    original Harry Potter Jelly Bean, the Bean Boozled boxes make an ideal Harry
    Potter Party favor.

  • Plan a proper Harry Potter Menu: The Hogwarth's Dining Hall was never the same
    after getting a hold of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, pictured above.
    You'll conjure up entrees, desserts, snacks, and drinks that would make Mrs.
    Weasley proud. Bake Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes or a Treacle Tart, which is
    Harry's favorite dessert. 150 easy-to-make recipes in all so you're sure to find
    something to please your little Muggles and Wizards.  Anyone who's ever read
    a Harry Potter book has likely wondered what the foods tasted like. You'll enjoy
    the recipes long after the party is over.

How to dress like Harry Potter for the party
Of course your child will want to dress like Harry Potter for the party, and you can
dress him or her Gryffindor style with the Harry Potter Robe, right. This costume looks
just as great on the boys as it does the girls. Add a Gryffindor neck tie and Harry
Potter style glasses and you've got the famous Harry Potter look. Or go all out with a
Gryffindor House hat and scarf to complete your Harry Potter costume.

Remember to wear black shoes and pants, and secure your tie to a white collared
shirt or your little Harry Potter's school uniform won't look right. The finishing touch to
any Harry Potter costume is the wand. Here are all the accessories you need to look
like Harry Potter himself.

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