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Hippie Party
How to have a groovy '60s or '70s theme party for kids

It's time for peace, love and a Hippy Party! Peace out for a themed birthday party that
will get you in touch with your inner being. Groovy! Make a party and not war! Imagine
flower power, making tie dye shirts, playing Twister, wearing peace necklaces and
mood rings, lounging in bean bags and grooving to the music of the 60s and 70s.

Here's how to have a party that's out of sight, yet within budget:

  • Don't shy from the Tie Dye. Sure, it's messy, but this is an activity and party favor
    in one, and kids will remember this experience for a lifetime. Their T-shirt will be
    a constant reminder of your funky and unusual party. The easiest solution is
    Alex Tie Dye Party, pictured right. In a pinch, you can tie dye with Kool-Aid. Start
    thinking about how you can tie dye your food:

  • Go Green! Hippies were the first to recycle, and go green, so your party favors
    should not come in a plastic bag. The quality peace sign bags above are
    inexpensive, just $11.42 for a dozen. Plus, they're eligible for FREE Super Saver
    Shipping on orders over $25.

Activities for a Hippy Party

  • Make peace with your budget. Kids will love crafting a God's Eye with yarn and
    Popsicle sticks or making friendship bracelets or Macrame. You might also tie dye
    an old white bed sheet for the tablecloth.

Food for a Hippy Party
Peace, love and grilled cheese sandwiches. Keep your menu simple for a Hippy Party
and stick to food kids love.

  • Food for thought. Skip the "Oregano" brownies... The kids will love sampling the
    oldies but goodies: Hostess Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Snowballs. If
    you're up for something home made try lemon bars and oatmeal cookies. For
    snacks, make it easy on yourself with Lipton onion soup mix and sour cream dip
    and chips. Add a few Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and Triscuits. For lunch,
    it's grilled cheese sandwiches made with Wonder Bread and Velveeta. Serve up
    the Tang or Koolaid and some Jello. Have a few Space Sticks on hand, along
    with Missile pops and you're good to go for the era. Don't worry, the kids won't
    protest and all these foods are cheap.

  • Get flower powered! You can't get into the sixties funk without flower power.
    Here's how to make flower power balloons and more. Here's a table setting
    that's sure to please your little diva.

Favors for a Hippy Party

  • Peace and love erasers! Pictured, lower left, two dozen of them are just $4.95
    and eligible for free shipping.

Hippy Party Invitation and Thank You Card Ideas

  • They'll be dyeing to come to your party! Family Fun shares a unique Tie Dye
    invitation idea that will have you mailing a T-shirt to party goers.

  • Hippy party invitation wording ideas:
  • Groovy! Our flower child, Melia, is turning seven!
  • Join us for peace, love and grilled cheese sandwiches Saturday, August 22
    at noon
  • Hippy Commune: 123 Main Street
  • It would be a drag if you didn't RSVP Chandra at 867-5309

More ways to set the Scene for your Hippy Party

  • Make a groovy first impression: A beaded curtain entrance is an absolute must for
    a hippy party! You'll get one for under twenty bucks and the kids will love it.

  • Smile more. Make a That 70s Shirt cake, pictured left. See also our Smiley face
    party and rock star party.

  • Get thrifty. Start shopping thrift shops for vintage fun. Look for orange and
    chartreuse (lime green) plastic serving containers.

  • It makes perfect insense! Light incense as no self respecting hippy would be
    without the charm of this cleansing experience.

  • Picture perfect. Ask kids to share pictures of their parents or grandparents in the
    '60 or '70s. Kids won't believe what kids wore back then.

Real Hippie Parties

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