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Do you have a little ice hockey jockey on your hands? Then it's time for a face off!
Invite the kids to an ice hockey party they'll never forget! We've got the "home ice
advantage"on hockey birthday cakes and party supplies that kids love.

What a slap shot! The little rink rats will love this birthday theme, and we're here to
"assist" with a host of do it yourself ideas that will surely score a goal with him. Here's
how to get ready for the face off:

  • Now here's a power play: Hand deliver party invitations with the mini ice hockey
    pencil favors, left. You can affix the party details on a small piece of paper like
    flag. Make this a "save the date" invitation, then follow up with the ice hockey
    puck invitation postcard, above. It works like a slap shot!
  • Get more Hockey party invitation ideas below.

  • The icing on the cake: The best part about any kids party is the cake, and we
    have three ideas for a hockey birthday cake that are sure to score high with
    your little hockey player.
  • Ice rink hockey cake: Turn the birthday cake into an ice rink with the ice hockey
    cake toppers, top left. There aren't enough cake tops to divvy up as favors, but
    you can poke the hockey cupcake rings on the sides of the cake. They would
    look amusing on the tables, too, so get some extras.
  • Hockey player cake pan: Highlight the birthday boy's favorite player with the
    Wilton hockey player cake pan. You'll feel like a pro making this hockey cake.
  • Edible image hockey cake: If you want a different look for the cake, go for the
    edible image hockey cake, also left. This is a fun and easy to use decorating
    sheet for butter cream, fondant, gum paste, or even ice cream cakes! You simple
    unroll it and it melts into the icing. It's crazy simple.
  • Get more hockey party food ideas below.

  • Hockey party favors:
  • Inflate the fun with inflatable hockey pucks, left.
  • Younger  kids will appreciate the hockey rubber ducks, upper right
  • Hockey puck gum is available in your favorite team. Like the label says "First it's
    gum, then it's a puck! Chew it… Stomp it… Wack it!" Kids get great tasting candy
    and a reusable hockey puck all in one. Comes six to an order.
  • See more hockey party favor ideas below.

  • Play Min-Knee hockey! Knee hockey, air hockey, mini hockey... Anywhere you set
    up "Gretzky's office" is just fine. Have the kids set up for slapshots in the
    backyard with a pop-up goal. You might have enough players for a street hockey
    game! A gift for the birthday boy might include air hockey or table stick hockey
    game. There's more than one way to have a hockey party for kids. Right, the Mini
    Mylec Rink Mat is 5 x10 feet. Product contains a mat. The goals, sticks, are sold

  • Slam some Hockey Guys on the tables. Hockey's version of those little green army
    guys, you'll find Hockey Guys, upper right, not only provide hours of
    entertainment for the kids, but you can  the little guys will help decorate the
    party. The set comes with 14 players (4 forwards, 4 centers, 4 defenders and 2
    goalies), as well as 1 referee, 2 goals, 1 puck and 10 rink wall pieces.

Host a National Hockey League Party
NHL hockey theme party ideas:

  • Wii can all have fun with an NHL party theme! Even if you don't take them to a real
    hockey game, the boys will love playing Nintendo Wii hockey (a good choice is
    NHL-2K10, left ). Look for a hockey stick that affixes to your Wii handheld device.
  • More NHL Hockey Games:
  • NHL Ice Breaker Card Game, left, is a real ice breaker! Easy to learn, and just 30
    minutes to play, it's appropriate for kids ages 8 and up.
  • NHL Monopoly, right, lets you customize! Plays like monopoly, but you choose 22
    of the 30 NHL teams and place your favorite team labels on the game board in
    the order you want.
  • Get high on NHL Hockey Highlights: Set the DVD on continual play of the National
    Hockey League's Greatest Moments DVD or plop it in for the ride to the rink. Kids
    and adults alike will enjoy the Stanley Cup winning overtime goals, and record
    breaking achievements of the hockey greats, including Wayne Gretzky, Mario
    Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Maurice Richard, and Jacques Plante.

Decoration ideas for a kids hockey party
The goal is to have fun decorating for a hockey party! Think outside the penalty box! A
white fish net intended for an under the sea party layered on top of a red table cloth
adds a festive element for the party. You might also make a
home made goal post  for
around $50 that you can display for the party. Any goal net is a great place to stash
the birthday gifts. Here are more ways to set up for a hockey party:

  • Fan-fare. You can create an instant team when you buy jerseys and iron guest's
    names on the back. The jerseys double as favors and decorations. Be sure to
    take a team picture for the thank you cards. For extra fanfare, provide Hockey
    beads in the team colors. Search party stores for Mardis Gras beads.

  • Prepare the penalty box: Put up a "penalty box" sign on the bathroom. It's a
    funny addition to the party. Further on the theme, put a "Locker room" sign on
    the birthday boy's room, and direct guests to your "concession stand." Use
    hockey stencils on your signs, an inexpensive choice is from Dover: see "Fun
    with Hockey Stencils," left.

  • Get everyone's autographs! Just before cake, gather the kids for storytelling as
    prelude to having guests sign a book. It calms the younger kids from all the
    activities. You'll enjoy reading "The Magic Hockey Stick," left, which is a
    heartwarming story of a girl and how Wayne Gretzky asks for her autograph.
    Have all the guests sign an autograph book after reading it.

  • The real deal. Put out real hockey pucks on the tables, and use a goalie helmet (fi
    you have one) to display as a centerpiece. And of course, remember to put out
    any trophies or other hockey paraphernalia you may have, including game
    tickets you've saved, prized hockey cards, and favorite magazine clippings. Put
    them on a bulletin board.

  • Hockey ice pond centerpiece. Make a centerpiece of a mirror for the tables. A few
    sprinkles of artificial snow will give the effect of a mini frozen ice pond. Lay a mini
    hockey puck pencil (above left) on top or provide one for each guest at the table
    to discover.

  • Set up a concession stand. Set up the food like a  concession stand with munchies
    available for party goers, including nachos, pop corn, hockey puck hamburgers,
    hockey stick hot dogs, chicken wings, and "Stanley Cups" of root beer on tap to
    make the kids feel like grown ups. (Ask for Birch Beer available in a keg.) For the
    hockey themed cups, just mark "Stanley Cup" on every cup with a marker.

Hockey party Invitations

  • Slice the ice with a cookie cutter. Your goal is a happy birthday and it doesn't have
    to cost a lot to make invitations. Your hockey-shaped cookie cutter can double as
    a stencil. Draw the outline, then cut out and decorate your own invitations or
    make cut outs to decorate the party.

  • Stick it to them. Buy hockey-stick shaped pencils and affix your message to
    paper. Roll your message with the pencil in a tube or hand deliver the invitations.

  • Draft the possibilities. Send out draft notices that look like the guests are being
    drafted for the National Hockey League or American Hockey League. As kids
    arrive, set the scene like a training camp. For added effect, you can appoint a
    "Zebra" and have someone sport a referee jersey, right.

Hockey party foods
A puck is often called a "biscuit," and you'll have the "biscuit in the basket" (scoring
goal) when you incorporate these fun ideas for your hockey party:

  • Make a concession stand. Serve up hockey puck hamburgers, and hockey sick hot
    dogs. For hockey stick hot dogs, wrap biscuit dough around the frank ensuring
    that some of the dough is for the paddle. Die hards may appreciate Buffalo
    wings. Have some fun with the drinks and condiments. If you think about it, even
    bendable straws look like little hockey sticks if you bend them. Give everyone a
    cup with the word "Stanley" on it. They'll eventually figure out the joke.

  • Cherries. Serve up a bowl of cherries, so you can joking accuse the whole gang
    of cherry picking!

  • Zamboni Snow cones. Tell the kids you got some shavings from the Zamboni ice

  • Make home-made candy a personal goal. Everyone's a sucker for a goalie lollipop
    you make yourself by melting hard candies into the goalie mold, right. Or melt
    chocolates. Wilton Candy melts are a good option.

  • Here are foods that look like hockey pucks: Any ding-dong party site will tell you to
    use Hostess Ding Dongs because they look like hockey pucks. Stack them high
    and add a trophy, see picture below. Here are more ideas:
  • Oreos look like hockey pucks especially when you dip them in chocolate.
  • Girl Scout Thin mints cookies look like hockey pucks, too.
  • Ghiradelli Flicks look like hockey pucks.
  • Brown M&Ms could look like hockey pucks too!
  • Peppermint patties will break the ice.
  • Brownie bites are sure to score!
  • Any chocolate genache cake from the bakery will look like hockey puck, so
    don't sweat the birthday cake.
  • These gorgeous hand painted chocolates are hockey puckish, too!

  • Here are  foods that look like hockey sticks:
  • Take any stick candy, old fashioned hard candy swirls work well, and affix
    paper to create the paddle portion of the hockey stick.
  • These hockey stick cookies are made sweeter by the M&M hockey puck
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels can look like hockey sticks

  • Lollipop suckers and chocolates: Make your own lollipops with a hockey shaped
    mold for chocolates, candy melts and hard candies.
  • Hockey Goalie lollipop, lower left
  • See our lollipop stand ideas for tips on how to display them for the party.

Hockey birthday cake ideas

  • Hockey Skate Cake: The Wilton Ice Skates cake, left, will work just as nicely for a
    hockey party as it will for another Winter theme party. Ice skates in black help
    give it a hockey feel for boys, and if you have a daughter, you can use the pan
    for an ice skating party.

  • Use a the Hockey Goalie mold to craft chocolates, candy melts and hard candies
    to decorate your cake. You'll need a sturdy

  • More fun ideas for cake time:
  • Be sure to serve the adults a nice "Stanley Cup of Coffee" with cake.
  • Serve ice cream in sugar cones presented in an appropriate sized plastic trophy.
    Scoop ice cream ahead, add sprinkles

Hockey party favors
Party favors for a hockey game are hard to find, so you'll have to get creative and
search places like ETSY, eBay and Amazon. Hockey favors might include whistles,
trading cards -- even a real hockey puck (which could serve as a paper weight and
costs as little as a buck). Here are more hockey party favor ideas:

  • Taking the kids to a hockey game? Then bring along some glow in the dark party
    favors, which will light up the dark rink. Inflatable hockey sticks will also help
    them root their favorite team.

  • Take a slap shot! Snap some shots of the party team. The hockey balloon tie,
    right, could double as a photo holder. After the party, give one to each guest
    along with a photo of the birthday kid in hockey gear as a thank you card.

  • Pucker up for Hockey Puck gum. Hockey puck bubble gum packs are just $2.49
    each and makes a terrific favor.  Hockey Puck gumballs are cute, but hard to find
    in the quantity you need (unless you want thousands of them for $37). Any
    candy for the party would look great in an NHL candy jar.

  • A prized game! The hockey card game, left, would make an excellent prize, favor,
    party activity or gift for the birthday child. In this fast paced card game, it's a
    race to assemble your team. Players trade and recruit. Watch out for penalties
    and flying pucks!

More Resources for a Hockey Party
Looking for more ideas for hockey parties?

Real Hockey parties

  • Hockey Puck Birthday Idea: Ryans 10th birthday featured ding dong cake pucks
    topped with a trophy, pictured below center. What a clever idea!

  • Collin's 11th birthday: Get inspiration for baking Hockey puck cookies from this
    homeschooling mom.

  • Hockey themed wedding. It was love at first site in this hockey themed wedding,
    but even for a kids party you can gain inspiration for this unusual theme.

The perfect gift for your hockey fanatic is an air hockey game! Tell us about your
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