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How to have a made in Hollywood Oscars party for girls

Looking for a glamorous kids party? And the winner is... A Hollywood Starlet party! A
starlet was born and the mama and the paparazzi are planning a birthday party filled
with glitter and glamour befitting a Hollywood princess. A Hollywood Starlet party
might also set the scene for a sleep-over with an after hours slumber party and an all
night movie fest.

Here's how to celebrate a premiere event a Hollywood starlet party:

  • Roll out the red carpets. Make everyone a star. Set the grand entrance for an
    evening event with a red carpet of course. Use strobe lights or flash lights or
    ask family and friends to be the paparazzi. Interview guests as they arrive and
    videotape the arrival for the show later. Kids love this drama.

  • Invite a movie buff: Give your party a dramatic entrance with the inflatable
    golden "movie buff" statue, pictured left, which stands proud at 53 inches and
    makes a smashing impression.

  • Award Party Goers with trophies: At the party, make a presentation to award for
    each friend: "Best Smile," "Sweetest Friend," "Best Dressed," "Easiest to get
    along with," "Most Flirtatious," friend with the "Best Kept Secret" and so on.
    Head to the supermarket for Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottles or search eBay for
    old ones. Spray paint them gold if you must, but the amber color makes them
    fun as they are.

  • All that glitters: Put the tinsel in Tinsel town! Consider sprinkling gold and silver
    glitter at the party entrance. Look for gold and silver plastic utensils, gold and
    silver foiled stars -- and tinsel leftover from Christmas. Even the food can have a
    glamourous look in with metalic silver and gold candies:

Plan ahead at New Years to get  star garlands, and anything that glitters in silver or
gold. Plastic top hats and moer.

Menu ideas for a Hollywood Oscar Party
Arrange seating for your party like an auditorium and plan on a finger food style
reception with a buffet table.

  • Eat with the stars. Set out a delicious array of star shaped hamburgers and
    sandwiches, star shaped appetizers, brownies and cookies. Serve mocktails
    (sparkling apple cider or ginger ale garnished with raspberries) to make the kids
    feel glamorous.

  • Add a sophisticated touch. Check out the Oscar night cupcakes and cookies sweet
    by design from Bakerella. Search their Web site for the free printables And buy
    their latest book, right!

  • Create a sparkling apple juice fountain. Stack plastic champagne glasses into a
    fountain, and when guests arrive, if you don't mind a bit of mess, pour the
    bubbling apple juice so everyone can see.

Decorations for a Hollywood party
This is a party theme where the girls will definitely appreciate the glamour. You can
add a vintage Hollywood flair by wrapping feathery boas to chairs. If you have boys at
the party, make sure to give them a plastic or paper top hat. Here are more decoration
ideas that will give her the glamour she wants.

  • Beg, borrow or buy a Director's Chair. Prop the birthday kid in a Director's Chair at
    gift time. The classic director's chair, right, comes in a honey finish. Purchase the
    canvas separately to match your party colors.

  • Go Hollywood Hills: Recreate the Hollywood hills with white wooden block letters
    to spell "H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D." You'll find white letters at Michael's Art supply.

  • Get reel! Forget the tired old movie reel decorations. This party has a modern
    twist and it's all about being a star. Tie a balloon bouquet in silver, gold and
    black from a glittery top hat.

  • Hollywood Themed Balloon weights: The great thing about the movie camera
    balloon weights, and the Hollywood clapboard balloon weights, lower left, is
    that they add a decorative element to your party in a few ways. Use them to tie
    balloons, pictures of the birthday kid, or the menu for the party. Best of all they
    double as favors: when the party's over, guests can take them home and use
    them as photo frames!

  • Decorate wtih Silver Film Cans & Movie Reels: Silver colored tin film cans, pictured
    at the bottom of the page are 10.8" by 1.75" thick. Use them as gift boxes,
    containers, or as movie theme decoration pieces. They'll add a decorative
    Hollywood element to your game room, long after the party is over. Metal Movie
    Reels, a symbol of the filming industry, are also ideal for props, decoration
    pieces, or as a part of a table centerpiece. They are 9.9" by 1.8" thick.

Invitation Ideas for a Hollywood Party

  • Wording ideas for a girl's Oscar Party. Invite friends with a special back stage pass
    to the performance awards.

  • Admit One to the 12th Annual Starlet Awards
  • Hosted by Alexandra
  • Broadcast live on Saturday August 22 at 6:00
  • Tinsletown Theaters: 123 main street
  • RSVP Alexandra's Publicist at 867-5309

  • On the envelope you can have fun with various wording ideas:
  • And the nominees are...
  • The envelope please!

Invitations for Hollywood Party:

Invite the paparazzi with these Hollywood Party invitation ideas:

  • Do it yourself Hollywood party Invitations: Things are looking so bright, you've got
    to send shades. Sunglasses make an ideal starlet party invitation. Get the look
    from Family Fun.

More Resources for a Hollywood Starlet party

  • Your little Fashionista may also have an interest in a Barbie Party. The Barbie
    Birthday Wishes doll, left, in red, has a very Hollywood red-carpet look.

Real Hollywood Parties for kids

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