Hula Girl Party
How to have a beach party or pool party with a hula girl theme

Looking for the ultimate beach party? She'll surely say "Aloha" to a Hula Girl birthday
party. A Hula Girl Party is an ultra girlie version of a luau with emphasis on hot pink,
hibiscus, and hula for the honeys. With grass skirts and touch of Tiki, there's every
reason to celebrate with a Hawaiian Hula Girl party!

Your little hula cuties are ready to shake their booties, but are you ready to shake and
sway the hula girl way? Relax, we'll show you how to be a hula girl in no time with a
video suggestion to help. Here's how to bring islands home with a "lei" cool party
that's perfect for the pool, the beach or your backyard:

  • Honolulu Lulu says name that girl! Get the party started by giving the girls a
    Hawaiian name. Translate names online with the Hawaiian Name Generator.
    Present girls with their Hawaiian name at the party when you offer the
    traditional lei greeting. Your little hula girls will appreciate a lei flower clip and a
    lei anklet or bracelet as well, and if your budget allows a grass skirt.

  • Flirt the skirts. A Hula Girl party is all about the grass skirt, and the super cute
    and easy hula girl mini cakes, left, by Wilton, are made from the Wilton Mini
    Wonder Mold that you'll use again and again for other parties. More ways to flirt
    the skirt:
  • make grass skirt hula girl invitations by cutting a skirt fringe from
    construction paper.
  • make a grass hula girl skirt from paper streamers.

  • Lei out the party supplies. Kids will enjoy making their own leis when you pre-cut
    some construction paper into hibiscus shapes in orange, yellows, purples and
    pinks. Create a few tissue flowers, too and divide with huge wooden beads
    (you can also use pink straws as dividers in a pinch). A few silk flowers for each
    child provides the finishing touch.

  • Hula hoop it. Supply some hula hoops for some hip-shaking fun. It's an activity
    for the party and a favor in one.
  • Play pass the hula hoop. Girls hold hands and the birthday girl hold a hula
    hoop on her wrist. She attempts to get her whole body through the hula
    hoop without letting go of holding hands. Now it's the next girls turn until
    completing the loop.
  • Use a hula hoop to play hula freeze dance game.
  • Hold a hula olympics. See who can hula the longest.  Try hula hooping
    around an arm or hula hooping with more than one hula hoop. If you
    have five hula hoops, hold them together for a picture of a hula olympics
    contest and use it for the thank you cards.

  • Limbo Luau dance? Go ahead and Limbo dance, but know that while it's often
    associated with the Hawaiian islands, the under-the-stick dance actually
    originated in Trinidad. Have kids help by holding the limbo sticks. Get more party
    game ideas below.

  • Beach combing for more ideas?  See also our flip flop party, freaky tiki party, and
    surfer party ideas, plus mermaid party, dolphin party, pink flamingo party and
    shark party ideas.

Hula girl invitation ideas

  • Retro cool store bought cards: Our favorite hula girl invitation, by Dolce Mia, right,
    has retro hula girl feel (nothing says Hula Girl more in a terrific tiki style). And
    you're sure to say "Aloha" to the matching thank you cards when you search
    using the link on the right.

  • Easy home made cards: Want to make your own hula girl cards either for the
    birthday girl, the thank you cards or the invitations? Embellish a home made
    card with a grass skirt fringe you cut from green crepe paper, cellophane, felt or
    even construction paper. Now that's a way to hula without spending a lot of

  • Hand delivered invitation idea: First, find a Hawaiian name for your guests using
    the Hawaiian name generator then write an invitation in Hawaiian with help
    from Write your message on one side in Hawaiian and
    provide the English translation for the flip side. For example:
  • English: "Come celebrate Taylor's first birthday"
  • Hawaiian: "Hele me hoohiwahiwa Taylor’s mua loa la hanau
    Affix your message to a lei and hand deliver by hanging it on the door knob of
    each guest. The lei becomes the embellishment for the card.

  • Here are more hula girl party wording ideas
  • Our Island Girl Lilly-Anne (Hawaiian name is "Lili-ane") is turning seven
  • You're invited to HULA because girls RULA!
  • The Hula Girl Luau is Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Island: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Tiffany (Hawaiian name is "Kipani") at 867.5309

Hula Party Games
You'll be hulu hooping it and doing the limba. Here are more Hula Party games to keep
the kiddos busy:

  • Coconut relay: Have a relay race where kids pass a real coconut. Instead of
    passing a baton in the traditional relay race, pass the coconut. A coconut is an
    awkward size and interesting item to play another kind of coconut relay. If you
    have a big party, you can form two lines with kids and adults. Kids pass the
    coconut to the team members in their line and see how quickly it can go from
    the first player to the last and back again.

More ways to set the scene for a Hawaiian hula girl party

  • Teach a bit of Hawaiian culture and language:

  • Make a sign: "Hau'oli la hanau" which translates to "Happy Birthday!"

  • A flower behind the right ear means the wearer is still available, while a
    woman who is "taken" wears it on the left.

  • "Aloha" means both "Hello" and "Goodbye" and the lei, which embodies
    the aloha spirit, not only shows hospitality, but also is a symbol of love
    and way to say, "peace", "congratulations," "good luck" or "I honor you"
    in addition to being a way to greet or bid farewell. Your hula girl party can
    include lei making. Better than store bought, and more durable, you can
    string shells or beads with alternating tissue paper flowers or flowers cut
    from construction paper.

  • "Mahalo" manners: Teach the girls hula manners. "Mahalo" translates to
    "Thank you." Remember that for the gift opening and again for the thank
    you cards.

  • Be a Hula girl! Turn your little "wahinas" into hula girls with the "Be a Hula
    Girl" DVD, pictured left. Complement this party activity with the music
    "Hawaiian Kiddie Luau," pictured right. Both get high ratings on Amazon.

  • Gifts for your little hula girl.

  • Be the life of the luau! The Hula Girl Ukulele, left, comes complete with a
    microprocessor with pre-recorded Hawaiian songs.

  • Zhu-zhula! The perfect gift for the hula birthday girl? A hula zhu-zhu pet is
    an ideal gift for a girl in the seven year range. She may already have a
    zhu-zhu pet, so you can give it a hula girl accent with the grass skirt
    outfit, left.

  • Muu-move on over to the Barbie Collector series. She might not wear a muu-
    muu herself, but she'll appreciate a muu-muu on Barbie Pacific Island
    Princess. She wears a traditional island dress known as a muu muu and a
    lei of Plumeria, a fragrant blossom native to the islands. Now that's a hula
    girl doll.

Hula Girl Party Foods
Set a feast for the eyes starting with your table. Lay down a bamboo mat. Dashboard
hula girls provide a theme appropriate accent and you can give them as favors.
Another idea is to create a centerpiece of yellow paper Hula girl Hibisicus flowers.
Learn how to make them below. The girls will love our
kids tiki party food ideas,
(aimed at the boys) like the hilarious pu-pu platter. Now shake your hula skirt to the
kitchen for these sweet ideas for girls:

  • Maui Wowie punch: Mix Maui's favorite citrus treat, rings of pineapple, with
    lemon lime soda. The wowie part comes in with pineapple sherbet you float on
    the top in your punch bowl to create a frothy delight the kids will love.

  • Shake the mold. You can't very well party without the pineapple at a hula girl
    party. No pineapple upsidedown cake here! Wilton's pineapple gelatin idea, left,
    is the solution. If your party has a tiki theme, you can create a tribal tiki mask
    with a few garnishes of strategically placed pineapple or lemon shavings.

  • Warm up to the hula girl cookie icing design of the cute cookies on Flickr.
  • Use M&M candies to create a bikini top.
  • To give your hula girl cookie a skirt, cut green fringe from a fruit roll up.
  • Accent your hula girl with a beach towel napkin and a drink umbrella
    propped in a gum drop to shade her.

  • More hula girl cake ideas:
  • Edible image hula girl, left, is an easy to use decorating sheet for
    buttercream, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, whipped toppings, fudge
    and ice cream cakes. Just loosen the design from its backing sheet by
    gently rolling it over the edge of a table or counter. Then carefully peel
    the image away from the backing sheet, and place on your cake. Made in
    the United States, itt fits 8" round cakes and larger.
  • See the Hula girl birthday cake, by Family Fun.

  • A sweet finale: Finding sugar cane at your market is impossible unless you live in
    the tropics. If you host a luau often, then chew on this idea: sugar cane swizzle
    sticks, which you can order six packs at a time. They keep almost indefinitely
    and are great for cocktails and coffee, or as an unusual hostess gift. It's an
    unusual treat and the girls will love to try it.

Hula Girl Resources:

  • Give the party a Hawaiian punch with paper. Make your own a party poppers,
    lanterns, and lei for your hula girl party all using pretty scrapbook papers in this
    Summer Parties with flair video.

  • Hula girl hibiscus. There's a beautiful yellow flower called the hula girl hibiscus.
    Making paper hibiscus flowers is relatively easy. Use yellow tissue paper and
    you're making an authentic hula girl hibiscus. You might also try growing your
    own hula girl hibiscus, left. Here's how to make a paper hula girl hibiscus flower.

  • Games for hula girls:

  • Hibiscus is the official hula girl flower! Here are more Hibiscus decorating ideas
    available online, including hibiscus clips for the table cloths, hibiscus tattoos,
    hibiscus cups and more to make your hula girl party a tropical delight.

And finally, if you're having a big hula girl party, be sure to get the comical Hula skirt
for your trash can, left. It's trashy, yes, but so cute.

Real Hula Girl parties

  • Hawaii Five-O party. When little hula girl Caitlyn turned five, her parents hosted a
    Hawaii-Five-O party. The kids learned Tahitian dance and got a lesson on limbo.

Planning a Hula hula-Ballon? Tell us about your Hula Girl party and
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