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John Deere Party
How to host a John Deere party

John Deere is the beloved choice of the American rancher, and your little birthday boy
or girl will be a jolly rancher indeed when you plan a John Deere party. Don't be like a
deer stuck in the tractor headlights, because with our party guide you'll have some
super cute party ideas to host a birthday they'll remember long after the cows come
home. Here's how to harvest the good times:

  • Go green! Plan on hosting a very green and yellow John Deere party. Sticking to
    the color theme is super easy. Start with yellow table cloths, then layer with
    green John Deere party supplies and green tractor toys. Sprinkle green and
    yellow M&Ms like confetti on the tables. Serve bright and happy lemonade in
    mason jars. Add cheery yellow flowers, and load up on bushels of lemons and
    limes to add to a festive country flair.

  • Don't overlook the girls! Pink and John Deere green party supplies are
    available at the bottom of the page.

  • Dress the part of ranchers. The birthday kid can make a grand entrance in his
    John Deere costume, pictured immediate right. This costume doubles as a toy.
    Or have the birthday kid ride out in a tractor toy, pictured lower right. Wear
    overalls or jeans, and hand out green bandannas or John Deere baseball caps.
    The ranch hands will appreciate your gifts and they double as decoration.

  • Bale some hay! Hay bales can provide extra seating and add to the decor. Check
    your local feed and tack store for large bales of hay. For decorative purposes
    you can also find small bales of hay at craft stores.

John Deere Party decorations
Creating a John Deere party in iconic green and yellow is a good start of this easy-to-
plan kids party. Here are more ideas to get you "running like a Deere":

  • Tie balloons to green cowbells. Kids love cowbells and the green cowbells,
    pictured immediate, fit the party colors beautifully. At the end of the party, you
    can hand the cowbells with a helium balloon to each child. In this way your
    decoration does double duty as a party favor!

  • Hey, here's an idea! Mini hay bale decorations will enhance your table setting
    when you tie the hay bale with a pretty green ribbon. Prop a John Deere tractor
    toy atop and your table centerpiece is complete.

  • Set out a bushel basket of green apples or green limes and yellow lemons. The half-
    bushel basket, left, will help you create an inviting display of the harvest. Lined
    in plastic, you'll find a number other uses, so get a couple! These bushel baskets
    are ideal for chips and candy. You may even decide to prop the party favors in
    them to enhance your theme. Smaller bushel baskets are ideal as planter
    baskets -- think in terms of bright yellow daisies or mums in the 5-inch bushel
    baskets to brighten the theme.

  • Display some John Deere party ware:

  • John Deere Tablesetting ideas:
  • The John Deere plastic tablecloth, pictured right, is rectangular. It makes a
    bold statement to your party theme. Use it for the drink table or set up a
    gift station on a card table.
  • For a buffet, a John Deere mug, right, is an ideal utensil holder.
  • John Deere sippy cups, pictured, top left, will help keep spills at bay.

  • John Deere food picks. Available in his and hers, the sweet John Deere
    baseball cap has been transformed into a little plastic cupcake pick. You'll
    find plenty of uses for these super cute food picks, pictured at the bottom
    of the page. Put them in the burger buns to indicate the ones that are
    well done!

What to serve at a John Deere party

  • Serve chicken nuggets and veggies with ranch dressing of course! While you can
    serve fried chicken to the adults, chicken nuggets dipped in ranch dressing will
    add to your party theme for the kids menu. Mini carrots will be the most popular,
    so get extras for the kids. Sugar snap peas are another kid friendly veggie. The
    adults will appreciate also cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, as well as a
    harvest of your other favorite veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower.

  • Please do eat the daisies. Right, the John Deere Web site, encourages
    consumption of edible flowers and other homestead delights. Reserve this treat
    for the adult menu. Check out the serving suggestions that come directly from
    the John Deere homestead magazine.

  • Mini caramel apples are easy to make. Choose small Granny Smith apples, pierce
    them with Popsicle stick, and dip them into melted caramel and place on wax
    paper to dry.

  • Host a candy buffet! Set out bright yellow candies, including lemon drops, apple
    and watermelon Jolly Rancher candies, and John Deere tractor suckers or
    chocolates on a stick, green and yellow M&Ms and salt water taffy.

  • John Deere Cookies. The tractor cookie cutter, available left, will help you bake
    amazingly cute John Deere cookies. Try our big batch sugar cookie recipe. Or fill
    the John Deere cookie jar, lower left with your favorite cookies.

Activities for a John Deere Party

  • John Deere Pinata: Fill up a John Deere pinata with Jolly Ranchers candy, plastic
    farm animals, tattoos, and other small farm animal favors you may find, like the
    silly farm animal wrist bands, or the farm animal counting pieces, pictured right.
    Hand kids a John Deere baseball cap for them to fill with treasures. Have a few
    handfuls of extra prizes on hand for the kids who may have missed the
    opportunity. Also, be sure to allow kids to have an exchange, so they can trade
    up for duplicates.

  • Set up a farmers market: Create a party setting that's like a farmers market with
    carnival style activities at each booth. Enlist help from family or older
    neighborhood kids to help you run the booths, or simply have parents walk their
    children to each station and provide written instructions.

  • Set up the farm style party games: Party games can include potato sack races,
    horse-shoe toss and spoon and egg races. You may even have a treasure hunt.
    The only game to avoid with little ones around is bobbing for apples. It's
    unsanitary and presents a drowning risk for toddlers.

John Deere Invitation Ideas
Enlist the birthday boy or girl to add a few stickers to the invitation envelopes in
preparation for his or her big day. Here are some wording suggestions for home made

  • Oh Deere! Johnny's turning four!
  • Help us plow down some birthday cake Saturday September 25
  • All tractor trails lead to Smith Ranch at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP Farmer Jane at 876-5309 to share in the harvest.

Resources for a John Deere Party

  • Learn more about the John Deere company. John Deere celebrated their 175th
    anniversary in 2012. It all started in Rutland, Vermont, on July 18, 1873. Visit the
    John Deere website to download wallpaper for your computer and explore this
    iconic American company. Like they say, "Nothing runs quite like a Deere."

  • Hosting a John Deere Baby shower? Visit John Deere baby store, link immediate
    left where you'll find super cute John Deere apparel, toys and more.

Real John Deere Parties

  • Thinking of inviting John Deere to the party? Mack's John Deere Birthday featured
    the real thing: a huge green John Deere. Even the parents were impressed. No
    worries if you can't invite the real John Deere to your party, your boy will be just
    as happy with the John Deere scooter, pictured lower right.

Oh Deere! Tell us about your John Deere party and share party ideas with us on Twitter
and Facebook at cutepartyideas. We love kids parties and share quality links with our
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