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How to have a jungle theme birthday party for kids

Get ready to pound your chest for the best ever jungle party because "me know how
to party!" A jungle party is just as much fun for kids as it is for the adults. Your little
"jungle love" will appreciate the tropical rain forest you create at home with palm tree
mylar balloons, inflatable crocodiles and monkeys, plastic tree frogs, plush tigers and
slithering snakes.

Setting the jungle scene:
Want an authentic jungle party for kids? The terrain of a jungle is not like you'd create
for a
safari party or a zoo party (though we have plenty of ideas for those). For a
jungle party, you'll want to think about incorporating lush greenery (have a jungle
palm tree for your party, left) and host lots of fun with exotic slithering animal
inflatables. Here's how to have a  jungle party deep in the rain forest at home:

  • Decorate the birthday kid. Give everyone a pith hat as they arrive to the birthday
    to start their jungle adventure. Imaginations will start to run wild. The birthday
    kid can dress in character as Jungle Jane, Tarzan or George of the Jungle or
    even the Jungle Boy. Or simply dress your child in khaki with a cargo vest,
    pictured left. This vest will inspire hours of creative play in your backyard. Pair it
    with a gift of binoculars, pith and a bug catcher or magnifying glass.

  • Jungle trees if you please. The Jungle cake, left, by Wilton, will make a terrific
    centerpiece for your jungle party. You can achieve a similar look by crafting
    green fondant onto pretzel rods to form the jungle palm trees. It's easier than
    you might think.

  • Become a crocodile hunter: Kids are fascinated by crocodiles and alligators and
    there is a plethora of party goods to support your jungle party. Get six alligator
    inflatables, pictured left, for around $13.95. They'll decorate your party nicely
    and serve as favors, too. And sneak in some snake inflatables, pictured right. If
    your party is outdoors, try the Banzai Alligator pool, pictured at the bottom of
    the page, under twenty bucks.

  • Craft your own paper jungle vines: Crinkle craft paper or a brown paper bag into
    long strands and affix a few jungle leaves. Here's another great example of
    jungle vines for your party. You might also hang a snake mobile from a vine or
    an inflatable palm tree.

  • Look for tropical greenery: Inflatable palm trees add a playful jungle atmospher,
    and you can hang an inflatable monkey on the palm, or coil an inflatable snake
    at the bottom. You may also find jungle palms in the form of plates, drink
    stirrers, and more. For the table setting choose an arrangement of exotic plants
    and nestle some of your favorite figurines or plush animals into the display. You
    might also enhance the greenery by purchasing a green lightbulb.

  • Oh-ah, Oh-ah! Download a monkey! Jungle music is easy to download from
    Amazon to your MP3 player and it costs as little as .99-cents. You might also find
    waterfall sounds and bird calls.

  • Set up camp: Pitch a tent near the buffet table for your little trail blazers. Stencil
    "RATIONS" and "SUPPLIES" onto cardboard boxes with a black Sharpie next to
    the tent and lay out a few camping supplies, like a flashlight, a compass, a
    canteen. Making Believe has created a playful favor pack with plastic canteens,
    rubber snakes, pith hats and more. See lower right.

  • Make an instant rainforest. Put out the mister, sister! If it's a hot day, a mister will
    help create a tropical rain forest effect.

  • Just add snakes: A party crawling with snakes is something the boys will
    especially appreciate. See our snake party ideas for tips on how to add a snake
    theme with decorations, food, favors and fun to the birthday party

Jungle party Decoration
As kids parties go, a jungle party is easy to do if you have time for home made
creations.  You can also create jungle vines  from brown craft paper and green poster
paper. For example, you can craft a
palm tree from cardboard and decorate with
"coconut" balloons. Here are more ways to set a jungle scene:

  • Welcome sign: Make your own "Welcome to the Jungle" sign at the party entry.
    Make guests pass through a

  • Have a staircase? Create a waterfall effect with blue streamers. This is ideal if
    you have a staircase to showcase your work.

  • Have a sandbox? Near the sandbox place a sign that says "Beware of
    Quicksand," and bury some jungle critters in the box.

  • Give them jungle fever: Glue plastic bugs to water bottles and put them in the
    drink coolers to surprise guests. Tuck rubber snakes inside the chip bowl for
    party goers to discover.

With time and patience you can create canopy jungle from your own leafy plants or you
can rent some.

Jungle Party Invitations

  • Jungle party invitations and wording ideas:
  • Join us for a Jungle Jubilee, Sarah is three!*
  • This party is a wild one held Saturday August 22 at noon
  • Welcome to our jungle at: 123 main street
  • Give us jingle if you can make it to the jungle:
  • Please R.S.V.P. Jungle Jane or King of the Jungle at 876-5309

    * Variations
  • Swing on over for some Jungle fun, Lillian is turning one!
  • Friends of the jungle will gather to say: "to Aiden we wish a happy
  • Hip, Hip, Hippo Hurray! Soon it will be Daniel's Jungle Day!

  • Thank you card wording ideas:
  • I had a wild time with you at my party. Thanks for coming!

Jungle party foods
Here are some fun treat ideas to feed your hungry hippos:

  • Pack a lunch in a favor box. Meal boxes are popular in Australia for birthday
    parties, but for some reason it is a concept unexplored in the United States.
    Pack a half sandwich, some chips, a cookie and a small piece of fruit in the
    adorable alligator favor boxes, left. A surprise toy turns the box into a happy
    meal indeed.

  • Jungle juice: Rim a glass with a wedge of lime and green sparkling sugars. Serve
    a lemon-lime soda with a drop of green food coloring, or sparkling water with a
    dash of lime Italian syrup. Rim the glass with a pink elephant dangling charm,
    pictured right, or a cocktail monkey, and serve under adult supervision. (Don't
    serve drink charms to children under three.)

  • Jungle snacks may include banana chips (wildly popular with kids), but honestly
    kids won't go much for the tropical dried fruit, so don't buy too much unless you
    intend the treat for adults. Jungle candies are easy: set out small bowls of
    gummy snakes, centipedes and worms to provide the grub kids want.

  • Have a jolly good time with Jungle Jollies. Green apple in flavor, these chewy stick
    candies, pictured left, have animal facts on the labels. This is a nostalgic and
    hard to find candy.

  • Make a snake napkin ring from a pipe cleaner. Wrap a green pipe cleaner around
    a rolled napkin, then bed the end up and glue two black beads for eyes. Finish
    with a forked tongue made of red paper.

Jungle Party Favors
Shopping for a jungle party favors is super easy with the availability of rubber snakes,
toy binoculars and such. But if you want to provide a bit of the unexpected try these
jungle party favor ideas:

  • Make them globally aware: Your little explorers will appreciate finding an inflatable
    globe in their treat bag. You'll find several starting at $1.59 on Amazon, right.
    Globes provide an opportunity to educate the little adventurers.

  • Favors that are fair game: Find favors that match your child's interests or the
    party activities. Take on the tigers for your little Tony the Tiger. Snap up all the
    gator and crocodile favors for your little crocodile hunter. Sneak in slithery
    snakes if your party includes a snake petting zoo. Or give a hip-hip-HIPPO
    Hurray to hippos for a pool party.

Jungle Party Game Ideas
When the natives get restless, set them to these party activities and games:

  • Send kids on a jungle safari hunt. Provide each child with a pith (safari hat) and a
    pair of plastic binoculars (or homemade binoculars you craft from toilet paper
    rolls). Then set them on a treasure hunt in search for tiny jungle animal
    treasures: crocodiles, slithery snakes, monkeys, bugs, gorillas, hippos, red eyed
    tree frogs, and more which serve as favors. If your party has a safari bent, the
    set of 60 jungle animals, pictured left, will serve the hunt well. The kit also
    includes a booklet of intriguing animal facts to encourage curiosity about wildlife.
    Or have them search for jumbo animals well hidden in the garden in exchange
    for prizes: each child scopes one animal in exchange for their favor bag.

  • Pass the jungle snake: Set music to play and have kids pass a wiggly rubber
    snake in a "hot potato" fashion.

Resources for a Jungle party

It's a jungle out there trying to find jungle themed party supplies, and we have some
swinging good ideas with cool stuff you won't find at your local party supply store.
Whether your jungle party is a pool party or an "it's a jungle in there" party, it's sure
to be a wild time.

Real Jungle Birthday Parties....
Thinking of hosting a jungle theme? We love featuring real kids parties! Here are some
of our online friends who've already had a jungle birthday parties

Tell us about your real jungle birthday party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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