African Party
How to celebrate a party African style

If you beat to a different drum when it comes to kids parties, then throw an African
theme party for your tribe of family and friends. You've got a wild side and this is a
party idea that's out there -- it's way out there in the African Savanna or deep in the
Congo. This is an opportunity to have fun with animal prints.

  • Play "African Party" music. African-style pop music that's cheery, bouncy,  joyous,
    and jazzy, you'll enjoy the Audio CD "African Party." The compilation of dance
    songs provides inspiration from Zimbabwe with world music including beats of
    reggae and Brazilian influence. The kids will "Rumba all the way" as they samba
    and the adults will love the soulful vocals. Proceeds support African communities
    and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

  • Go Wild with animal prints: Go ahead party animal and go wild with an African
    theme party that offers liberal use of animal prints (zebras, cheetahs, giraffe,
    tigers, leopard prints). Mix and match! The more animal prints the better your
    theme will come across.

  • Kente cloth is another wonderful way to get across an African theme, though it's
    difficult to find. You may find some material at your local fabric store.

Menu for an African party
Kids parties on the wild side can be quite memorable, and you can have fun with the
food. Allow your guests to feast their eyes on

  • Serve the adults African style chicken drumsticks.

African Games:
  • Safari hunt for treasures
  • Mancala

African decorations
Decorate their ears with World music, African Street music and even

  • Animal masks, left.
  • Animal print candles.
    NOTE OF CAUTION: Keep candles out of reach of kids, and do not place in drafty
    areas or near curtains. Always have adult supervision in a room with candles.
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African party
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