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Kids Zebra Birthday
Earn your stripes with a Zebra Party for kids!

This is a party idea you'll go wild about: a chic kids party with vivid zebra prints and hot
pink accents. As kids parties go, this zebra party is unusual theme party, because it's
part rock star diva and part African Safari. And think of all the fun you'll have buying hot
pink zebra party supplies, you party animal!

The thing is a zebra party is where you'll earn your stripes because the party supplies
aren't easily available in your local party supply store. No worries, though. We've
gathered clever ways to express the party theme and here's how:

  • Zebra-cadabra: Instant zebra birthday cake! The Zebra Edible Images, above, are
    made of sugar and come sealed with a sturdy mat ready to cut to size. Lay cut
    strips on a white buttercream frosted cake and the image melts right into the
    cake or cupcakes. A plastic Zebra toy figurine or a set of figurines will complete
    the look. Above, the zebra figurines are the right size to graze a small cake.
  • Alternatively, if you don't want to add stripes to your cake, add them to
    your cake stand. You can customize the zebra cupcake stand, immediate
    left, with pretty ribbon.

  • Outfit the girls with Zebra headbands. Go wild and turn each kid into a zebra
    with the Zebra headband with nose. On the feminine side, try a pretty ribbon on
    a headband for that diva look she wants.

Inspiration for your zebra party
If you want to throw a zebra party without throwing up your arms, then start the hunt
for bold zebra prints online. Once you get going shopping online, you'll find everything
you need for a zebra party to remember for years to come, including zebra party
plates, zebra cake or cupcake decorations and more.

Here's how to party hardy with a zebra diva party for little wild child:

  • Zebra inflatables: Inflate the fun with Zebra inflatable props, lower right. Kids love
    inflatable toys and these inflatable zebras serve two purposes: decorations and

  • Zebra Diva Party: Put on the pink party lights and (Zebra-cadebra!) your party
    just turned diva. With pink it's a wild party.

Food for a Zebra Party

  • Display your Zebra party cakes and cupcakes in style: Your candy buffet or dessert
    table should have an array of black and white serving trays. Here are our
    favorite cake stands in theme appropriate colors:

  • Zebra Birthday Cakes: Bake a zebra cake that's just as much zebra on the inside
    as on the outside. Here is the zebra cake recipe.

  • Zebra cookies: In the book, Fun Stuff Cookies, left, you'll find a sweet recipe for
    Zebra cookies in chocolate and vanilla stripes. You'll find it a fun cookbook for
    your other party recipe needs.

Zebra Party Decorations
A zebra party is all about the decorations. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Hang black and white paper lanterns.

  • Zebra print handbag cookie jar. The cookie jar, pictured lower left, would make a
    sweet centerpiece.
  • Add a frilly hot pink boa to the chairs
  • Trendy and tasteful zebra party plates, above trimmed with hot pink.

Zebra party favors
These zebra inspired favors will bring out the wild side:

  • Zebra candies.
  • Zebra buttermints are perfect for stuffing the Zebra pinata, but they also make
    sweet treat addition to the treat bags.
  • Fruit Stripe chewing gum: The classic gum is hard to find, but you'll certainly
    impress guests with your attention to detail by including this chewing gum into
    the goodie bags.  

  • Zebra coin purses: Get all three coin purses for under $10. Ideal as a favor, you'll
    want one for yourself too! Available with free shipping, these are already 50%
    off the original retail.

How to dress the birthday girl in Zebra from Head to toe:
Dress the birthday girl in Zebra finery and remember to dress your American Doll in a
matching Zebra ensemble, right! And left, is an adorable Zebra Diva tut

  • Sassy Zebra costume. Right, you'll find the birthday girl will wear this costume for
    the party and possibly also for Halloween.

  • Zebra tu-tu. The zebra pattern combined with hot pink is an unbeatable
    combination, and if you have a little ballerina on your hands, then we suggest a
    zebra tutu for you-you! Take the tutu, upper right, as inspiration for the frilly fun!

Real Zebra parties
Thinking of having a zebra party theme? Here are some of our online friends who've
already had them:

  • Diva Zebra party: Hot Pink Zebra party for a four-year old who even requested a
    manicure and pedicure with a zebra motif. This is a little diva with style. Enjoy!

  • Hot Pink Zebra Shower. Check out the hot pink zebra party supplies, you party
    animal! Like the Hot Pink Zebra diaper cake, left. That's inspiration enough for
    the cutest ever baby shower.

We hope we've inspired you to host your own
zebra party in vivid pinks. Tell us about
your party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter. We love linking to quality blogs
and real parties. Finally, be sure to see our
Zebra gifts and Zebra bedroom ideas. This
party idea might just become the inspiration for her bedroom.
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