Kite party
Send imaginations soaring with a kite birthday party

Your child will be flying high with a kite party and when everyone catches wind of this
cute party idea, they'll want to copy you! For the price of a few kites and cake you can
have a party that will be remembered by kids and adults for years to come.

All it takes to carry off a kite theme is a kite birthday cake and kite cookies. Add some
windsocks, pinwheels and your party will really take flight.  

Here's how to have a party with kites:

  • Take the party outdoors. When you take the party outdoors, you won't have to
    decorate your home or hire entertainment, and cleanup is super easy! While an
    outdoor party eliminates the fuss of cleaning and decorating at home, this
    party plan means you'll have to prepare a picnic, and purchase and assemble
    kites in advance of the party. Don't save this chore for the night before! The
    kites serve as the entertainment and the favor. Also, remember to pay the park
    fees for your guests and have enough food for the adults who will need to help
    you man the kite flying. Kite flying aviators will enjoy the Red Baron Airplane
    kite, right. The party might also have an aviation theme with an airplane party.
    Whatever your child's passion, you'll find a kite to match their personality.

  • Keep the fun inside! Who says you actually have to fly a kite to have the party?
    Having a kite party at home allows you to show your creativity in decorations.
    You can hang colorful kites from the ceiling, craft your own kite placements and
    napkins. Have Thomas and The Runaway kite, pictured left, on continual play.
    Kids can color their own kites to take home, eat kite sandwiches and take their
    turns flying a mini kite in the backyard. Be sure to have some wind chimes,
    bubbles, windsocks and pinwheels to decorate the outdoor space.

Kite party crafts and activities
Your party should always have a Plan B in case there's no wind for flying kites, so
plan ahead with some party activities:

  • Play the "strings attached" game. Kids in the 8-12 year range can fly solo with
    this fun idea: a kite string treasure hunt. (Younger kids may get too frustrated
    or require more assistance than usual.) Buy several spools of kite string, so
    that you have one spool for each child and a prize for each child.  Allow kids at
    the door to pick a spool. They then follow the string or yarn to their prize. You
    can head them out to the backyard, around chairs, trees or poles. If you have
    too many kids, try making this a group activity with a  pot of prizes at the end.
    Be sure to clear a path for those who aren't participating and also pack away
    fragile household items.

  • Make micro-kite masterpieces. Create custom mini kites with kids. They can color
    and you can cut and tape skewers or plastic straws into a kite frame. The
    simple instructions leave your imagination open.

  • Get a lesson in kite making. This simple video gives you instructions for making
    an origami kites. As the video says, "A little paper, a little string and you can
    reach for the sky." It's a project best reserved for older  kids, but if you're crafty
    you can make them as favors for the whole gang yourself!

  • Play with pinwheels. The kite you provide for flying is a nice favor, but you may
    also provide a colorful pinwheel with a note of thanks for attending the party.
    As an indoor activity, try the Pinwheels Design book. For kids 9 and up, there
    are thirty spinning, streaming pinwheel designs that offer an explosion of eye-
    catching shapes that literally leap off the page. Each unique illustration offers
    endless opportunities for customized coloring with crayons, markers, and inks.

Kite Party Invitations:

  • Send them a mini kite as an invitation. Plan around 30 minutes each to make the
    kite invitations, pictured left, Download the Kite Invitation pattern at Michael's.
    You might otherwise make small kites from Popsicle sticks, using tissue paper
    for the tail.

Kite Party Menu

  • Kite sandwiches: Cut sandwiches diagonally to assemble a kite shape on the
    plate. Accent with Pretzel stick supports and garnish with a licorice twists tail.
    (Tie ribbon for the tail from fruit roll ups.)

  • Kite candy: Make your own colorful kite candy with Wilton candy melts and a
    kite lollipop mold.

  • It looks like the tasty confections to top kite cupcakes were home-made with
    colorful candy melts. Wilton has a great selection of colors of candy melts.

Resources for a Kite Party

  • Send them home soaring high with excitement! Intended for weddings, Martha
    Stewart's keepsake kite favors, left, is token of appreciation for attending the
    party that kids will appreciate too. Use them as decorations, too!

Real Kite Parties....
Thinking of hosting a kite theme birthday? Some real parents have already done that
for their kids.

Tell us about your real kite birthday party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
Red Barron Kite Airplane
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