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Knights Birthday
Knights, Camera, action! Host the best Knights party ever!

Oh what a knight (and day) you'll have with a knight's party! A knights birthday party
is the holy grail of kids parties as the little fair maidens will enjoy the party concept as
much as the little dragon slayer boys. And since home is "every man's castle," there is
no better place to hold a Knights party than in your own backyard or living room.

Defending Camelot isn't easy, as there are dragons to slay, damsels in distress to
rescue, and kingdom's to defend. Luckily decorations for the party are relatively easy!
Here's how to make the medieval magic happen (with or without Merlin's help):

  • Prepare the Party Armour. Have the best knights birthday in all the land by
    outfitting the knights in proper attire, such as the reasonably priced crested
    knight vests with mesh helmets, left. Available by the dozen and in smaller
    quantities. See also our knight costumes for kids. And since medieval jousts are
    an essential part of a knights party, you'll need some inflatable swords,
    available on Amazon, right, to get the party started. Buy at least two swords for
    a medieval tournament. Add an inflatable dragon, lower right, and you've won
    half the battle of the entertainment and decorations!

    And don't forget the girls. Your little ladies in waiting can wear "barbettes" (you
    know, those pointed hats trimmed with jewels and a trailing veil). You can make
    them yourself fairly simply from pretty papers you shape into cone party hats.
    Then garnish them with trailing ribbons and secure with elastic.  Or make it easy
    on yourself and buy princess cone hats online. The hats, right, look even better
    when you stiffen them up a bit with construction paper.

  • Sound off the heralding horns: As guests arrive, herald in the fun with heralding
    horns.  Stadium horns are around $2.59 each, and are a real blast for a knights
    party. Buy at least two horns, and add streamers or some kind of paper flag to
    give the appropriate medieval fanfare to the horns. Then assign at least two
    "heralders" to provide a grand entrance. The royal regalia will certainly provide
    a feeling of importance for guests as they arrive to your party. They'll feel noble
    indeed. The horns will be popular with the kids, so you may want to give them
    to all your little boogie Knights! They will revel in the opportunity to help you
    announce the next arrival. Be sure to make each entrance grand with a
    pompous proclamation using the guests last name, for example "Announcing Sir
    Michael of Smith and Lady Tiffany of Dewey."

  • Create a chamber fit for a king! If you can cut and paste, you can make your own
    decorations for a knights party. Here are some quick and easy ideas to
    embellish your home with props suitable for King Arthur's court:

  • Three ways to light a kid friendly torch:
  • Transform Tiki torches into flaming faux masterpieces.  Look for
    inexpensive bamboo tiki torches in the luau section, then insert
    them with cellophane and tissue in reds, oranges and yellows to
    create kid friendly flames.
  • Cut Olympic style torches from paper and tape to the wall with
    cellophane flames.
  • Wrap a flashlight with aluminum foil, and affix construction paper
    flames to the outer edges of the light.

  • Set the scene with stained glass windows with colored cellophane. Look to
    the local dollar stores for great deals on yellow, blue, red or green
    cellophane. Lay the entire sheet on windows, then accent the with fancy
    crested shields and coat of arms cut from silver and gold wrapping paper.
    A simple cross should suffice, but if you have artistic ability, you can create
    crests with lions and dragons.

  • Create King Arthur's throne. You can throw together a simple throne by
    shopping thrift shops or garage sales to find an old chair that you can
    paint gold or white and decorate with jewels. Even easier is to use a
    plastic lawn chair. You might otherwise transform a chair temporarily by
    taping and draping jewels and fabrics. Have the birthday boy command
    the throne for cake and lunch, and opening gifts.

  • Make it a sign of the times. Create signs for the bathrooms: "Royal throne,
    this way." You might also create "Beware of dragons."

Knights party favors

  • Knights party favor bag: Each silver metallic bag, above, has a sword and shield
    motif and includes two plastic toy alligators, a toy horn or noisemaker, plus a toy
    telescope and toy treasure chest. It's complete as it is or you can add some of
    your own goodies, like the action figures above.

  • Knights mug or goblet favor: Wrap a mug or goblet in cellophane stuffed with
    candy and trinkets. Try Knights action figures.

  • Inflatable Swords: The inflatable swords, immediate right, for your little knights
    will ensure a safe battle. The kids will love defending the castle and maidens in
    distress when they find  the huge red dragon inflable, lower left. If there's one
    item you need for your knights party it is this combo: a dragon and swords.

Crafts and Activities for a Knights Party
After the kids battle dragons, they'll need an activity or two to calm them down. Here
are some knights themed ideas

  • Get crafty with craft jewels. Find some plastic goblets and have kids
    decorate them with craft jewels. Of course you should keep kids younger
    than 3 years away from this activity. You might also embellish a treasure
    box with jewels. The treasure box, left, is a toy box and would be a
    wonderful place to stash the gifts for the birthday boy as guests arrive.
    Spruce it up with jewels, and be sure to use it for a treasure hunt!

  • Dragon egg hunt. Inform the kids that the royal gardener is concerned that
    the royal garden is filled dragon eggs and that if the eggs hatch they will
    terrorize the villagers. Recycle your Easter eggs for this purpose or dye
    easter eggs green or red and have the kids turn in the eggs for rewards.
    See our dragon party ideas for more fun.

  • Find the Holy Grail. Set a course for adventure and send the kids on a
    group treasure hunt with clues to find a goblet. All the more fun if you can
    create riddles to direct kids to the next destination and clue. You can stuff
    a treasure chest with goodies, such as chocolate gold coins or Mardi Gras
    beads for each child with the special goblet on top for the birthday boy.
    This can be the parting gift or last activity.

Menu for a Knights party

  • Invite the Knights to the Round Table! Round Table Pizza is a great place to start
    with the party foods. The adults will enjoy the King Arthur's Supreme. Kids will
    prefer cheese or pepperoni pizza. Round Table Pizza may also have a special
    party room for the festivities if you want to host the party there.

  • Swordplay! Shish Kebabs are a tradition of Arabian Knights and would work well
    for a knights party. And here's a pick from pirates loot: find pirate sword picks
    and repurpose them for a knights party. Spear little cubes of cheese for
    appetizers. The Party Appetizer Spreaders, left, are intended for cheese dips
    and spreads, but would work well with a baked potato, too.

  • Check mate, for the cookie isle! Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies have the
    knights look as do other chocolate biscuit type cookies with castle towers,
    horses and shields. If you can find the bite size variety, you can mix them into a
    snack mix. Pepperidge Farm has a snack size portion that would make a terrific
    inclusion as a party favor.

More Resources for a Knights Party
  • Don't be dragon your feet on this one! Be sure to see our dragon party ideas.
  • Stay a spell. Visit our Wizard party ideas too!

Real Knights Parties...

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