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Kung Fu Panda Party
The kids will get a kick out of a Kung Fu Panda party

So your little party animal likes Kung Fu fighting and every Kung Fu Panda movie?
Then there's no fighting a Kung Fu Panda party if he's got a kick for Kung Fu Panda
and the Furious Five! You may as well kick back and enjoy the fun. Here's how to
throw a theme party based on the popular movie:

  • Demand a Kung Fu Panda! Invite the fun by having Kung Fu Panda on
    continuous play at your party. More than 350 Amazon reviewers give this
    movie high marks, and it's available in widescreen on Amazon, left. Looking for
    more Kung Fu Panda, pure pandamonium is yours with the next Kung Fu
    Panda adventure: "Secrets of the Furious Five."Look for the new Kung Fu
    Panda movie, Kung Fu Panda 2, coming to theatres May 2011.

  • What to serve at your Kung Fu Panda party? Oodles of noodles, of course! Keep
    the menu kid friendly: Chow Mein noodles and Spring rolls. And when you
    need Kung Fu Panda cake ideas, look above.

  • Collect a cast of characters. Starting with Po and his likeness in the Kung Fu
    Panda Plush, left, there are "furious five" plush toys to choose. Sold
    separately, they will defend his heart and make an excellent display or
    centerpiece for the party. The plush toy will work nicely as a balloon weight.
    Try the Kung Fu Panda balloon, top right.

  • Turn him into a "Po" boy: The birthday boy will love playing the role of Kung Fu
    Panda himself when he wears the Kung Fu Panda Costume, right. He can
    make a dramatic karate chop entrance to his party, as Po, then save the
    costume to wear again for Halloween. After the big entrance, he can wear the
    guest of honor ribbon, lower right.

Here are more ways to give your Kung Fu Panda party some Poa!
  • Strike a real gong to announce your own cast of characters (the guests at
    your party). Now that's a party entrance! And don't forget the goodbyes,
    because it's going, going, GONG for the party exit too! A gong makes an
    excellent gift for the birthday kid as well.
  • Play Kung Fu Panda Wii! Yes, Wii can all have fun and stick to the Kung Fu
    Panda theme with the Wii game. Think of it as a game for the party that
    doubles as a gift for the birthday boy.
  • Give kids an inflatable sword and have them try to keep a balloon afloat using
    only the tip of the sword.

Kung Fu Panda Party Favors
Do yourself a favor and skip the nunchucks, the kiddos will much prefer these Kung
Fu Panda party favors and toys:
  • Kung Fu Panda PEZ dispensers, lower left
  • Kung Fu panda stickers, right
  • Kung Fu masks, top left, hang them on the wall as decoration and divvy them
    up as party favors when it's time to go.
  • Kung Fu Panda action figures. Wrap candy in a red Chinese takeout box. Bury
    a mini Kung Fu Panda action figure in the candy mix for the kids to discover on
    their way home from the party. See the Kung Fu Panda vending toys link at
    the bottom of the page.

Real Kung Fu Panda Parties
Po, Tigress, and Shifu, are the ultimate Kung Fu defenders, but here are the ultimate
Kung FuParty Animals:

  • Tower of PAO-er. This Kung Fu Panda cupcake tower takes the cake! The apex
    of the cake tower is a handmade fondant top where the cake is lined with
    lucky bamboo stalks, also apparently of fondant. Cupcakes in the tower
    alternate -- therre are several Po's famous grimace and others with Chinese
    caligraphy.  All this for a two-year old is amazing in itself. Found on Flickr.

  • Take a look at this take out. The Chinese Yo-Yos look fantastic popping out of a
    real Chinese Take Out box of this Kung Fu Panda Party also found on Flickr.

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