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Ladybug Party
How to have a ladybug theme birthday party she'll love.

She is Ladybug Girl and she's up for a birthday adventure! Your little lady has been
bugging you for a Ladybug Party and here's how to show off your little love bug with  
memorable ladybug party:

Setting the scene for the little ladybugs
Red tulips would make an ideal centerpiece for a springtime ladybug birthday. Wheat
grass propped with ladybug sticks. There are a myriad of ideas for table decorations.
Here is some inspiration for your ladybug party.

  • Get inspired by LadyBug Girl: A favorite book of the Pre-K set is LadyBug Girl, by
    Jacky Davis and David Soman. A pair of wings, a tutu, boppers, and ladybug rain
    boots is all you need to transform her into Ladybug girl for the party. Ladybug
    Mom can wear the affordable ladybug shoes, left (they're under ten bucks!) to
    complete the metamorphosis.

  • Ladybug party pail. The ladybug party pail, pictured left is an ideal place to store
    the favor bags. For a festive touch, use it also as a balloon weight for a bouquet
    of ladybug balloons. Or use it as a centerpiece for your table with a plant.

  • Send her heart flying with pink spotted ladybugs: Ladybug Land by Insect Lore,
    includes a pre-paid certificate to receive real Pink Spotted ladybug larvae by mail
    so you can experience the magic of metamorphosis. Trust us, your little
    entomologist will love it and it consistently gets high marks on Amazon. (Not
    available in Oregon.) Time it right and you can show off to the little buggers at
    the party and release them after serving the birthday cake. See Ladybug land,
    lower right.

  • Start seeing spots. Check out our Polka Dot Party. You'll surely spot some fun
    ideas. And don't forget to spot a few fun finds for yourself too. The ladybug
    shoes, pictured left, would be fun for the party and you can re-create the look
    on Halloween night, too.

Ladybug invitations and thank you cards

  • Make your own pink ladybug invitations or put the task to an artisan: the
    ladybug invitation design available on is as cute as a bug and can
    provide inspiration. It's layered with a body outline in black, wording in a white
    oval, and layered with wings cut from a bubble gum pink oval that is secured by
    a brad. The wings open to reveal the invitation.

  • Ladybug Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Ladybugs and gentlemen, it's a party!
  • Our little love bug, Madelyn, is turning two.
  • Bug out with us Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Madelyn's garden: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Lady Bird Johnson [your last name] at 867-5309
    We hope to spot you at the party!

    * Variation:
  • Our little lady is turning 12

Ladybug Cakes and Cookies and party foods

  • Ladybug cake pops. The ladybuy presents the perfect shape to make cake pops.

  • Lady, make it easy on yourself: The garden ladybug cupcakes by Wilton are really
    very simple to make and will surely impress the little bugs.

  • It's pan-tastic what you can do with this pan! The great thing about the ladybug
    cake pan, left, by Wilton is that it can be an elephant, too. That's something to
    remember if next year's party or for another sibling is going to be a Zoo party,
    Jungle Party or Safari theme party.

  • Serve up some Beetle Juice: Pink lemonade with a fancy name, rim a glass a
    wedge of lemon or lime and red or pink flavored sugars.

Games and activities

  • Read Ladybug Girl! Boys at the party will appreciate LadyBug Girl and Bumble Bee
    Boy. Another classic: The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle (author of The very
    Hungry Caterpillar). Beautifully illustrated, this book will instill manners and may
    alleviate any grouchy ladybugs at the party.

  • See spot run... You'll start seeing spots in toys and favors when you set your
    mind to it. All you need for the party is a few ladybug inspired toys, like the ball
    by Crocodile Creek, pictured right. And a ladybug Pinata is an easy activity
    choice, also right. Fill the pinata with red and black candies: wrapped licorice
    twists and jelly bean packages, ladybug buttermints, ladybug rings and more.
    And you'll find plenty of ladybug beanbags to use for a game of toss. Spot some
    good favors and toys online.

Resources for a ladybug party

Real Ladybug parties
Lots of moms have already planned a ladybug party for their little ladies. Get ideas for
your ladybug party by visiting these blogs:

  • Ladybug inspiration board. The recipe for a ladybug party ingredients is well laid
    out from the Hostess with the Mostest who shares an inpsiration board for a
    ladybug party.  See the wheat grass and Gerber Daisy centerpieces, and loads
    of favor ideas whether your ladybug party is for a first birthday or even a
    wedding for grown up lovebugs. She suggests using black dot stickers on red
    plates and cups.

  • Get into the red and green of things. This ladybug party has a striking color
    combination with fresh green grass, refreshing red soda and lots of polka dots.

  • Is the cost of a ladybug party bugging you? You don't have to spend money on
    ladybug themed party supplies. If you're creative, you can make many of your
    own party supplies and decoration ideas. Joy's ladybug party featured lots of
    home made goodies, including ladybug cupcake toppers, ladybug cookies on a
    stick and a home made banner.

Tell us about your real ladybug party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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